Hellraid rises from the grave as Dying Light 1 DLC

Last Updated July 12th, 2021

Way back in 2014, Dying Light developers Techland revealed work on a gothic horror medieval melee combat game called Hellraid. It was a co-op experience in which you could team up with friends to battle skeletons and demons from a first-person perspective, and early gameplay looks and an interview we conducted with the game’s producer showed a game with a lot of promise, which looked to put the realistic medieval weapon mechanics of a game like Chivalry to work in a Diablo-style setting of endless dungeons and gloomy swamps.

Unfortunately, Hellraid was put on hold in 2015, and since it’s been five whole years since that happened, most people assumed the game had been canceled for good…until today’s announcement that Hellraid, in some form, is coming to Dying Light as DLC on July 23rd.

Just to be clear, this is the original Dying Light we are talking about, not Dying Light 2, which we don’t have a release date for just yet. This is DLC for the five-year-old Dying Light, and you can pre-order it for $9.99 from Techland’s site.

From the trailer you can see above, it looks like Hellraid will be accessible via a mysterious in-game arcade cabinet, which is a fun touch. We are reaching out to Techland PR with questions about this new DLC pack, including how it relates to the original Hellraid concept.


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