Video game releases to look out for in November 2020

Last Updated July 9th, 2021

More than 130 games are releasing this November. That’s huge! Not only is November usually one of the biggest release months, since it hits right before the holiday, but this November also marks the debut of the next generation of gaming with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which means we are getting their full launch lineups dumped on us all at once. In between those major releases we have a ton of new indies, remakes, DLC releases, and more.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered (Nov 6 – PC, PS4, XBO / Nov 13 – Switch)

One of gaming’s most iconic racing titles is back and remastered for modern-day consoles. Need for Speed basically created the now-iconic “chase” mode where players are tasked with either evading the police or playing as the police to track down lawbreakers. This version has been rebuilt from the ground up with better graphics, cross-platform multiplayer, asynchronous multiplayer, and new DLC content.

Dirt 5 (Nov 6 – PC, PS4, XBO / Nov 10 – XSX TBA – PS5)

Codemasters’ off-road racing franchise is looking to be an extremely enticing racing title. It has an incredible lineup of cars, dynamic weather on tons of different racks featuring terrain from mud, to snow, to sand, to graven, a new career mode, local and online multiplayer, a livery editor, and much more, this is absolutely the title you’ll want to check out if you want to feel the rumble of the road through your wheel.

Tetris Effect: Connected (Nov 10 – PC, XBO, XSX)

This is Tetris Effect’s third major release, and am I going to buy it again? You bet I will! This release features a brand new multiplayer mode that allows you to play with or against other Tetris players all around the world. It also has new levels, 4k visuals, and pretty much everything you need to zone out to this psychedelic Tetris experience. It’s been a rough year and Tetris Effect’s meditative gameplay has gotten me through some of the thickest times. Now I’m glad that the same gameplay will allow me to connect with other people.

XIII (Nov 10 – PC, Mac, PS4, XBO / 2021 – Switch)

Another remake built from the ground up for modern-day platforms, XIII puts you in the shows of an enigmatic soldier with amnesia. All you have is a tattoo of the number XIII on your collarbone and a locker key to your name. It’s up to you to uncover the secrets of your past and get involved in a deep conspiracy that will define the future of the US.

Fuser (Nov 10 – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch)

It’s been a while since Harmonix released a rhythm game. While they used to make plastic tinker toy guitars, FUSER is a rhythm game for a new generation. Instead of living out the fantasy of playing live music on stage, you get to live out the fantasy of spinning an amazing set as a famous DJ. You’ll be able to use the game’s tools to create your own mashups and sets, and you can even showcase them online for the ultimate prize: likes on social media.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon (Nov 10 – PC, PS4, XBO, XSX / 2021 – PS5)

What if Yakuza got weird? No… I mean what if Yakuza got really, really weird? That’s what Yakuza: Like a Dragon is. Instead of an action game, it’s a JRPG. Instead of a deep story about revenge and loyalty, you get a guy goofing around and trying to rise to the top in the most absurd way possible. Instead of constant real-time enemy behavior modeling, you get advanced crustacean A.I. Wield your holy lightning infused bat and prove who the real badass mobster is, in this… whatever this is. It’s gonna be fun though. Count on it.

The Falconeer (Nov 10 – PC, XBO, XSX)

The Falconeer is a combination of an aerial dogfighting game and RPG where you ride giant birds of prey and fight huge beasts of the land, sea, and air. Explore a huge open world, join up with different factions to control the skies, upgrade your bird through weapons and mutagens, and prove that you have the wings to dominate this world.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (Nov 10 – PC, PS4, XBO, XSX / Nov 12 – PS5)

Another Assassin’s Creed another dive into another time period of mythology and history. This time around, you get to be a Viking! Time to do some Viking stuff like build up a new colony on the shores of England, raid enemy camps for resources to survive, build political power among your tribe, raid and pillage some more… actually there’s just a whole lot of raiding. It’s the classic Assassin’s Creed open-world style combined with a base builder/civ manager, and the ship/raiding combat of Black Flag.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure (Nov 12 – PS4, PS5)

Whenever a new Sony console comes out Sackboy has to come with it to act as a big tech demo for its new features. Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a pretty standard 3D collect-em-up platformer, with the chaotic multiplayer that everyone remembers from LittleBigPlanet. However, it doesn’t have level creation this time around. Instead, it’s a more curated experience, which is heavily linked to the new U.I. features of PlayStation 5. Of course, you can play it on PS4 as well, if you want to, but this is really being positioned as one of Sony’s major new introductory apps for the next console generation.

Demon’s Souls Remake (Nov 12 – PS5)

We try not to include HD remakes on these lists because they are usually nothing more than a face-lift for textures, but we have made a lot of exceptions this time around because a lot of these new next-generation games are completely rebuilt from scratch. That means new graphics, down to new models and terrain, but also new systems and controls. This is what started the “souls-like” genre down its path of popularity, and now we get to play it again with all the modern conveniences we have come to expect from the genre.

Godfall (Nov 12 – PC, PS5)

A new looter-slasher from the publishers behind Borderlands, Godfall puts you in a fantasy universe where you get to wear enchanted armor and fight with multiple different fighting styles. Playable in single or three-person multiplayer, this is another next-gen introductory app, being available only on PC and PlayStation 5. It is a beautiful game and will be one of the only multiplayer titles available at the PS5’s launch.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Nov 12 – PS4, PS5)

Let’s keep checking off the must-have apps for the new generation. Miles Morales is a much-awaited sequel to Sony’s hit AAA Spider-Man title of 2018. With Miles’ recent popularity explosion from Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, and the new graphical power of PlayStation 5, this is set to be the killer app for Sony’s next-generation platform. Of course, you can also play it on PS4, but that’s the case with most next-generation killer apps.

Bugsnax (Nov 12 – PC, PS4, PS5)

Speaking of must-play next-gen titles, Bugsnax is a cute little cartoony game about an island filled with strange food-based lifeforms that, once you eat, transform your body parts into food, and you have to photograph them all… and also you have to stop a horrible conspiracy meant to hide the power given to people on the island from the Bugsnax… we think. The thing is, this game was specifically marketed vaguely and pitched as a sort of fever dream. We really have no idea what it’s actually about, but we know we want to play it.

Destruction AllStars (Nov 12 – PS5)

It’s pretty common for each generation of consoles to release with a brand new racing game. It’s rare for that game to be so centered on chaos and mayhem. Then again, PlayStation has always been the console that popularized vehicular combat. This is Sony’s big online competitive multiplayer title designed for PlayStation 5. In fact, it’s the only platform you can get the game on!

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory (Nov 13 – PS4, XBO, Switch)

Interested in what happened after Sora (spoilers) died at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3? So are we. In Melody of Memory, Kairi is going to dive into her memories in an attempt to bring him back to life. Lest you think that Kairi actually ever gets to be useful in a Kingdom Hearts game, all she’s really doing is playing a rhythm game superimposed over scenes from the series so far. Oh, and she doesn’t even get to be the one playing the rhythm game. Her memories of Sora get to do that. Before you ask, yes this game is canon and yes you have to play it if you want to keep up with the series. Have fun!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Nov 13 – PC, PS4, Xbox One / Q4 2020 – PS5, XSX)

It’s time for 2020’s yearly COD release, with brand new multiplayer modes, a brand new zombies mode, and a Cold War aesthetic, complete with an unbelievably creepy photorealistic Ronald Reagan. This is one of Call of Duty’s rare direct sequels, specifically to the original Black Ops which is still a fan favorite to this day.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (Nov 20 – Switch)

Hyrule Warriors was an unexpected hit… for the Wii U. So it’s only fitting its sequel came out on a system that people actually have. Age of Calamity is a prequel to the events of Breath of the Wild allowing you to play as Link and the four champions in the first great war against Calamity Ganon. Zelda fans are starved for BOTW content, and until BOTW2 comes out, this is gonna have to hold them over.

What titles are you looking forward to this November? Let us know in the comments.