Warhammer Vermintide 2: How to Beat Every Boss Monster

Last Updated December 6th, 2022

Warhammer Vermintide 2 was recently free to download and keep on Steam, which means there’s a new influx of brand-new players. Anyone who played the original Vermintide game should be familiar with most of the mechanics, but the boss monsters are still a concern.

Warhammer Vermintide 2: Rat Ogre

The Rat Ogre is a Warhammer Vermintide 2 boss that’s unnaturally large and stronger than usual. Anyone faced with the Rat Ogre must be extremely careful when fighting it since they deal serious damage and have damage resistance.

Rat Ogre Attacks

Slam – It slams its fists into the ground for an AOE that damages players in front of the Rat Ogre. This cannot be blocked.

Leap – The Rat Ogre will leap through the air and attempt to land on a player. Anyone in range will be knocked back.

Sweep – Swinging both its arms in a wide arc, players hit by this will be knocked back a long distance and take damage. Players can block the damage, but doing so will cost their stamina.

Triple Hit – Rat Ogre, will hit players three times in a row for massive damage. Luckily, all hits can be blocked.

Rat Ogre Battle Strategy

The Rat Ogre will usually target one player, which allows them to lead the Rat Ogre away from the rest of the team to protect them from its attacks. The rest of the team should follow and attack the Rat Ogre from behind while the leading player focuses on dodging attacks. Rat Ogre attacks are mostly short-range, so the targeting player may be able to use their ranged weapon.

Warhammer Vermintide 2: Stormfiend

The Stormfiend is a suped-up Rat Ogre covered in armor and wields a Warpfire flamethrower. Its armor makes it hard to deal significant damage to this boss.

Stormfiend Attacks

Sweep – It keeps the same Sweep attack from the Rat Ogre.

Charge – Stormfiend will growl and charge at a player to hit them with its armoured head. The attack will deal damage and knock the target down. Blocking will not help.

Flamethrower – Stormfiend flamethrowers deal damage over time and leave a blazing trail of fire that hurts any player who steps through it. This is the most dangerous attack from the Stormfiend.

Stormfiend Battle Strategy

Unlike the Rat Ogre, the Stormfiend does not just target one player. It will change targets, so everyone in the group is at risk. However, the Stormfiend has a small rat creature on its back which is the brain and weak point.

Working together, the group must surround it and flank it to shoot at the weak spot. Doing this also makes it easier to avoid Stormfiend attacks and prevent it from hiding its weak point.

Warhammer Vermintide 2: Bile Troll

A ten-foot-tall monster carrying a massive axe, the Bile Troll is a scary sight. It can deal serious damage, vomit bile that blinds and damages enemies, is damage resistant and even regenerates health.

Bile Troll Attacks and Ability

Axe Sweep – Swings the axe in front of the boss and deals massive damage. Players can partially block this for lower damage.

Axe Slam – Slams the axe into the floor in front of the boss. It can be blocked to take reduced damage.

Arm Sweep – Swings the right arm at players in front of the Bile Troll, which damages and knocks players away. Players can completely block this.

Bile Spit – Two versions of this but the bile for both will deal damage and blind players for several seconds. Standing in the bile will cost stamina, hurt mobility and deal damage.

  1. It spits a straight line of bile.
  2. Spits bile on the ground at its feet

(Ability) Regeneration – Bile Trolls can regenerate health in two different ways:

  1. It takes no damage for a while
  2. Once the Bile Trolls health is reduced to both 50% and 25%, it will drop to all fours and begin regenerating. A yellow bar appears on its health bar, and players must reduce it to ensure the boss doesn’t gain health.

Bile Troll Battle Strategy

This can be a long fight. Players need to constantly damage the Bile Troll to prevent it from regenerating. Luring it to an open area will make it easier to handle the bile and chase the boss if it tries to run to regenerate health. Players should aim to lower its health with bombs and headshots, especially when the yellow bar appears.

Warhammer Vermintide 2: Chaos Spawn / Spawn of Chaos

Chaos Spawn are the most difficult Warhammer Vermintide 2 bosses. They deal extremely high damage and can regenerate health by biting players.

Chaos Spawn Attacks

Swipe – Uses its tentacle to perform a sweeping strike that can launch players. The damage cannot be blocked.

Strike – Hits the player in front of it with an overhead slam. It cannot be blocked.

Triple Hit – Three quick hits aimed at one player while Chaos Spawn advances. Each hit can be blocked but will cost 1 Stamina each.

Quadruple Hit – The same as the above.

Tentacle Grab – Uses its tentacle to grab a player in front of it. The grab cannot be blocked. If it gets a player, then it will perform one of two potential attacks before throwing the player away:

  1. It bites the player to deal damage and regenerate 20% of its health.
  2. Slams the player into the ground multiple times. It also deals AOE damage to other players standing too close.

How to Defeat Warhammer Vermintide 2 Chaos Spawn

Dodging every attack is critical, and teams must attack from all angles to decrease the chance of being grabbed. If the Chaos Spawn grabs a player, the team can use a bomb or Hero Abilities to stagger the monster, so it drops the player and prevents it from healing. Chaos Spawn can throw players to instant death if thrown into a ravine or deep water.

Chaos Spawn will use multi-hit attacks to close gaps and will use attack combinations to blitz-attack players. Teams will need to rotate distance, angle and position to avoid a fast loss.

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