Everything announced during Sony’s State of Play June 2022

Last Updated June 4th, 2022

Well, we may not have E3 this year, but we do have the totally online Summer Games Fest, and Sony is kicking it off with a brand new State of Play with a focus on third-party games and upcoming VR titles. Let’s take a look at what they had to offer.

Resident Evil IV Remake

Capcom is going through with it. They are remaking the most beloved Resident Evil. The trailer was mostly cinematic but you will be happy to know that they are sticking heavily to the plot of the original, a lot more so than prior remakes. But we will have to learn more when it comes out on March 24, 2023. Oh, and it’s also going to come with a full PSVR2 mode.

Resident Evil Village VR

Speaking of Resident Evil VR, ever want to be stepped on by a nine-foot-tall vampire woman? Stop lying. Anyway, Resident Evil Village will be playable on the PSVR2 sometime in the future, giant vampire lady and all.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Ch2

It’s just a zombie kind of mood in Playstation land today. This first-person Walking Dead game is getting a new chapter and new content, totally made for PS VR and releasing in late 2022. It’s also in development for the PS VR 2.

No Man’s Sky VR

You just can’t keep No Man’s Sky down! This universe exploration sim is coming to the PSVR 2 with online multiplayer, giant mech fights, crazy interspace dogfights, and much more.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain

I know we just had a new Horizon game, but a new one is coming, this one exclusively for the PSVR2. You play as former Shadow, Carja Ryas, on a quest to climb a mountain and discover why the machines have suddenly gone berserk while attempting to earn his freedom along the way.

Marve’s Spider-Man Remastered… on PC!

This bestselling Playstation title is finally making its way off the platform. You’ll be able to play a fully remastered version on PC on August 12 of this year!


Solve mysteries in the post-apocalyptic robotic police state as one of the only surviving life forms… a cat! This is a really interesting spin on a platformer and stealth game that totally shifts your perspective as you take things on from a feline point of view, and it’s coming out July 19th.


It’s a cel-shaded post-apocalyptic roller derby with guns. I genuinely… genuinely don’t know what else can sell you on this if that elevator pitch hasn’t sold you already.


This is the most anime thing I have ever seen. It’s a massive fast-paced anime action game and it’s also a dating sim. It has quick-time events to hold your crush’s hand for Persona’s sake! Of course, that’s tough since you kind of lost your arm and had it replaced with a glowy rainbow anime sword weapon. Look, it’s off the wall, it’s Japanese, and I can’t wait to play it and hate myself for doing so.

The Callisto Protocol

Like we said, it’s just a zombie sort of time. This time the zombies are in space though, making this almost a spiritual successor to Dead Space. This interesting horror shooter is set to release this year on the PS4 and PS5, on December 2.

Street Fighter 6

Look, this was one of the massive announcements of the event, so massive that we had to dedicate an entire article going over all the info that was dumped on us. Simply put, this is an incredible step forward for Street Fighter and for fighting games in general, and we can’t wait till it launches next year.


This beloved indie game is coming to the PS4 and PS5 on September 27th this year. Half Zelda, Half Dark Souls, with a strange manual written in another language that you have to decipher even before you start playing the game! It’s a very unique and immersive way to explore a foreign fantasy world.

Season: A Letter to the Future

This is a chill little game where the only thing you do is look and listen. Your goal is just to chronicle the world around you. Take pictures. Record music. Listen to the stories of the elderly. Why are you doing this? Because you live in a world where the seasons are not just periods of a year, but whole eras. Generations live and die in spring or summer, and the changing of seasons is upon you. The only thing that’s left when it does, is what you chronicled while you were there.

Final Fantasy XVI

And finally, the big closer was Final Fantasy XVI, the next numbered Final Fantasy title where cursed warriors turn into the summons of old. We got to see a little bit more about its system which, strangely, takes a cue from fighting games as you can see both you and your enemy’s life bars right at the top of the screen. However, like most Square Enix trailers, this was largely cinematic… and yet that didn’t make it any less hype.