Resident Evil 2: Finding all weapons and upgrades in Claire’s campaign

Surviving in the Resident Evil 2 Remake involves a lot of cunning, skill, and above all, an intimate knowledge of what resources and weapons you need to survive any given situation. Claire’s campaign in particular has a lot of powerful equipment that can burn, melt, blast, and shred any zombie that crosses your path.

Finding these weapons can be a complex, frustrating task while being chased by the Tyrant and lickers, so let’s talk about how to find every weapon and modification in the Resident Evil 2. Claire’s going to need every bit of help to stand against the undead hordes of Racoon City.

SLS 60

Location: Claire’s starting revolver

This is Claire’s basic, five shot revolver that she receives at the beginning of the game. Although it lacks magazine capacity early on, Claire’s revolver can quickly be modified with a speed loader, and reinforced frame to make it a reliable backup or main revolver for those who are particularly careful with their shots.

Speed Loader (SLS 60)

Location: Leon’s Desk in the West Office

The Speed Loader for the SLS-60 can be found fairly early in the game by making your way to the West Office, on the first floor of the police station.You can access the West Office early by looping around through Reception on the south side of the Main Hall, or by using the blue spade key to unlock the door on the west side of the first floor of the Main Hall.

If you head through the Operations Room, you’ll end up just outside the Safety Deposit Room and the West Office. Take the door to your right, across from the Safety Deposit Room (where you’ll find the W-870 Shotgun later,) and make your way to the desk at the end of the row with a note and Leon’s nameplate.When you arrive at the desk, you’ll find two combination locks and a note hinting at the codes for each lock. You can follow the clues in the note if you want to unlock the desk legitimately and STOP READING NOW, but otherwise just input NED on the lock on the left, and MRG in the lock on the right.

Searching the desk will reveal your prize, the Speed Loader for the SLS-60 Revolver.

Reinforced Frame (SLS 60)

Location: Safe on the south side of the Treatment Pool Room

The Reinforced Frame for the SLS 60 allows Claire’s trusty revolver to fire high damage rounds, making it a valuable upgrade for any difficulty.The Reinforced Frame can be found after Claire makes her way to the Monitor Room stash and save in the Sewers. Once you’re ready, head out into the Treatment Pool Room, and make your way to the safe along the southern wall.

There’s a note that you can find near the cable car platform, which reveals that the combination to the safe is written on the right side of the safe, and fortunately the owners of the safe never bothered to erase the numbers.This means that the combination for the safe is left 2, right 12, left 8, and as per usual, this means you want to spin the lock counterclockwise to 2, clockwise to 12, and then counterclockwise to the 8.When you finish inputting the combination the safe will pop open, and you can claim the Reinforced Frame for the SLS 60 as your prize.

MQ-11 Submachine Gun

Location: STARS Office Armory

The MQ-11 is Claire’s workhorse assault weapon, perfect for close and medium range encounters, capable of turning bosses, zombies, and lickers into a similar red mist with the squeeze of a trigger.

To find the MQ-11, you’ll need to make a short journey across the map to complete a somewhat complex puzzle to unlock the armory in the STARS Office. It’s similar to Leon’s in our other weapons guide, but can be completed much earlier in the game.To get started, you’ll need to make your way up the stairs behind the Dark Room to the second floor of the police Department. Head down the hallway to the Shower Room with the wall of steam and look to the right. You should find a note and a small blue Bejeweled Box that’s missing a gem sitting on a pile of towels in the corner.

Your next stop is the Library, which can be accessed by unlocking the blue spade door on the second floor of the Main Hall.Immediately to the right of the blue spade door you’ll find a strange plastic Red Book on a small desk with a lamp.

With the Red Book in hand, head across the Main Hall through the Waiting Room, and then hang a left down the hallway beyond. Head through the first door on your right to enter the Art Room.Inside you’ll find a one-handed statue holding a scepter covered in red gems, as well as the statue’s other hand on a table to the right.

Collect the hand, and combine it with the Red Book in your inventory, then interact with the statue to solve this portion of the puzzle. If all goes well, you should receive the statue’s scepter as a reward.Examine the scepter in your inventory to find a small switch on the back of the handle. Activate the switch, and the red jewel in the center of the scepter will pop out.

In your inventory, combine the red jewel with the Bejeweled Box from earlier, and you’ll receive a shiny silver STARS Badge as a reward. Examine the badge in your inventory, and you’ll find yet another hidden switch, which when activated reveals that the STARS Badge is also a USB Dongle Key.From here, make your way through the Shower Room on the Second Floor to the STARS Offices down the hall. Proceed with caution through this area, because there’s usually a licker or the Tyrant lurking nearby.When you arrive at the STARS Offices, make your way to the computer on the right side of the Armory and insert the USB Dongle Key into the tower of the PC when prompted.

Activate the monitor to your right and the door to the Armory should unlock, allowing you to claim your prize, Claire’s MQ-11 submachine gun.Be sure to grab the USB Dongle Key from the PC before you leave, because it can be used to unlock the Special Weapons Case for the MQ 11 Silencer later on in the game.

Silencer (MQ 11)

Location: In the Special Weapons Case at the bottom of the Underground Stairs

The Silencer for the MQ 11 can only be acquired if you snagged the STAR Badge/USB Dongle Key from the PC Tower in the STARS Offices after acquiring the MQ 11 in the first place. If you don’t have the badge, you’ll want to head back and grab it, or use the guide above to find it in the first place.

With the STAR Badge in hand, you’ll need to make your way to the Underground Facility beneath the statue in the Main Hall. Make your way through the Secret Room to the Underground Stairs and follow them all the way to the bottom.

When you arrive, you’ll find a locked Special Weapons Case with a badge shape on the front, to the right of a small elevator.Check your inventory and examine the USB Dongle Key, then activate the switch on the back again so that it’s just a normal STARS Badge.Immediately use the STARS Badge on the Special Weapons Case and it should pop open, allowing you to loot the MQ 11 Silencer within.

High-Capacity Magazine (MQ 11)

Location: Secret Hidden Place in STARS Office

Like the Red Dot Sight for the Lightning Hawk in Leon’s campaign, the MQ 11’s High-Capacity Magazine can be found only after getting your hands on a roll of film in the middle Sewers Workroom and the Sewers Key, which can be found hanging on a key rack above the ladder that leads to the Bottom Waterway.The good news is that once you get the Sewers Key you can head right to the Workroom Lift to grab the film. Then head out of the Workroom using the door to the east and head down the hallway to unlock the door to the Worker’s Breakroom using the Sewers Key.

Loot the Worker’s Breakroom, and then interact with the large steel bookcase across the room to reveal a secret elevator.Ride the elevator back up to the Secret Room above the area where you fought your first boss battle. Once you arrive, use the T shaped tool to open the path back to the police station then make your way to the Dark Room to the west.

Develop the film to reveal photos of two locations. The first photo is of a desk in the STARS Offices while the second is a small dresser in the Press Room. The latter gives Claire some ammo for the Spark Shot while the former rewards you with the High-Capacity Magazine and access to a secret Easter egg.With photos in hand, make your way to the STARS Offices on the west side of the second floor of the police station. Approach the commander’s office and press the activate button while looking at the left side of the desk.You should find a wooden box inside a desk drawer. Examine it in your inventory to reveal a shiny new High-Capacity Mag for the MQ 11.

For the Easter egg, take a careful look back in the drawer of the desk, and you’ll notice a tiny roll of film hiding in a corner.

Press the activate key again (even though there isn’t a prompt) and you’ll receive a secret roll of film titled “Promising Recruit”, which can be developed next time you’re near the Dark Room on the first floor of the police department.

GM 79 Grenade Launcher

Location: Weapons Locker in the Safety Deposit Room

The GM 79 Grenade Launcher is one of Claire’s best weapons for taking down lickers and large groups of zombies, but like the Shotgun in Leon’s campaign, you’ll need the Weapons Locker Keycard from the Art Room to give Claire a bit of an explosive punch to her attacks.

It’s important to note that you have some options in terms of how quickly you get your hands on the Weapons Locker Key based on how much backtracking you want to do.If you want to get your hands on the GM 79 as fast as possible, then climb up to the second floor using the Fire Escape right next to the chain link fence you unlock at the beginning of the game. Head down the hallway past the flaming zombies and the helicopter, and you’ll find the Art Room just around the corner.If you take this route, you’ll have the Weapons Locker Key Card in hand the first time you walk into the Safety Deposit Room, but you’ll also need to return to the Art Room later if you want to get your hands on the MQ 11 submachine gun.

Alternatively, you could wait to go snag the Weapons Locker Key Card until after you find the blue spades key, which would let you waltz through the door in the Waiting Room so you can dodge the zombies in the hall entirely. This would also allow you snag the Red Book from the Library before you go to the Art Room, which is the key to getting your hands on the MQ 11 submachine gun explained later in this guide. This is more of the “do it in one sweep” method.

Either way, you’ll find the Weapons Locker Key Card sitting on a chair in the center of the Art Room.Once you have the Weapons Locker Key Card, you can make your way to the Safety Deposit Room. If it’s your first time through the area, you’ll want to make your way there from the Main Hall via Reception and the Operations Room. Otherwise, it’s best to unlock the blue spade door in the Main Hall and head through the West Office. The latter is much easier, because you can just walk right across the hall to the Safety Deposit Room.Make your way to the back wall of the Safety Deposit Room, and you’ll find the Weapons Locker with the GM 79. Use your keycard on the panel to the right, and you’re free to claim your grenade launcher at any time.

Shoulder Stock (GM 79)

Location: Elevator Control Room

The Shoulder Stock for the GM 79 grenade launcher can only be found once you get your hands on the red diamond key from the Morgue, west of the Parking Garage.With red diamond key in hand, make your way back to the Parking Garage and head through the small door to the right of the parking gate.

Head down the hallway beyond and use the red diamond key to unlock the door to the Elevator Control Room. Take the time to search the lockers nearby to claim the GM 79’s Shoulder Stock as your own.


Location: Trunk of a police car in the parking garage.

You can get your hands on the JMP HP3 after defeating the first boss and meeting up with Sherry in the Machinery Room. This should give you access to the Parking Garage and the various underground rooms in the area.To get started, make your way through the door on the west side of the Parking Garage. Head down the hallway beyond and go through the next door on your left to access the Firing Range.

Look to the right as you enter, and you should find a small box. Examine it in your inventory to receive a Car Key.Make your way back to the Parking Garage and examine the car key in your inventory, you should be prompted to press the remote unlock button on the back. At this point you’ll notice one of the police cars on the north side of the garage beep a few times and light up.Head over to the relevant police car on the north side of the Parking Garage, and search the trunk to find the JMB HP3, Claire’s semi-auto pistol and a welcome upgrade from the 5 shot capacity of the SLS-60.

High Capacity Magazine (JMB HP3)

Location: Safe in the Waiting Room on the second floor of the Police Department

To find the High Capacity Magazine for the JMB HP3, you need to take a trip up to the Waiting Room through a door on the east side of the second story of the Main Hall. If you’re curious about finding the combination legitimately you’ll find the document sitting on a filing cabinet in the Observation Room.

Once you arrive, you’ll find a combination safe behind the front desk. Dial in the code left 6, right 2, left 11 to unlock the safe and the High Capacity Mag for the JMB HP3 pistol is yours. Remember, left means you turn the dial counterclockwise while right means you need to turn the dial clockwise.

Spark Shot

Location: Supplies Storage Room in the lower section of the Sewers

To get your hands on the Spark Shot in Claire’s campaign, you’ll need to make your way to the Supplies Storage Room in the lower Sewers.With the T shaped tool in hand (found on the Cable Car Platform) make your way down the stairs on the east side of the Treatment Pool Room and head to the left. Unlock the gate at the end of the hall and make your way around the corner and down the ladder to the Bottom Waterway.

It’s a bit tricky to make it through the muck to the other side because of the sheer number of zombies and G-Virus enemies that can poison you in the way, so bring plenty of healing, blue herbs, and ammo to make the path a little easier.

Either way, once you make it to the Supplies Storage Room, you’ll need to swap the Queen Plug around until you can snag the King Plug from the top of the stairs.Once you have the king plug, jump down off the ledge and return to the gate at the base of the stairs. Use the King Plug on the door and you’ll be able to snag the Spark Shot at your leisure. Be sure to grab both plugs before you leave, because you’ll need them to progress the story later on.

High Energy Condenser (Spark Shot)

Location: Laboratory Nap Room locker

Finding the High Energy Condenser for the Spark Shot is actually a pretty simple task. Once you arrive at the NEST underground Laboratory, drop off Sherry in the Security Room, and make your way through the door across the hall.

Follow the hallway to the Cafeteria and either dodge or kill the zombies inside before making your way up the ladder to the northeast.Drop down into the Cafeteria Kitchen and duck through the door into the Nap Room.

You can loot the dead body to get your hands on the level two identification chip, but more importantly, you’ll find the High Energy Condenser for the Spark Shot in a locker to the left.

Quickdraw Army Revolver

Location: Given to the player on their second run after beating Leon’s campaign

The Quickdraw Army is a rapid fire, super accurate revolver that you receive as a reward for completing Leon’s campaign and starting a Second Run as Claire. Although it’s only chambered with six rounds, the Quickdraw Army is significantly more accurate than the base SLS-60, and all six rounds can be quickly fired as Claire fans the hammer. Between that and the .45 ammo now available throughout the game the Quickdraw Army will become your trusty alternative to the SLS-60 for much of the run.

You’ll find the Quickdraw Army at the first stash box and save location you encounter as Claire.There you have it! With this guide Claire should be fully armed, and ready to deal with whatever horros are lurking in Racoon City.

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