The Fighting Game World Exploded Last Weekend – Here’s What Happened

Last Updated March 22nd, 2022

If you thought that the EVO announcements last week were big, think again! The fighting game community is eating well as several major companies made several major announcements last weekend in the wave of Arc Revo North America, and the Japanese Fighting Game Developers Roundtable Event. Many discussions were held about the future of fighting games, from rollback to accessibility, and of course, lots of new announcements of lots of new content were made. Let’s look at a few.

Street Fighter V’s Final Update

Street Fighter 6 is on the horizon which means that Street Fighter V has just a little bit of life left in it, but Capcom is making sure that it goes out with a bang. Calling this a balance update would be a huge understatement. Every character is getting new combo routes, new moves, and even new mechanics. This is their large-scale testing ground for Street Fighter 6, and everything goes.

In addition to these new gameplay adjustments, two new graphical filters will be added to the game, one that gives it a cel-shaded look and one that makes it look like an old pixel game on a CRT monitor.  Brand new remixes for every new DLC character’s theme will be added to the game as well. Also, they added new tracksuit colors which is apparently something everyone really wanted, and I guess we were just a little behind on.

Guilty Gear Gets a Ton of Content

The final DLC character for season 1 is coming out next week, and it is Testament! This non-binary grim reaper hasn’t seen a Guilty Gear since +R, and it’s great to have them back on the roster. Like most characters, their movelist has been greatly simplified in Strive, to the extent that they went from one of the hardest characters to play to one of the easiest, despite their many and varied systems interacting with their projectiles, succubi, and EXE beast moves.

In addition to Testament, we are also getting a brand new stage, the White House Reborn, and we are getting a brand new chapter of the Guilty Gear -Strive- story, which appears to be an anime take on Snowpiercer that will feature all the characters that didn’t have heavy roles in the original story mode, including some newcomers that might point toward DLC additions in the future. In addition, ASW has confirmed that the game will have a season 2 of DLC starting up soon.

Finally, a few free updates are coming to the game in April. The first is crossplay, which will finally allow the Playstation and Steam versions of the game to face each other. The second is a new figure mode that allows you to post all the characters in the game in interesting scenes and dioramas.

DNF Duel Gets a Release Date

DNF Duel revealed its latest character, Ghost Blade, a character that can summon a Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure stand-like ghost to do it’s bidding, and the first puppet character of the game. IT also revealed its next upcoming character, Mechanic, whose entire gimmick will be turrets, robots, and other automatic methods of attack.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, DNF Duel finally has a release date, June 28, just in time for it to join the Arc Revo World Tour.

KOF XV Gets Omega Rugal for Free!

SNK is putting a free DLC character into KOF XV, Omega Rugal, one of the most reviled bosses from King of Fighters past. He will be free to download on April 14. But more importantly, he comes with a brand new boss battle mode, which tasks you with defeating him while he is piloted with the most unfair CPU A.I. you’ve ever seen. Throw out a move and he will throw out psychic invincible genocide cutters all day long. If you can beat him, however, then you will gain access to a new stage, a new piece of music, and a new costume. Do you have what it takes?

Everything Else

  • Sega is continuing to push Virtua Fighter V e-sports, announcing a new tournament circuit
  • Tekken costumes will be added to Virtua Fighter, allowing characters to look like Kazuya and Heihachi
  • Tekken is getting a brand new Netflix animated series that follows the life of Jin Kazama
  • Arika is putting brand new netcode into Fighting EX Layer. While the game already has rollback, they think this new style of netcode can improve quality two to three times over standard rollback

What announcement are you the most hype about? Let us know in the comments.