Midnight Ghost Hunt is Prop Hunt with good graphics

Last Updated July 13th, 2021

Prop Hunt has long been one of the most popular and YouTube-friendly modes available in Garry’s Mod, and Midnight Ghost Hunt looks to be a full-fledged standalone take on the basic hide-and-seek premise. Players will take control of either ghosts, hiding in furniture and other objects in the game world, or ghost hunters, seeking to find and destroy to ghosts before time runs out.

In an interesting twist on the Prop Hunt formula, once the game’s clock strikes midnight the ghosts power up and become “vengeful spirits,” gaining the ability to damage the hunters, who must try to survive and escape in this second phase of the game.

Midnight Ghost Hunt was first teased in November of 2018, but the new E3 video included as part of the PC Gaming Show gives us our most complete look at the game so far.

Visit the official Midnight Ghost Hunt page to find out more and sign up for the alpha.


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