Resident Evil 3 remake: Where to find all 20 Charlie Doll collectibles

If a highlight of your experience playing last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake was tracking down and destroying all of the game’s Mr. Raccoon toys, you’ll get to scratch that same itch in the Resident Evil 3 remake. Scattered across the new remake’s story campaign are 20 ‘Charlie Doll’ toys that can be destroyed either with firearms or knife attacks. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all 20 Charlie Doll toys so you can complete the associated collectible challenge.

Charlie Doll Toy #1 – Redstone Street Station

Shortly after the campaign starts, you’ll see a cutscene where Carlos saves Jill from the Nemesis by firing a rocket launcher at it. Carlos will then lead Jill down into the subway station to regroup with the U.B.C.S. Once you’re able to control Jill again, turn around and head up the stairs so that you’re back aboveground. The doll is on the ground between two newspaper vending machines in front of a school bus.

Charlie Doll Toy #2 – Moon’s Donuts

When you reach Moon’s Donuts, head to the far right of the front counter to spot the doll hidden behind the microwave.

Charlie Doll Toy #3 – Second Story Warehouse With Safe

As you explore the surrounding area near Moon’s Donuts and the Kite Brothers Railway building you’ll find a second story warehouse room with a safe inside. You can open the safe if you want, but before you leave make sure you check the back shelf for another doll.

Charlie Doll Toy #4 – Kite Brothers Railway Subway Office

When you enter the Kit Brothers Railway building, you’ll eventually come to the main Subway Office room. The doll is sitting in plain sight underneath a desk with a box of donuts on it.

Charlie Doll Toy #5 – Subway Power Substation Control Room

The Power Substation’s second-floor Control Room doubles as a save point, and if you look up on the shelf in the back left corner you’ll also spot a doll hidden behind a cardboard box.

Charlie Doll Toy #6 – Toy Uncle Store

After retrieving the lockpick from the Power Substation, you can access the ‘Toy Uncle’ toy store on the main street near Moon’s Donuts. The doll is sitting prominently in the middle of an action figure display that’s right in front of you as soon as you enter.

Charlie Doll Toy #7 – Sewer Laboratory

When you reach the door leading to the Sewer Laboratory, stop and turn to your left. You’ll see a barred-off passageway and, nestled behind some trash down to the right, a doll. The doll is behind the bars so you’ll have to shoot it to destroy it.

Charlie Doll Toy #8 – Sewer Exit

After obtaining the battery pack in the sewers, you’ll unlock a door that leads to a long straight staircase going up to the surface. If you stop and turn around as you start heading up the stairs, you’ll see the doll up on a ledge with a light on it.

Charlie Doll Toy #9 – Kendo’s Gun Shop Alley

When you visit Kendo’s Gun Shop, you’ll get a key to the side alley. Head through the alley and you’ll soon reach a house you can enter. As you enter the house, the doll will be directly in front of you, on a table underneath a framed American Flag.

Charlie Doll Toy #10 – RCPD Courtyard

Your first opportunity to play as Carlos will involve returning to a location that should look quite familiar if you played the Resident Evil 2 remake: the Raccoon City Police Department. Your buddy Tyrell will proceed into the station via the main doors, but before you head in after him turn around and backtrack a bit and take the staircase leading down. The staircase and connecting passageway will lead you to a small outdoor courtyard with the doll chilling on a low brick wall to your left.

Charlie Doll Toy #11 – RCPD Safety Deposit Room

Once you’ve unlocked access to the RCPD’s Safety Deposit Room, you’ll find another doll up on a shelf at the back of the room.

Charlie Doll Toy #12 – Dilapidated Shelter

After completing Carlos’ mission at the RCPD and switching back over to Jill, you’ll enter an underground ‘Dilapidated Shelter’ area which consists of a number of rooms with beds and benches in them. The doll is underneath one of the benches to your right.

Charlie Doll Toy #13 – Clock Tower Plaza

Exiting out of the Dilapidated Shelter will take you into the larger outdoor Clock Tower Plaza. As you head towards the bridge leading to the actual clock tower, you’ll see a large truck to your left. Behind the truck is a wooden trunk, and hidden next to the trunk is the doll.

Charlie Doll Toy #14 – Hospital Reception Area

Once you’re playing as Carlos again and you’ve entered the hospital, proceed through as normal and you’ll find this doll on a gurney just past the Reception Area room.

Charlie Doll Toy #15 – Hospital Roof

When you head up to the hospital’s second floor, you’ll have to pass through a brief outdoor roof section. The moment you walk through the door out onto the roof, look to your immediate right to find another doll.

Charlie Doll Toy #16 – Hospital Sick Room

This doll is found in a trashcan to your immediate right as you enter the Sick Room that’s connected to the Nurse’s Station.

Charlie Doll Toy #17 – Hospital Underground Elevator

After you switch back to Jill inside the hospital, use the lockpick to unlock a door that leads down to a large underground elevator. As you approach the elevator, there should be a forklift to your left. The doll is partially hidden up on the forklift’s black lifting platform.

Charlie Doll Toy #18 – NEST 2 Warehouse

As you’re searching the large warehouse for the power fuses, you can access the center lane of shelves by squeezing through a tight space. The doll is sitting on one of the middle tier shelves in front of a black crate with the Umbrella symbol on it.

Charlie Doll Toy #19 – NEST 2 Vaccine Chamber

When you reach the large Vaccine Chamber on the second floor, you’ll notice a small balcony you can step out onto. If you turn to your left as you walk onto the balcony, you’ll spot the doll on the floor in the corner.

Charlie Doll Toy #20 – Lab 1

There’s a small storage room connected to the Lab 1 room where you find the culture sample for the vaccine. If you turn to your left as you enter the storage room, you’ll spot the final doll on the floor in front of some stacked crates.