Warcraft’s Chromie joins the Heroes of the Storm roster

Last Updated July 26th, 2021

Chromie, the lovable bronze dragon who safeguards Azeroth’s timeline and who prefers taking on the form of a gnome, is now available to play in Blizzard’s hero brawler Heroes of the Storm.

Chromie acts as a ranged assassin, able to punish distant enemies with her Sand Blast (a ranged projectile which can pass through enemy minions to hit enemy heroes directly) and Dragon’s Breath (a ranged area-of-effect attack which doesn’t telegraph where it will strike) skills, and trap enemies in temporary stasis with her Time Trap skill. Chromie’s heroic skills allow her to either summon a large vortex of sand which slows any enemies who pass through it, or force an enemy hero to teleport back to a previous location, leaving them exposed to follow-up attacks. Finally, Chromie’s Timewalker trait allows her to access new talents one level earlier than other heroes.

You can watch Chromie’s humorous debut trailer below, a trailer which also contains a preview of her alternate character skins.