Yoshi’s Crafted World: Tips on how to complete the game

Last Updated April 2nd, 2019

Yoshi’s Crafted World isn’t a particularly hard game, but if you are looking to find all the collectibles you might find yourself playing and replaying stages over and over again only to find that your last happy flower was hiding in plain sight the whole time. To avoid these small bits of frustration, we have put together a few tips to help you in your treasure hunting.

Throw eggs at everything

Eggs are the primary method of finding secrets in Yoshi’s Crafted World. When you are aiming an egg toss interactable elements will be highlighted yellow. Every so often, just pull out an egg and sweep your cursor across the screen to see if there’s anything to hit. At the very least you’ll get some coins out of it. Sometimes you’ll uncover hidden pathways leading to secret areas. Other times you’ll find hidden red coins or flowers just by tossing some eggs around.

Eggs can pick up items

See a coin or flower that you just can’t seem to reach. Don’t bother! Tossed eggs can pick up items for you. Just throw an egg at it and be on your way. I suspect that speedruns of this game will primarily pick up items with eggs simply because it is faster.

Stick to super rare costumes

It might be nice to see Yoshi dress up as a macaron, but in reality you should probably stick to super rare costumes if you are actually trying to 100 percent the game. These costumes soak five hits, maximizing your potential for finishing the stage with a full 20 hearts. Remember, finishing a stage with full health gets you a flower.

You can flutter jump almost infinitely

Even if you aren’t playing on Mellow mode, you can flutter jump almost infinitely. Just wait until Yoshi’s flutter animation finishes and press the jump button again. With good timing you’ll barely lose any height. You can use this to get to areas you shouldn’t be able to and bypass puzzles without solving them.

Be on the lookout for areas where you can bounce off an enemy. This will give you a lot of height and with Yoshi’s pseudo-infinite flutter jump you’ll be able to bypass most of the stage.

If you are playing on Mellow mode, Yoshi can actually gain height with each flutter, effectively making it impossible to fall into a pit and trivial to make any jump in the game.

Put Yoshi’s actual body everywhere

If you see an out of the way corner, walk into it. Many secrets in this game are triggered by contact. By walking Yoshi into out of the way places, you’ll uncover everything from hidden coins to hidden question clouds, and these clouds sometimes hold secrets like red coins and flowers. You can also rebound eggs into out of the way places, but eggs bounce less in Crafted World than they did in past Yoshi games, so you might as well do a little walking.

Only hit a timer cloud when you have full eggs

Throughout the game you’ll find a bunch of timer clouds which, when activated, put you into a small mini-game. Sometimes you’ll have to hit a moving flower target. Sometimes you’ll have to collect blue coins. Regardless, you might find that these mini-games are near impossible without a full complement of eggs. Luckily, most timer clouds have either infinite egg plants, blocks, or pipes that infinitely generate eggable enemies nearby, so it’s easy to fill up your egg clip before going in.

Replay stages to have an easier time finding secrets

Yoshi’s Crafted World is actually very generous with its secrets. It will highlight anything you have already found so you don’t have to spend time finding it again.

There’s no harm in picking up old red coins or flowers. You’ll still get an extra coin boost out of them, which will go a long way toward getting you the exact costumes you want. However, the real purpose of highlighting collectibles you have already found is to narrow down the places to look for new ones. If you are trying to 100 percent the game, then don’t go too nuts trying to find everything on your first run-through. You are going to have to revisit these stages again for scavenger hunts, and finding collectibles is much easier the second time through.

Your teammate can be used as a projectile when you don’t have eggs

Playing with a teammate confers a lot of bonuses. You gain access to a double ground pound that creates an AOE shockwave. You can throw eggs infinitely as long as you have one. You can shoot your tongue up at a 45 degree angle.

However, the biggest bonus is the ability to eat your teammate and spit them out. Not only does this allow you to essentially throw your teammate to platforms they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to, but it allows your teammate to be used as a weapon. They can kill enemies, burst question clouds, and destroy pieces of the environment without using up an egg. They can even be used to hit certain bosses.

That’s about all the tips we have for you today. If you have a Yoshi’s Crafted World tip that we missed, leave it in the comments.