Ubisoft releases patch notes for The Division’s Conflict update

Last Updated July 26th, 2021

Conflict, the second major free update for Ubisoft’s The Division, is now live, and the studio has released the update’s patch notes to show exactly what it contains.

As was previously reported, the main highlights of the Conflict update include the brand new Incursion Clear Sky (this one meant for a group of four players), a new “Hijack Extractions” feature for Dark Zone players (hijacking an extraction will immediately flag the player as rogue), new Search & Destroy and High Value Target PvE endgame PvE missions, and four brand new gear sets which each convey a unique bonus to players who manage to acquire all four pieces of a set. The unique bonuses for each set are as follows:

  • Hunter’s Faith: Grants temporary armor when you shoot an enemy at range. The further away your target is, the more armor you earn.
  • Lone Star: Allows you to fully refill a weapon’s magazine simply by holstering it.
  • Final Measure: Passively defuses nearby enemy grenades and automatically adds them to your inventory.
  • Predator’s Mark: Any target which you manage to shoot with 10 consecutive shots is afflicted by a powerful bleed effect.

Each of the sets also includes lesser (yet still useful) bonuses for equipping two and then three pieces of a set, which means wearing all four pieces will grant a total of three different bonuses. Other additions featured in the Conflict update include sealed caches of items which can be dropped off of elite and named enemies in the Dark Zone, the ability to retrieve items from your personal stash (including items extracted from the Dark Zone) at Dark Zone checkpoints, weekly ISAC assignment missions which are available to level 30 players and which grant unique cosmetic rewards upon completion, and five new named high-end weapons.

You can read the full patch notes here. The Conflict update is now available on all platforms (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC).

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