Video Game Releases to Look Out For in February 2022

Last Updated February 1st, 2022

Hey, it’s February and… well… we aren’t quite in full swing yet. Truth be told, it was kind of hard to populate this list. While we have major releases like Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring coming out, that’s pretty much it. The rest are more obscure titles, unproven AA productions, and small experimental games. Even the indiesphere is pretty barebones this month. That’s not to say there’s nothing to get hype about. There are quite a few remake collections coming out this month, we are getting a new fighting game, and even a new spin on the Battle Royale series. It’s enough to keep us gaming, but the heavy release months might come a bit later in the year.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human (Feb 4 – PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XBS, Switch)

Dying Light 2 asks a simple question, what happens when the zombies win. Humanity has long since stopped trying to fight back, trying to look for a cure. Now, we just camp out in one of our last remaining settlements, hoping to survive day by day. But when something threatens that safety, what will you do? What choices will you make in a world where humanity might be the only thing you have left?

OlliOlli World (Feb 8 – PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX, Switch)

If Dying Light 2 was a little bit too grim for you, try this out! In OlliOlli World, you are on an endless quest to seek and satisfy the skate gods. You can skate everything, and everywhere in this colorful cartoonish skateboard platformer. Its gameplay is pretty basic, primarily focused on high-speed twitch reflexes and memorization. However, there is also an exploration element as you skate through different paths and try to find your way to Gnarvana.

Sifu (Feb 8 – PC, PS4, PS5)

Sifu is a martial arts action game told through the passing of time. Your family has been murdered by mysterious assassins and you have sworn to avenge them, even if it takes your whole life. And you know what, it just might. As you grow older your strikes fall in power, but your sheer skill increases, until one day you too are a wise old martial arts master.

Rumbleverse (Feb 15 – PC, PS5)

Everything these days needs to be a Battle Royale, and Rumbleverse asks “what if wrestling was a Battle Royale?” The answer, well it’d be pretty goofy, and it leans into that goof. This is a game where you can flying powerbomb your opponents off a skyscraper, or find special weapons like a folding chair. It’s weird, it’s wild, and it’s definitely going to put an interesting twist on the Battle Royale formula.

The King of Fighters XV (Feb 17 – PC, PS4, PS5, XSX)

SNK’s flagship fighting game series is back, with 39 characters all waiting to team up and take each other on. KOF XV expands on the systems created in KOF XIV by increasing the availability of EX moves and decreasing the reliance on Max Mode. In addition, the graphics have gotten a huge overhaul, a marked improvement over KOFXIVs models. With fan-favorite characters returning from the dead and new characters joining the tournament for mysterious reasons, this game is sure to Shatter All Expectations.

Total War: Warhammer III (Feb 17 – PC)

Total War continues to be the biggest name in real-time strategies, and it solidifies that position with this, the much-awaited conclusion to its Warhammer trilogy. This time you’ll be taking your force into the Realm of Chaos in a fight against primordial forces that will determine the fate of the world. Will you conquer the demons that lurk within, or does something much more terrifying lie within you?

Horizon Forbidden West (Feb 18 – PS4, PS5)

One of the two biggest releases in February, Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel to the beloved Horizon Zero Dawn. You once again join Aloy as she travels west across post-apocalyptic America in order to find a cure for a mysterious plague that has been overtaking her tribe. There she will find a majestic but dangerous frontier filled with mechanical beasts she has never seen before, and people from a world and culture far from her own.

Monark (Feb 22 – PC, PS4, PS5, Switch)

If Nippon Ichi knows anything, it knows its strategy games with style, and that’s exactly what Monark is. But unlike the Disgaea series, which is lighthearted and cartoony, Monark is dark, gritty, and oddly… chess-themed? Add to that a deep plot about a Persona-like mental world (appropriate since former Persona developers are working on this title) along with an absolutely amazing soundtrack and you have a recipe for one of the best Japanese strategy games we have seen in a while.

Elden Ring (Feb 25 – PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX)

The other high-profile release this month, Elden Ring has been a game of mythical proportions, in that its release date felt like a tall tale. But it is real, and it is coming out, a massive, open-world, Souls-esque game, with help from Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin. It is From Software’s biggest release to date, and that can be a blessing and a curse. When games get this big and this anticipated, sometimes they can fall victim to their own hype. However, demos have looked promising, so the Soulsborne crowd might be eating pretty well this month.

Evil Dead: The Game (TBA – PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX, Switch)

This one is a bit iffy since it doesn’t have an official release date yet. But if it does come out, we will get to relive the Evil Dead franchise through a very Dead by Daylight mold. Four players can work together to seal the forces of the Necronomicon away, or one player can take control of a Demon and try to hunt Ash and his friends down. Groovy!


February is a little slim this month, however, that’s because it’s a month where everything old is new again. Three major game franchises are getting collections that you might wanna check out if you missed them the first time around.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection (Feb 1 – PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX, Switch)

Kingdom Hearts Cloud Collection (Feb 10 – Switch)

Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection (Feb 17 – Switch)