Shin Megami Tensei V – The Best Miracles to Unlock

Last Updated November 17th, 2021

There are a ton of Miracles to unlock in Shin Megami Tensei V, but only a limited amount of glory to unlock them. These fundamentally change the way the game is played and picking the wrong miracles could spell disaster. So, we went through the entire miracle list and rated each and every one out of five. Now you know which ones will really push you through the game and which ones are traps and just wastes of glory.

Supremacy Miracles

  • Knowledge of Tools (5/5) – An absolute must get. Knowledge of Tools allows your demons to use items in battle. Otherwise only the main character can use items which is so restrictive you might as well not buy any.
  • Unyielding Will (2/5) – This makes you restore some Magatsuhi whenever you are attacked while guarding. It makes guarding more useful but still not more useful than any other skill.
  • Invigorating Defense (4/5) – This, on the other hand, vastly improves guarding by making it recover MP. MP is one of the major limiting factors in SMTV so being able to restore it for free is well worth it.
  • Magatsuhi Wellspring (5/5) – This makes your HP and MP restore every turn when your Magatsuhi is full. Since you save your Magatsuhi skills for boss battles, you’ll spend most of the game with the gauge full, and thus always have passive HP and MP regen. An absolute game changer. Pick it up ASAP.
  • Vengeful Opportunist (2/5) – This makes you restore some Magatsuhi whenever you guard, whether you are attacked or not. Once again, not very useful, but when stacked with Invigorating Defense and Unyielding Will, it makes guard a much more enticing option.
  • Fell Swoop (1/5) – This makes the Magatsuhi Gauge increase slightly when dealing CRITICAL or WEAK damage, but it’s not really enough to be worthwhile, and since killing demons already restores the gauge, this is kind of redundant.
  • Counter Incentive: Resist (1/5) – This makes the Magatsuhi Gauge increase when you resist enemy attacks. Since your party changes so often it’s unlikely you can routinely count on this triggering, making it not worth the glory.
  • Counter Incentive: Null (1/5) – Same as the above but for nullifying enemy attacks.
  • Race Transcendence (3/5) – This allows the Nahobino to use race specific Magatsuhi skills. It sounds good, but the Nahobino’s basic skill, which makes all your attacks crit for a turn, is already so good there’s not a whole lot of demand to replace it. Still more options are always a good thing so if you have the glory lying around, consider picking this up.
  • Magatsuhi Dispersion (1/5) – This makes the enemy Magatsuhi Critical effect end whenever you guard, evade, repel, or drain an attack. The chances of it triggering are slim, which more often than not ends with you eating a turn of crits anyway. Not worth the cost.
  • Skillful Conversion (2/5) – Slightly decreases the amount of Magatsuhi consumed when using Magatsuhi Skills. Doesn’t really make much of a difference in the long run because the decrease is barely noticeable. Still, worth it if you have nothing else to spend glory on.
  • Vengeance (1/5) – This increases the Magatsuhi Gauge any time an ally dies. You don’t want allies to die in this game, because that’s a one way ticket to a game over on harder difficulties. So, if you are doing your job right, this will never trigger. Don’t bother.
  • Forestall (3/5) – Slashing an enemy in the field without being noticed will greatly increase the Magatsuhi gauge. This is something you’ll reliably be doing for most of the game and the bonus is significant. However, you’ll be sitting on full Magatsuhi most of the time when you aren’t in boss battles. It’s useful, and powerful, but not a must have. Really up to your own personal preference.
  • Constant Vigilance (2/5) – This makes the Magatsuhi Gauge fill a bit at the beginning of battle. More Magatsuhi is always good, but this is a pittance at best.
  • Embolden (3/5) – Increases passive Magatsuhi gain each turn. Once again, more Magatsuhi is always good, and this gives you much more than Constant Vigilance. However, just like any other skill that raises Magatsuhi, it’s never completely necessary since you’ll gain more than enough without it. It’s just a matter of how fast you’d like the gauge to build.
  • Enhanced Summon (3/5) – Demon allies summoned in battle will have a random stat raised one rank. Stat up spells are great, but it always feels bad to dedicate a turn to using them. This gets you their effects for free, which feels much much better.
  • Dread (3/5) – This is the same as Enhanced Summon except instead of raising your party’s stats it lowers the enemy’s.
  • Kindred Favor (1/5) – Talking with a demon when having the same demon in your party occasionally heals you. Not worth it. Just use “Heal All” out of battle.
  • Articulate Discourse (5/5) – This makes talking with a demon only cost half of a turn icon. Fantastic ability, especially since demon negotiation is so random. Basically, gives you twice the chances.
  • Pacification (5/5) – If a demon’s mood sours mid-negotiation, they may forgive you. Demon negotiation feels very random in SMTV, and this sometimes gives you an extra shot. Very worth it.
  • Inspiring Covenant (4/5) – This causes demons to instantly level up when you recruit them. Not the most powerful miracle in the game, but free levels are free levels. It vastly reduces your time grinding and that’s a plus.
  • Art of Intervention (5/5) – Use a demon ally’s action to speak with a demon. Usually only the Nahobino can trigger demon negotiation. This lets anyone in your party initiate it, effectively multiplying your chances by four! Definitely worth it.
  • Deathly Aura (2/5) – These skills allow you to demand Macca, Essence, or even a recruitment from demons who are close to death. They are neat but they trigger very rarely so they only give you a small benefit.

Doctrine Miracles

  • Hand of God (2/5) – When obtaining relics sometimes you’ll gain an extra one. Not a bad upgrade, but relics and cash flow freely enough that it’s not quite necessary.
  • Warrior’s Conception (4/5) – Newly fused demons will gain stats based on the stats of the demon fused. Free stats for doing what you were doing anyway (fusing demons that is)? Why not!?
  • Unforgettable Memories (5/5) – This is like Warrior’s Conception except it makes your newly fused demons level up when you fuse them, which is even better.
  • Divine Amalgamation (4/5) – Lets the Nahobino get resistances and affinities from essences. Very useful for making your Nahobino immune to a boss’s most powerful attack.
  • Art of Essences (3/5) – Lets the Nahobino acquire more skills from absorbing demon essences. Necessary to obtain some of the best skills in the game, though you can put off buying it until later on.
  • Healer’s Hospitality (3/5) – Reduces the cost of healing at leyline founts. Very useful, but once again cash is not really that rare or hard to come by.
  • Merchant’s Hospitality (3/5) – Reduces the price of items at Cadaver’s Hollow. Once again useful but money isn’t often a problem.
  • Summoner’s Hospitality (5/5) – Reduces the cost of summoning demons from the compendium. Unlike other Hospitality upgrades, these are necessary. It’s the most expensive expenditure in the game and investing in these miracles will easily allow you to fuse any and every demon with no issue.

Awakening Miracles

  • Skill Manifestation (4/5) – This allows demons to randomly gets new skills when leveling up. Very useful since some of these skills can be much more powerful than the demon can usually access.
  • Demonic Discipline (3/5) – This increases the EXP that demons who don’t participate in battle get. Certainly, useful especially when you have a lot of fodder demons, but not quite necessary since most of your demons will get enough EXP just by being in rotation.
  • Prayers (3/5) – These increase stats any time a demon levels up. They make your whole team better, but they are very, very expensive and they turn off after a certain level. Better if you can get them early on, worse if you get them later.
  • Empowering Cheer (2/5) – These miracles restore your HP and MP when you level, which is good but there are plenty of leyline founts around which will restore your HP and MP for you.
  • Demon Proficiency (5/5) – These increase your demons’ skill slots and are must haves… all of them. More skills mean more fusion options means more powerful demon fusion combinations.
  • Divine Proficiency (4/5) – These increase the skill slots of your main character. Not quite as useful as Demon Proficiency, but still very good.
  • Divine Garrison (5/5) – These miracles increase the size of your demon stock. Absolutely worthwhile both for increasing your fusion options and for simply having enough fodder demons to throw at any battle. By the time you buy them all, you’ll have a small army of demons at your command.

Cosmos Miracles

  • Masteries (3/5) – All of the mastery skills increase your main character’s potential with one of the game’s elements. These are all equally useful, depending on how you are building your main character. Some of our favorites are physical mastery, almighty mastery, and recovery mastery, but really just buy the ones that correspond to the elements you use the most.

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