Video Game Releases to Look Out For in April 2022

Last Updated April 1st, 2022

April is looking to be one of the sparsest months of releases not only this year, which has already been sparse, to begin with, but in the past generation of gaming. And there’s a reason for that.

Some games have been delayed due to COVID still causing issues with production. Other games have been delayed due to recent world events. Nintendo infamously delayed the Advance Wars reboot because of the current situation with Russia and Ukraine.

And March was just unbelievably heavy in terms of high-profile releases. Grand Turismo 7, Triangle Strategy, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, Ghostwire Tokyo, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, and Death Stranding Director’s Cut were just a few of the games choking the money out of our wallets last month, not to mention Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West which released just a few weeks earlier in late February.

Simply put, I think the gaming industry played their hand a little early and all at once. But maybe that’s OK. We can simply chill out and enjoy March’s releases right? Right?

Oh, who am I kidding? The gaming world is addicted to new releases and even in the darkest of times, we manage to get hyped over SOMETHING new. So I scoured the internet for whatever I could find, from indie releases to releases, to bring you the games to look out for in April 2022… even if the pickings are a little slim.

tERRORbane (April 1 – PC, Switch)

Welcome to an RPG where you have to fight against the true villain behind every video game, coders on a strict budget, and time crunch! You’ll navigate a grand fantasy world that is falling apart at the seams because making video games is hard. Will you be able to save your digital world? Or will your game be fated to gather dust in a bargain bin? Find out when this comedy RPG releases on April Fool’s Day this year.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (April 5 – PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX, Switch)

The Lego games are always a fun time. This time we are returning to the Star Wars universe to see the entire saga from start to finish, in the comedic way that only Lego games can. The cool part about this one? You can play through the entire Star Wars franchise in any order you like. Pick and choose your favorites and craft the Star Wars story you want to see.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamer’s Edition (April 7 – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch)

While it might not live up to the incredible legacy of its predecessor, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross is a great game in its own right, only hampered by some questionable decisions made in the early days of PS1 RPG design. Well, hindsight is 20/20 and now Square is releasing a brand new updated version that fixes those problems. From moving faster on the map to turning down encounters, an HD facelift for models and textures, higher quality background music, and brand new battle features. Ii even includes the entirety of Radical Dreamers, the original SNES light novel that never came to America that served as inspiration for Chrono Cross. With Square swearing off ever doing anything else with this franchise, this is the best we can hope for.

The House of the Dead: Remake (April 7 – Switch)

The classic light-gun zombie shooter is back on Switch. While it might not have exactly the same feel as holding a giant plastic gun in your hand in the middle of an arcade, Switch’s IR functions do a decent enough job replicating the feeling. And heck, you can even buy a big plastic peripheral if you really want to. Overall you are looking at an HD facelift that sticks true to the original gameplay here, right down to the hilariously bad voice acting.

Ghostlore (April 14 – PC)

Ghostlore is an interesting indie game that plays a lot like Diablo but is set in a world inspired by Southeast Asian folklore. Aside from its sprite aesthetic, you are looking at the classic Diablo experience here. Isometric views, procedurally generated dungeons, lots of character and class customization, and loot coming out of your ears.

The Iron Oath (April 19 – PC)

So this indie project is very interesting indeed. It is billed as an open-world sandbox semi-roguelike turn-based tactical RPG. Now that’s a mouthful. Basically, you land a band of mercenaries in a world at war, and you get to explore a medieval fantasy realm where anything can happen to you. The game doesn’t stop at your party’s death, however. You must survive through several generations of turn-based tactical combat, handing down what you created to your successors.

Revita (April 21 – PC, Switch)

Speaking of genre mouthfuls, Revita is a twin-stick roguelike Metroidvania with souls-like elements. It’s certainly the season for genre mashups. You play as a young amnesiac boy climbing a mysterious clocktower in pursuit of your lost memories. You must harvest the souls of the denizens of the clocktower to gain power and survive the guardians that keep the secret of your past.

Pocky and Rocky Reshrined (April 21 – PS4, Switch)

Pocky and Rocky was an amazing little top-down twin-stick-style shooter for the SNES based on Japanese mythology. Reshrined brings it to modern-day systems with a brand new graphical update and several new playable characters. Add in online leaderboards and you have the definitive way to play this SNES classic.

Nintendo Switch Sports (April 29 – Switch)

Perhaps the biggest title to release this month (which is saying something about the dearth of releases) Nintendo Switch Sports is a sequel to the Wii Sports line of games, updated for Switch. You know that that means> Lots and lots of waggle controls! You’ll get to play all your favorite Wii Sports games such as Bowling and Tennis while also playing brand new sports like Soccer, Badminton, and Volleyball, all by waggling a Joycon.

So? Are there any April releases you are excited about? Let us know in the comments.

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