Resident Evil 2: Finding every Mr. Raccoon toy in Ghost Survivors

The Resident Evil 2 remake’s recently launched Ghost Survivors DLC comes with a fresh new batch of 10 Mr. Raccoon toys for players to find and destroy. Granted, the reward for destroying all the Ghost Survivors toys isn’t as nice as what you get for destroying all the toys in the core game, it’s just a silly raccoon cosmetic item, but it’s still a worthy endeavor for any completionists out there.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through where to find all ten Ghost Survivors Mr. Raccoon toys. The toys are spread across Ghost Survivors’ four (yes, four) playable scenarios, so expect to do quite a bit of searching.

Mr. Raccoon toy hunting basics

Here’s a quick breakdown of how many Mr. Raccoon toys are hidden within each of Ghost Survivors’ four scenarios:

  • No Time to Mourn: four toys
  • Runaway: three toys
  • Forgotten Soldier: two toys
  • No Way Out: one toy

The toys can be found on both the standard and training mode difficulties for each scenario, so if you’re struggling to reach a particular toy’s location, there’s no shame in bumping the difficulty down. Also, similar to the base game’s Mr. Raccoon toys, your progress is permanently marked across all playthroughs. Once you destroy a particular toy, it remains destroyed even if you fail the run or quit out to the main menu. This also means you don’t have to get all the toys in a single scenario run.

One final note, unlocking the No Way Out bonus scenario requires that you first clear the three default scenarios on their standard difficulty levels. It’s a bit of a tall order, but one you’ll have to accomplish if you want to destroy all of the Ghost Survivors Mr. Raccoon toys.

No Time to Mourn

Mr. Raccoon Toy #1

Right at the start of the scenario you’ll pass through the interior of the Kendo gun shop. Look over to the right to spot the toy on a shelf.

Mr. Raccoon Toy #2

When you reach the large underground room where you first fought William Birkin in the main game, look over and down to the right. You’ll spot the toy resting on a vent shaft.

Mr. Raccoon Toy #3

The final two toys require playing through the No Time to Mourn scenario two separate times. This is because there are two available routes through the sewers and there’s a toy to be found in each route.

For the third toy, turn to the right after taking the elevator down to the sewers. You’ll fight your way through a flooded sewer passage with three G-Shambler monsters. After that passage, you’ll encounter a plant zombie standing in front of a large pipe opening. Deal with the plant zombie and then look inside the pipe to find the toy. 

Mr. Raccoon Toy #4

Start up a new No Time to Mourn run and this time turn left after taking the elevator down to the sewers. You’ll reach a flooded passageway with a single G-Shambler monster in it. Once you’re past the G-Shambler, you can take another left down to a dead end room with a sewer waterfall. Look up and to the left to spot the toy on a barrel on the catwalk above.


Mr. Raccoon Toy #5

(Apologies for the empty toy base in the above image, I accidently destroyed the toy before I was able to get a screenshot of it)

You’ll find this toy in the Licker-filled basketball court. You can try shooting the toy through the chain link fence before entering the court itself but that will also alert the Lickers. A slightly safer (yet still risky) strategy is to enter the court, slowly walk over to the toy’s bench to avoid alerting the Lickers, and slashing the toy with your knife.

Mr. Raccoon Toy #6

In the large outdoor area right before the parking garage (the same area with the Kendo gun shop) you’ll spot a crashed ambulance. Kill or lead away any nearby zombies and then look inside the back of the ambulance to locate the toy.

Mr. Raccoon Toy #7

When you enter the jail cells area, the cell doors will automatically open. This also opens up a previously inaccessible side passage. In the center cell of that side passage you’ll find the final Runaway Mr. Raccoon toy on a table.

Forgotten Soldier

Mr. Raccoon Toy #8

About a third of the way through the scenario, you’ll reach a point where you have to take a small red lift up to an upper floor. Once you’re at the top, look down and to the right to spot the toy on a lower landing.

Mr. Raccoon Toy #9

Near the end of the scenario, you’ll reach a reception room with a large green-paneled door you have to proceed through. Of course, while the door is slowly opening, your old pal Mr. X will emerge from a side security room to say hello. Dodge around Mr. X and then enter the security room he emerged from to find the toy on a desk.

No Way Out

Mr. Raccoon Toy #10

There’s only one toy to be found in the No Way Out bonus scenario, but it can be a little tricky to get. In this horde mode-esque scenario, zombies will slowly filter in from fixed positions in the gas station. One of those positions is the freezer door located at the station’s back left corner.

If you look through the door while it’s open, you’ll spot the final Mr. Raccoon toy. Of course, the door only remains open as long as there’s a zombie coming through it, so lining up a shot to destroy the toy might take a few tries.