Ubisoft at E3 2019: Watch Dogs Legion, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Roller Champions, and more

Last Updated July 13th, 2021

Ubisoft’s portfolio of gaming projects runs the gamut from tactical shooters to medieval brawlers to dance simulators. That eclectic portfolio was on full display during Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press event, in which the studio unveiled brand new upcoming games as well as new content for existing games.

We’ve got a full recap of everything Ubisoft covered during its press event below, so read on for all the pertinent details.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Story Creator And Discovery Tour Modes

During the pre-show, Ubisoft announced some new content additions for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The latest Assassin’s Creed game is getting two brand new gameplay modes: Story Creator and Discovery Tour.

The Story Creator mode will basically allow players to stitch together NPC’s, pre-set objectives, and user-written text dialogue to create unique quests which the player can then share with the larger Odyssey community. Discovery Tour, meanwhile, is a returning feature from Assassin’s Creed Origins. Players will get to explore Ancient Greece in a non-combat environment and learn about the region’s history straight from NPC’s like the Spartan hero Leonidas.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Story Creator mode is available as of this writing. The Discovery Tour will launch sometime this fall and will also be available as a standalone experience. Both modes are entirely free for those who own Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Watch Dogs Legion

The first major tent-pole for Ubisoft’s 2019 E3 event was the official unveiling of Watch Dogs Legion. Granted, the unveiling wasn’t a total surprise since details on Legion were leaked a while back, but the presentation itself was still quite impressive.

Pretty much everything that the leaks hinted at wound up being true. Legion is set in a post-Brexit London which is being controlled by an authoritarian regime. Players can recruit any of the game’s NPC’s into their personal DedSec squad and then play as those NPC’s directly. Ubisoft says that all of the game’s cinematics and story events will adapt in real time to accommodate the NPC’s that players have recruited.

Ubisoft’s Legion gameplay demo showed off one potential squad which featured a bruiser named Ian, an old woman named Helen who moonlighted as a robotics expert, and a skilled infiltrator named Naomi. The demo also showed that Legion will have permadeath, which means that if a recruited character dies during a mission, they’re dead for good. Thankfully, it also looks like players can pick up where they left off using another squad member if the character they’re playing as gets killed.

Watch Dogs Legion is scheduled to launch on March 6, 2020.

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet

If the above title sounds like the sort of generic fantasy game name you’d see in a sitcom, well, you’re right on the money. Mythic Quest: Raven’s Bounty is actually an upcoming sitcom which revolves around a fictional game studio whose star project is the titular game. The sitcom is being written by Rob McElhenny of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame, and the actor himself appeared on Ubisoft’s stage to formally unveil the show.

Along with writing duties, McElhenny will also play Mythic Quest’s main character, the fictional studio’s creative director Ian Grimm. As McElhenny explained, Grimm is a creative genius, but his ego is also rampantly out of control, making for an excellent comedy recipe. Fellow Sunny veterans Charlie Day and Megan Ganz will help write and produce Mythic Quest (our guess is that Day will have at least one guest cameo on the show as well).

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet will launch as part of Apple’s upcoming Apple TV Plus streaming service, which means it will be an Apple TV exclusive. Along with McElhenny, the series will star David Hornsby, Ashley Birch, Danny Pudi, Charlotte Nicdao, and F. Murray Abraham.

Rainbow Six Siege ‘Clutch Royale’ Operation Phantom Sight Trailer

To celebrate the June 11 launch of Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Phantom Sight update, Ubisoft showed off a slick James Bond-style trailer called ‘Clutch Royale’ which focuses on the new operator Warden. When he’s in skilled hands, it looks like Warden will be able to devastate an enemy attacking team who thinks they have the jump on him.

Adventure Time Brawlhalla Content

Brawlhalla, the F2P 2D fighting game from Ubisoft and Blue Mammoth Games, is getting an infusion of Adventure Time-themed content. Adventure Time’s Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum are all joining the game’s roster as playable characters, and there will also be a new team-based Buddy mode and a new Adventure Time-themed stage called Tree Fort.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

For fans of the recently unveiled Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ubisoft showed off two brand new cinematic trailers, the first of which focused on the game’s villains, a rogue paramilitary company called The Wolves.

After the first trailer, fans were treated to a surprise appearance of Walking Dead/The Punisher actor Jon Bernthal. In Breakpoint, Bernthal will play Colonel Cole D. Walker, the leader of The Wolves and a former Ghost himself. The second trailer focused on the titular Ghosts and how they can use teamwork and the element of surprise to get the jump on The Wolves despite being outgunned and outnumbered.

After the second trailer, Ubisoft announced some additional Breakpoint details. In the wake of fan feedback regarding the game’s unveiling, Breakpoint players who rock the solo life will have an AI squad backing them up much like in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Originally, Breakpoint wasn’t going to have AI teammates, but it seems Ubisoft had a change of heart. Lastly, Ubisoft unveiled a Breakpoint-themed ‘Delta Company’ community content program, and confirmed that Breakpoint’s closed beta will begin on September 5.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

A brief teaser trailer unveiled a new upcoming mobile game called Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. As its name suggests, Elite Squad unites Ubisoft’s various Tom Clancy properties including The Division, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, and Ghost Recon. Characters from all four franchises (like Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher and Rainbow Six Siege’s Montagne) will engage in 5v5 tactical close-quarters battles using their signature abilities and skillsets.

Elite Squad will have both a story-based PvE campaign and a competitive PvP mode. No release date has been confirmed as of yet, but interested fans can sign up for game alerts here. Everyone who signs up will also unlock Jon Bernthal’s Cole D. Walker character from Ghost Recon Breakpoint in the final game.

Just Dance 2020

It just wouldn’t be a Ubisoft E3 press event without a rambunctious and brightly-colored dance number to announce and hype up a new Just Dance game. Just Dance 2020 is coming this November, and interestingly enough Ubisoft is planning to release it for the Nintendo Wii.

Yes, you read that correctly, the Nintendo Wii, as in Nintendo’s 13-year-old console. Along with the Wii, Just Dance 2020 is also coming to the newer Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and Google Stadia.

For Honor Shadows of the Hitokiri Event

Ubisoft took a brief moment out of their press event to announce a new in-game event for its medieval brawler title For Honor. The ‘Shadows of the Hitokiri’ event is live right now, and it will remain so until June 27. The standout feature of the new limited-time event is a special competitive mode called Soul Rush which players can learn more about here.

Along with Soul Rush, the Shadows of the Hitokiri event also comes with new event-themed loot, community challenges, special Arcade Mode orders, and more.

Rainbow Six Quarantine

If you enjoy the Rainbow Six series but Rainbow Six Siege’s tactical PvP skirmishes aren’t your jam, Ubisoft is hoping to bring you into the fold with an entirely new game. Rainbow Six Quarantine is an upcoming three-player co-op title set in the same universe as Siege. Rather than fighting each other, players will instead face mutated monsters in unique co-op shooter scenarios. Quarantine will also feature recognizable Siege operators like Ela and Vigil.

Ubisoft’s current plans put Rainbow Six Quarantine into the early 2020 release period. Before that, the game will also have a private beta.  

The Division 2 Upcoming DLC Episodes

Ubisoft made sure not to leave The Division 2 fans out in the cold during its E3 2019 press event. The studio narrowed down the release windows and teased some of the new features for all three of The Division 2’s upcoming Year 1 DLC episodes. Episode 1 is scheduled to launch in July, and it will allow players to venture into the Washington D.C. National Zoo as they search for the leader of the Outcast faction.

In Episode Two, players will wrest control of the Pentagon away from the Black Tusk. Episode Two is set to launch sometime this fall, and it’s standout feature will be The Division 2’s second raid experience. Finally, Episode 3, which is due sometime in early 2020, will take players back to The Division’s New York City setting. There, they’ll have to hunt down Aaron Keener, a former Division agent who went rogue.

Fans who want to try out The Division 2 risk-free will be able to do so courtesy of a free weekend event which will run from June 13-16. Lastly, Ubisoft announced that the upcoming Division film adaptation (which stars Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal) is being made in collaboration with Netflix (and will thus likely be a Netflix exclusive).

Uplay Plus

Taking a page out of EA’s book, Ubisoft announced its own upcoming subscription service called Uplay Plus. Similar to EA’s EA Access and Microsoft’s Game Pass, Uplay Plus will allow subscribers to download and play a large digital library of Ubisoft games for $15 a month. When it launches on September 3, Uplay Plus will only be available on PC. However, the service will also be available on Google Stadia when it arrives next year.

Along with a large back catalogue of older games, Uplay Plus will grant subscribers full (and in most cases early) access to new and upcoming games like Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Watch Dogs Legion. Subscribers will also be eligible for unique perks like access to Ubisoft game betas. Those who sign up for Uplay Plus between now and August 15 will also have free access for the entire month of September (essentially getting their first month free).

Roller Champions

Again, a previous leak stole some of the wind out of Ubisoft’s sails when it unveiled a new competitive multiplayer game called Roller Champions, but that did little to dampen the game’s upbeat vibe. Roller Champions is an upcoming F2P 3v3 roller derby game which sports a slick neon sci-fi vibe. It’s not set to launch until 2020, but Ubisoft is allowing all interested fans to download and play a pre-alpha demo between now and June 14.

Gods & Monsters

Ubisoft closed out its E3 2019 press event with a brief glimpse at Gods & Monsters, an upcoming open-world action RPG which has a strong Greek Mythology theme. Unsurprisingly, Gods & Monsters was crafted by the same team who made Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, but this new title looks (and apparently feels) more akin to a Legend of Zelda game.

According to hands-on reports, Gods & Monsters will allow players to create their own character and explore an island populated by, well, gods and monsters. Players will engage in melee and ranged combat, gather items, solve puzzles, and more. Basically, if you’re looking for a new game to scratch your Zelda itch, this might just be it.

Gods & Monsters is slated to launch on February 25, 2020 for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. It will also come to Google Stadia later in the year.

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