Slime Rancher 2: Rarest Slimes

Last Updated December 6th, 2022

Slime plorts are a profitable business, but in Slime Rancher 2, some of the slimes are tricky to find which makes them even more valuable. Finding them can be difficult for all kinds of reasons, but these unique slimes are worth hunting down. Some of these slimes are brand new to the Slime Rancher universe, while others are familiar but hard to find faces.

Gold Slime

Returning to Slime Rancher 2, the mysterious Gold Slime was a lucrative annoyance to fans of the original game. This is still a difficult slime to find, and its plots also have the highest base sale price in the game.

Gold Slimes have no location it inhabits or routinely appear. They will appear for a few short moments, and hitting them with a piece of food will give you the extremely rare Golden Plort. This slime disappears quickly, and to get the plort you need to be a rapid shot with whatever food you have on hand.

Lucky Slime

Like in the first game, Lucky Slimes appear randomly and never in a specific location. They simply appear as the player goes through the world, just like the Gold Slime. When the unique chime sound pops up, it’s time to quickly check your surroundings to find the Lucky Slime.

It’s not possible to catch them but feeding them some meat will net you some Newbucks. Like the Gold Slime, the Lucky Slime vanishes quickly and requires a quick shot.

Puddle Slime

The Puddle Slime is back once again, and it’s a tricky slime to handle. It can only be housed in a pond and can only be found in a limited number of places since it can only survive in water. Still as cute as ever, they don’t need food since they somehow consume the water they live in to make plorts. House too many together, and they’ll get too embarrassed to make plorts.

Puddle Slimes can’t turn into Largos since they don’t eat plorts, and their plorts can’t be consumed by other slimes in the game. They need a dedicated pond, but these adorable additions from Starlight Strand can be very lucrative.

Fire Slime

Initially from the first game, Fire Slimes still need a very specific environment to survive. They can be found in Pools of Lava in the Ember Valley, but you can catch them to bring back home. These slimes need an Incinerator to live in since they can only live in very hot places. Fire Slimes also eat the Ash of any unwanted items thrown into the Incinerator, making them pretty easy to feed.

These slimes can be harmful to the touch and will hurt other slimes. It’s not possible to make a Largo with them, and no other slime will eat their plorts.

Ring Tail Slimes

Brand new to Slime Rancher 2, these adorable slimes can be found in Starlight Strand and Ember Valley. Despite them being found in multiple zones, they’re still a rare spawn since they only spawn at night, and during the day, they turn to stone. Even once they’re in a corral, they will turn to stone once the day breaks.

You can vacuum them up before they turn to stone since the stone variant is not vacpack compatible. However, they won’t turn to stone if they’re inside a cave, and upgrading an outside corral to have a “solar shield” will also keep them safe during the day.

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