Trials of Mana: How to find Li’l Cactus in every location

Trials of Mana is largely a faithful recreation of the original SNES Seiken Densetsu 3, however there is some new content to be found. The most prominent piece of new content is the Li’l Cactus Quest, which tasks you with finding this little mascot character in fifty places around the world. Successfully completing it grants you some hefty bonuses, as well as one of the most powerful chain abilities in the game! Here’s how to do it along with all the rewards you’ll get.

Li’l Cactus Locations

  1. Golden Road – On the path in the upper left section of the map. Can’t miss, as it introduces the quest to you.
  2. Free City of Maia – In the lower right section of the map, on an awning, near the boat. You’ll have to hop across rooftops to get there.
  3. Dwarf Tunnel I – Near a campfire shortly after crossing a bridge.
  4. Molebear Moors I – From the entrance to Stonesplit Gap, hug the right wall and head up to a ledge. You’ll find Li’l Cactus near a bridge.
  5. Stonesplit Gap II – On the Valsena side of the broken bridge. If you miss this the first time around, you will eventually have to come back with Flammie.
  6. Valsena, Kingdom of the Plains – Only available after you rid Valsena of Altenish forces. Upper right corner of the map, on top of the ramparts.
  7. Merchant Town Beiser – Directly west of the weapon shop icon on the map. In an alleyway at the very edge of the city.
  8. Palo Port – West of the armor shop, on the same level it’s on. If you are on the same level as the inn, you are too low and have gone too far.
  9. Heavensway! – On a beach close to Palo Port’s entrance. Where the sand and land meet on the right side, nestled in some trees.
  10. Gusthall I – In the first alcove to the left as soon as you enter from Heavensway.
  11. Heavensway I – After visiting the Laurent Secret Base, head back to the Somnosa Flower field and past it to a waterfall. Li’l Cactus will be in the upper right portion of this section of the map, past a bridge.
  12. Jadd Stronghold I – In the southwest corner of the city.
  13. Rabite Forest – On the beach, at the very top of the map, right outside of the Jadd entrance.
  14. Lakeside Town Astoria – Right in the middle of town, on top of a rooftop. Directly above the L shaped building next to a circle of path.
  15. Rabite Forest – Southern part of the map near the Koropokkur woods. Near a cliff overlooking the water.
  16. Gusthall I – Visible on a platform across a ravine in the middle of the map. Jump while being blown by the wind to get extra distance and reach him.
  17. Oblivisle – In the middle of the west side forest on the path leading up to the shrine.
  18. Snowy Hamlet Alrant – In the northeast corner of town.
  19. Frostbite Fields – Directly north of the exit to Alrant.
  20. Frostbite Fields – After a gold mana statue and a bridge, in an alcove to the west.
  21. Labyrinth of Ice I – Hanging out next to the Mana Stone.
  22. Desert capital Sirhtan – In the very north east part of the map, detached from the town proper.
  23. Burning Sands – In the north section, on a ledge, near three Bulettes.
  24. Burning Sands – On a cliff in the central section. You’ll need to loop around the cliff in a circle to get there.
  25. Oasis of Diin – North section of down near the piers.
  26. Fiery Gorge I – On a cliff overlooping the second big lava pit.
  27. Moonlight Town Mintas – Northwest of the inn after the map curves left.
  28. Duskmoon Forest – Center of the map. You’ll need to climb a tree branch to get there.
  29. Duskmoon Forest – Directly north of the massive bridge to the southwest.
  30. Chartmoon Tower – Hanging out in the north right next to the mana stone.
  31. Lampbloom Woods II – In plain sight after you finish the Red Flower maze.
  32. Flowerburg Dior – To the west side of down right before you enter the Elder’s house.
  33. Lampbloom Woods – South of the northernmost golden statue. You’ll have to loop around to get to the top of the cliff where you’ll find him.
  34. Laurent I – On the other side of the gate blocking your path to the Celestial Peak. Can only be reached after you have gotten all elementals and have visited Oblivisle. You’ll pass it on your quest to gain the aid of Flammie.
  35. Molebear Moors I – In an alcove to the right near a bridge. Only reachable by entering the area with Flammie.
  36. Labyrinth of Ice II – From the center of the map, jump across all the ice platforms until you end up south of the golden statue. You’ll find him there. If you fall to the ground, you will have to go back and start again. Dodge roll in mid-air to make the platforming easier.
  37. Fiery Gorge I – Next to a treasure chest in the new section that opens up while you are attempting to defeat the Benevodons. Requires platforming across a lava pit.
  38. Daria, Gem Valley I – On the stairs south of the first treasure chest.
  39. Daria, Gem Valley I – To the southwest of a silver statue, near the poison mist.
  40. Woods of Wandara III – In a large stump in the south part of the northern section of the map. Next to a treasure chest.
  41. Woods of Wandara VII – To the west side of the map, below a ramp.
  42. Holy City Wendel – Northeast side of the map, south of a treasure chest and southwest of the weapon shop. Tucked away in a corner.
  43. Cascade Cavern I – On the outcropping to the right of the golden statue. Need to loop around to the south to get to it.
  44. Chartmoon Tower VIII – On the northwest corner of the central area on top of the tower.
  45. Shimmering Ruins – West side of the map, north side of the gap.
  46. Shimmering Ruins – South most part of the map, outside of the ruins themselves.
  47. Ancient Capital Pedda – Southeast corner on the ramparts.
  48. Crystal Desert II – If your main character is Duran or Angela, you will find Li’l Cactus to the right side of the cave that the sands push you toward.
  49. Jungle of Visions iI – If your main character is Kevin or Charlotte you will find Li’l Cactus to the right of the middle silver statue.
  50. Night Cavern IV – If your main character is Riesz or Hawkeye you can find Li’l Cactus in the east most part of the map.
  51. Crystal Desert I – If your main character is Duran or Angela, you can find Li’l Cactus to the right and below the middle chest of the map.
  52. Jungle of Visions IV – If your main character is Kevin or Charlotte you can find Li’l Cactus to the right of a Gold Statue on the west side of the map.
  53. Night Cavern VI – If your main character is Riesz or Hawkeye you can find it on a ledge near the entrance to the area.
  54. Sanctuary of Mana – In the central part of the map before the final boss.

You’ll note that two Li’l Cactus locations are dependent on who you have chosen for your main character. Duran and Angela’s trek through the Crystal Desert provides you with the easiest Li’l Cacti to find, but that’s not reason enough to choose them for the main characters of a playthrough.


And what do you get for hunting down this prickly pear? Well it depends on how many times you have found him.

5 times – View how many treasure boxes you have yet to open on each map.

10 times – Get a 10% discount at all shops.

15 times – Randomly after battle, boost your EXP 2x.

20 times – Escape from battle in half the time.

25 times – Inns are now free and your shop discount has been increased to 20%.

30 times – The night market will expand its inventory and resetting your training points will now be discounted by 50%.

35 times – View the exact location of unopened treasure boxes on the map. Also, see how many Li’l Cactus locations you have yet to find on each map.

40 times – Your random after battle EXP boost has been increased to 3x.

45 times – Increases your chance of rare item yields when planting item seeds.

50 times – The big one. If you manage to find all the Li’l Cactus locations you will get the Li’l Cactus Ring and Li’l Cactus Chain Ability. The Li’l Cactus Ring constantly fills your CS gauge while moving. The Li’l Cactus Chain Ability fills all party members CS gauges by 200% at the start of each battle. At this point you can start every battle with a level 2 Class Strike, basically insta-wiping nearly every random battle in the game.