Resident Evil 2: Finding all weapons and upgrades in Leon’s campaign

Last Updated August 19th, 2021

Surviving in the dark world of the Resident Evil 2 Remake involves a lot of cunning, skill, and above all, an intimate knowledge of what resources and weapons you’ll need to survive.

That said, some of the most powerful weapons in the game are locked behind difficult puzzles that you might not even know exist until you stumble along the right room in the right hallway. It’s easy to miss items, clues, hints, and sometimes entire weapons if you aren’t paying careful attention to your map and surroundings.

So, let’s talk about how to find every weapon and modification in Leon’s campaign, and make sure this bad-day-having rookie cop has a shot at survivor.

Check back soon for a breakdown of Claire’s weapons as well.


Location: Leon’s base pistol

The Matilda is Leon’s iconic weapon of choice when it comes to popping open zombie heads. You receive this compact pistol at the start of Leon’s campaign, and it’ll become your standard head popper well into the final battle of the game.

You can find three weapon mods for Matilda to turn it into a close-range carbine with an extended mag, compensator, and a butt stock that allows Matilda to buzz off three rounds rapidly.

High Capacity Mag (Matilda)

Location: Inside Leon’s locked desk in the west office of the Police Station

The High Capacity Mag for Matilda can be found fairly early in the game by making your way to the West Office, on the first floor of the police station.

You can access the West Office early by looping around through Reception on the south side of the Main Hall. Make your way north through the hallway to the Operations Room then use the boxes on the left side of the room to bypass the locked door on the right.

Once you drop down into the hallway, duck through the small door across from the Safety Deposit Room (where you’ll find the W-870 Shotgun later) and make your way to the desk at the end of the row with a note and Leon’s nameplate.Alternatively, if you already have the blue spade key, you can access the West Office through a side door on the first floor of the main hall.

Either way, when you arrive at the desk you’ll find two combination locks and a note hinting at the codes for each lock. You can follow the clues in the note if you want to unlock the desk legitimately, but otherwise just input NED on the lock on the left, and MRG in the lock on the right.With the desk unlocked, the High Capacity Mag for Matilda is yours for the taking.

Gun Stock (Matilda)

Location: Trunk of a locked police car in the Parking Garage

The Gun Stock for Matilda transforms Leon’s trusty pistol into a three-shot burst carbine that’s great for picking off enemies with quick single shot taps, or close-range bursts meant to saw through bosses and zombies alike.To find the Gun Stock for Matilda you’ll need to make your way to the Firing Range west of the parking garage after meeting up with Ada. Look to the right as you enter the range, and you’ll find a small box with a car key inside.Head back out to the Parking Garage, and examine the car key in your inventory. There you should be prompted to press the remote unlock button on the back. At this point you’ll notice one of the police cars on the north side of the garage beep a few times and light up.

Approach this cop car, and you’ll find the Gun Stock for the Matilda nestled in the trunk.

Muzzle Break (Matilda)

Location: Waiting Room Safe

The Muzzle Break for Matilda can be found by taking a trip up to the Waiting Room east of the second floor of the Main Hall. If you’re curious about finding the combination legitimately, you’ll find the document sitting on a filing cabinet in the Observation Room.

Once you arrive, you’ll find a combination safe behind the front desk. Dial in the code left 6, right 2, left 11 to unlock the safe and the Muzzle Break is yours. Remember, left means you turn the dial counterclockwise while right means you need to turn the dial clockwise.

W-870 Shotgun

Location: Safety Deposit Room

To get your hands on the W-870 shotgun, you’re going to need the key to the weapons locker in the back of the Safety Deposit Room.

The good news is that you can actually get your hands on this key pretty easily, and it even takes you to the same Art Room you need to visit to get your hands on the Lightning Hawk noted later in this guide. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, we suggest snagging the Red Book from the library before heading to the Art Room.Either way, the Weapons Locker Key can be found in the Art Room on the second floor.

If you have the blue spade key, you can make your way through the Waiting Room from the main hall. Just head left after exiting the Waiting Room and take the first door on your right. Otherwise you can circle around to the fire escape from the first floor, and come up behind the door if you want to get your hands on the shotgun particularly quickly.Once you arrive, you’ll find the statue you need for the Lightning Hawk as well as the Weapons Locker Key Card scattered around the Art Room proper.

With the Weapons Locker Key Card in your inventory, make your way back to the first floor of the main hall and either make a mad dash through Reception and Operations (if you don’t have the blue spades key yet) or cut through the West Offices to save some time.No matter what route you take, your goal is the Safety Deposit Room just past the West Offices. Once you’re inside, ignore the lockers and the keypad at the entrance and make your way to the weapons locker at the back of the room.Use the Weapons Locker Key Card on the panel to the right of the locker, and you’ll find the W-870 locked and loaded for your convenience, along with some valuable ammo.

Long Barrel (W-870)

Location: On a shelf in Kendo Gun ShopThe shotgun Long Barrel mod increases the W-870’s damage and accuracy, while simultaneously increasing the shells your shotgun can hold to eight. This upgrade is almost essential for anyone that likes blasting bosses with buckshot, and although it’s easy to find, it’s also easy to miss if you aren’t paying close attention.You can find the long Barrel mod in the Kendo Gun Shop just outside the police station once you make it through the locked gate in the parking garage. Once you make it through the city streets with Ada, you’ll approach the Kendo Gun Shop naturally as part of the campaign.It’s hard to miss the shop with its neon sign out front, but once you get inside make sure to snag the Long Barrel for the W-870 sitting on a shelf on the left side of the shop.

Shotgun Stock (W-870)

Location: Safe on the south side of the Treatment Pool Room

The Shotgun Stock mod can’t be found until you make your way down into the sewers after Ada’s portion of the story. That said, it’s actually not that hard to snag this weapon mod once you know where to look. Your target is the safe on the south side of the Treatment Pool Room between the Cable Car Platform and the Monitor Room. There’s a note that you can find later on in the game that reveals that the combination to the safe is written on the right side of the safe, and fortunately the owners of the safe never bothered to erase the numbers.This means that a quick glance at the side of the safe will give you a safe combination of left 2, right 12, and left 8. As usual, left is counterclockwise and right is clockwise, so carefully input the code in the safe, and then hit confirm.If all goes well the safe should pop open and the W-870’s Shotgun Stock is yours.

The Lightning Hawk

Location: STARS Armory (requires STARS USB Dongle to unlock)

The Lightning Hawk is arguably one of the best guns in the game, but also the hardest to unlock, because it requires searching out several obscure items and locations that can’t be accessed until midway through the campaign. It’s a bit of a crazy old school horror puzzle, but it’s more than worth it considering the sheer raw power of the Lightning Hawk as a sidearm.To get started, make your way to the library on the second floor. At this point you should have access to the blue spade key, so use it to unlock the door to the library on the second floor of the Main Hall.

Immediately to the right of the blue spade door you’ll find a strange plastic Red Book on a small desk with a lamp.

Snag the book, then duck back across the main hall and head through the Waiting Room’s blue spade door. Hang a left in the hallway beyond and head through the next door on your right to access the Art Room.Inside, you’ll find a one-handed statue holding a scepter with a huge red gem, and the statue’s other hand on a table to the right. Collect the hand, and combine it with the Red Book in your inventory, then interact with the statue to solve this portion of the puzzle. If all goes well, you should receive the statue’s scepter as a reward.

Use the examine option on the scepter in your inventory to reveal a small switch, which when activated will reward you with a large Red Jewel.At this point, you won’t be able to do anything with the gem until after you proceed far enough in the story to collect the green club key from the Boiler Room.Once you have the key, you need make your way to the bottom of the stairwell east of the Chief’s Office to find the Interrogation and Observation rooms. Use the green clubs key to unlock the door on the left and head inside.

Loot both rooms and you should find a small jeweled box that’s missing a gem. Combine the red jewel you snagged from the scepter earlier with the jeweled box, and it’ll pop open to reveal a STARS Badge.Open your inventory and use the examine option on the STARS Badge, you should find a switch on the back of the badge that when activated will reveal that the STARS Badge is also a USB Dongle/Identification device.

Bear with us, the Lightning Hawk is definitely worth all this trouble.Our final stop is the STARS Offices just beyond the Shower Room on the second floor. There’s usually a licker in the adjacent hallway, so proceed with caution moving forward.

Inside the STARS Offices, approach the armory on the north side of the room, and you’ll notice the Lightning Hawk in a weapons case on the far wall. Interact with the computer to the left, and insert the STARS USB Dongle we snagged earlier into the PC tower, then use the keyboard to verify your identity and unlock the door to the armory.With the door to the armory unlocked, the Lightning Hawk is yours to claim at your leisure. Be sure to also snag the STARS Badge from the computer before you leave, it can be used to unlock another weapons case later on in this guide to make your Lightning Hawk even more deadly.Red Dot Sight, Plus Promising Recruit Easter Egg (Lightning Hawk)

Location: STARS Offices Desk after leaving sewers via secret elevator

Getting your hands on the Lightning Hawk Red Dot Sight is a roundabout journey that brings you back to the police station to do some clean up work on the items in the area.To get started you’ll need two items, the Sewers Key (which can be found hanging on a key rack in the lower waterways), and a roll of film titled Hiding Place that can be found in the Workroom above the Lower Waterway.

The good news is that once you get the Sewers Key you can head right to the Workroom Lift to grab the Hiding Place roll of film. With film in hand you can head out of the workroom using the door to the east and immediately head down the hallway to unlock the door to the Worker’s Breakroom using the Sewers Key.Loot the Worker’s Breakroom, and then interact with the large steel bookcase across the room to reveal a secret elevator.Ride the elevator back up to the Secret Room above the area where you fought your first boss battle. Once you arrive, use the T shaped tool to open up the path back to the police station then make your way to the Dark Room to the west.

Develop the film to reveal photos of two locations. The first photo is of a desk in the STARS Offices, while the second is a small dresser in the Press Room. The latter gives Leon a hefty supply of flamethrower ammo, while the former rewards you with the Red Dot Sight and access to a secret Easter egg.With photos in hand, make your way to the STARS Offices on the west side of the second floor of the police station. Approach the office to the left and press the activate button while looking at the left side of the desk.

You should find a wooden box in the desk, which when examined rewards you with the Red Dot Sight for the Lightning Hawk.For the Easter egg, take a careful look back in the drawer of the desk and you’ll notice a tiny roll of film.

Press the activate key again (even though there isn’t a prompt) and you’ll receive a secret roll of film titled “Promising Recruit”, which can be developed next time you’re near the Dark Room.

Long Barrel (Lightning Hawk)

Location: Bottom of Underground Stairs in lower Underground Facility

This final weapon mod can only be found with the STARS Badge that you originally use to get the Lightning Hawk in the first place.

If you didn’t collect the badge from the PC after opening the Armory in the STARS Office, then you’ll want to go back and do that immediately. If you’re curious how to return to the Police Station check out our explanation of how to find the secret elevator in the Red Dot Sight section above.Once you have the STARS USB Dongle Key examine it in your inventory and activate the switch on the back again to turn it back into a badge.At this point you can head back to the Secret Room underneath the statue in the police station and follow the stairs down to the lowest level with the elevator to the Sewers. When you arrive at the bottom of the Underground Stairs, you’ll find a locked Special Weapons Case with a badge shape to the right of the elevator.

Slip your badge into the slot, and the Long Barrel for the Lightning Hawk is yours.

Chemical Flamethrower

Location: Supplies Storage Room in lower Sewers

The Chemical Flamethrower is actually deceptively simple to get your hands on once you know what you’re doing. You’ll need to make your way to the Supplies Storage Room anyways to get the King and Queen Plugs to progress the campaign, so while you’re there, it’s the perfect time to snag the Chemical Flamethrower for the trials ahead.

As soon as you get the T shaped tool, make your way down the stairs on the east side of the Treatment Pool Room and head to the left. Unlock the gate, and make your way around the corner and down the ladder to the Bottom Waterway.Carefully creep through the muck, and you’ll find yourself in the Supplies Storage Room with a wall of gates and fuses. The puzzle itself is mostly just shifting the queen plug around until you can access the king plug on the upper floor.Once you have the king plug in hand, you can use it on the gate on the far-right side of the puzzle to snag the Chemical Flamethrower with a full payload.

 Regulator (Flamethrower)

Location: Nap Room in NEST Laboratory after getting level 2 security accessAlthough the flamethrower is great for clearing a room it burns through fuel at an alarming rate, so we suggest using it carefully until you find the Flamethrower Regulator to curb how quickly this monster chews through your ammunition.

Finding the Regulator is a pretty straightforward affair. When you arrive at the NEST Laboratory, make your way into reception, and track down the level 2 security access upgrade for your wristband in the Cafeteria Kitchen.  You’ll need to get security clearance to proceed in the story either way, so don’t sweat this little walk.With your security access taken care of, make your way to the Nap Room at the end of the hall. With level 2 clearance the door should automatically open and you can search the lockers to the left to get your hands on the Flamethrower Regulator.

M19 Semi-automatic Pistol

Location: Given to the player on their second run after beating Claire’s campaign

The M19 is a semi-auto .45 that you get as a reward for doing a second run as Leon, after completing Claire’s campaign. The M19 does more damage than Matilda, and is more accurate by default, making it a much better pistol in the early hours of the game until you stock up on handgun ammo and modifications for Matilda later on in the game.

You’ll find the M19 not long after starting Leon’s second run in the first safehouse and stash you find in the game.

There you have it! With all this info and ammo you should have no trouble surviving the horrors of Raccoon City.

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