Xbox One to ditch “Xbox” voice commands for “Hey, Cortana”

Last Updated July 26th, 2021

There’s a new update coming to Xbox One this summer with a slew of changes to the user interface and the content organization. But one of the more surprising moves is the abandoning of the “Xbox” voice command in favor of “Hey, Cortana.”

In a video preview of the update, Mike Ybarra of the Xbox engineering team said that the change is an effort to have everything streamlined across Windows products like Windows 10 on PC and mobile devices. Cortana will allow owners to get updates on friends or to instantly start a party chat. Previously, voice command was only available to Xbox One owners who also had the Kinect peripheral, but with the new update, voice commands will also be able to be given through a headset.

In addition to the voice command changes, the Xbox update will also allow owners to organize their games vertically instead of horizontally and the “Ready to Install” games will have its own menu option in the “My Apps and Games” section. The update will also merge the Xbox Store and the Windows Store. Check out the preview below to see all of the updates coming to Xbox.