Red Dead Redemption 2: How to find and kill all 16 legendary animals

Last Updated January 19th, 2022

Legendary Animals in Red Dead Redemption 2 are a great way to get your hands on some cold hard cash and some of the better sets of gear in the game. Taking skins and the bodies of legendary animals and delivering them to Trappers spread across the map rewards you with cash and the ability to turn those pelts into outfits that range from the goofy to the elegant and offer the few small armor set bonuses to your stats in the game.

Unfortunately, the hardest part about hunting these legendary creatures is actively finding the canyons, marshes, forests, and plains they call home.  So, let’s talk about all the Legendary Animals in Red Dead Redemption 2, how to find them, and how to kill them before they kill you.  

Legendary Bharati Grizzly

Location: Grizzlies East as part of “Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego” in Chapter 2

Your first introduction to a Legendary Hunt is in Chapter 2 as part of the Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego quest, which automatically takes you up to Grizzlies East to follow the three clues to an encounter with the Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear.

At the end of the quest you go toe-to-toe with the Legendary Grizzly, but it runs off before you get a chance to land a killing blow, which is okay because once the quest comes to a close you get the option to stick around and hunt the bear properly. You’ll need to track down the clues again, but they’re in the same canyon as in the quest which makes things easy.

Just make sure you have a good rifle on hand and that your deadeye cores are fully charged. If the Legendary Grizzly spots you before you do it’ll instantly charge in for a good mauling. If your deadeye meter is empty you’re in for a tough quicktime event that’ll instantly kill you if you fail. So proceed with caution.

Legendary White Bison

Location: East bank of Lake Isabella, northwest of Valentine and North of the Mount Hagen

Finding the Legendary White Bison can be a bit inconsistent, you can find the hunting area on the west bank of Lake Isabella north of the Grizzlies West and northwest of Valentine. Unfortunately, like a few other of the hunts we ran into an issue with their being “too much activity” in the area to spawn the legendary animal. We managed to get around this by saving and reloading the game a few times until the game prompted us to begin ghosting around for clues and we were able to trigger the hunt. It’s a bit frustrating, but the good news is this hunt isn’t terribly difficult otherwise.

You’ll find your first clue on the eastern bank of Lake Isabela and the other two in the woods heading west across the frozen river. You’ll want to make sure you have a full deadeye meter and a good rifle before this hunt, but the good news is the Legendary White Bison goes down quickly to three or four good headshots once you find the third clue. Just be careful not to shoot it in the water or you may have as much trouble as we did retrieving the pelt.

Legendary Bighorn Ram

Location: Northwest of Valentine, directly west of Cattail Pond

This hunt is relatively straightforward and can be found directly west of Cattail pond a short ride northwest of Valentine. Approach the hunt area and ghost around with dead eye a bit until you find the clues then snag your favorite rifle or carbine from your horse and follow the trail.

As usual after three clues you’ll trigger the legendary animal to spawn and can begin stalking it through the trees to get a clear shot. The good news is the Legendary Bighorn doesn’t have a whole lot of health, but it’s fast enough that you need to make sure to take it down quickly or else risk losing it in the underbrush and hills of the area.

It’s best to load up on deadeye and riddle it with holes with a decent damage carbine or use a rifle to nail it once or twice with a few accurate headshots. Unlike other animals it doesn’t matter how much damage you do to the pelt, so just opening up with a volley of fire is a legitimate strategy.

Legendary Buck

Location: Southwestern Big Valley just northwest of Strawberry

You’ll find the Legendary Buck Hunt just northwest of Strawberry on the southwestern corner of Big Valley.

Probably because bucks are the easiest medium sized animals in the game this hunt is fairly straightforward. You can find the first clue just off the road and following the trail from there takes you through a small grove of dead trees and past two more clues before you’ll find the Legendary Buck peaking out near a ridge to the east.

Use a rifle or a good carbine and the buck should go down in two or three hits, which leaves you free to skin and haul the whole carcass back to the Trapper for your reward.

Legendary Wolf

Location: North by northeast of Valentine, northeast of Fort Wallace

If you make your way north of Valentine towards Fort Wallace, you can find the Legendary Wolf Hunt just across the river around Cotorra Springs.

You’ll find the first clue on the north side of Cotorra Springs near a group of geysers. Follow the trail to two more clues around the hot springs and the Legendary Wolf will spawn on the northwestern edge of the geysers.

Aim for the Legendary Wolf’s head and blow some deadeye meter to quickly bring it down before you become its next meal. Keep in mind that the wolf will charge after you shoot it the first time so don’t be afraid to bring a shotgun or something with a decent fire rate.

Once the wolf goes down, collect its hide and body and make your way back to the trapper for your reward.

Legendary Elk

Location: Northeast of Fort Wallace, just east of Bacchus Station

You can find the Legendary Elk a good ride northeast of Valentine through Cumberland Forest to the area east of Fort Wallace.

Although the map shows that the Legendary Elk Hunt is just east of Fort Wallace it’s actually to the northwest across the railroad tracks of Bacchus Station. The three clues should lead you up the hill towards a small mountain range before dropping you less than a hundred meters from the Legendary Elk.

Before you fire your first shot, take something to top off your deadeye meter because the Legendary Elk has a massive amount of health and will run away the second it notices your presence. Fortunately, legendary animals don’t take damage to their pelts no matter what you hit them with, so you’ll want to maximize the amount of damage you can poor out in a short powerful burst.

We recommend trying to get as close as possible and then spamming headshots on the Elk with a repeater or a shotgun loaded with slugs. Rifles work just as well but once you fire the Elk is going to immediately sprint away into the trees, which is fine as long as you can nail your shots as the Elk weaves through the trees.

Once the Legendary Elk is down, skin it and return to the Trapper for your reward.

Legendary Beaver

Location: Directly west of Van Horn Trading Post in a small glade on the edge of the Kamassa River

The Legendary Beaver Hunt can be found west of Van Horn Trading Post between Huron Glen and the Kamassa River. You’ll find the first clue on the eastern edge of the inlet and the other two by following the trail through the reeds and up over the edge of a small ridge.

Once you’ve found all three clues the trail will lead you back to the river where you’ll find the Legendary Beaver waddling towards the water. Almost any decent rifle will kill the Legendary Beaver with a single headshot, so just grab your favorite and try to nail a solid first shot before the legendary animal notices you.

Legendary Coyote

Location: Northwest of Rhodes near the Old Greenbank Mill

The Legendary Coyote Hunt can be found northwest of Rhodes in an open grassland beside the Old Greenbank Mill. You’ll need to step off the road just a bit to trigger the prompt for the clues, but from there this hunt is a straightforward affair.

Follow the trail first towards the old mill and then towards an old dried up river bed to the north. Once you find the third clue the Legendary Coyote will peak out from the brush and move towards a dead sheep in the riverbed to the North.

Open fire whenever you feel comfortable with a good repeater or your favorite rifle, the Legendary Coyote doesn’t have much health and should go down with a few well placed shots.

Legendary Fox

Location: Directly north of Rhodes

The Legendary Fox can be found by taking a short ride north out of Rhodes past the local fence to the clearing south of Mattock Pond.

Follow the clues through the small forest to the north. Once you find all three clues things get a little complicated. This is a high traffic area in the forest and the Legendary Fox has wandered all over the place, leaving tracks everywhere.

At this point it’s best to carefully follow each set of tracks until you whittle down the options to the Legendary Fox’s real trail. Once you’re down to a single route you can follow it to find the Legendary Fox prancing around a nearby section of forest. For us the Legendary Fox was just to the northwest of the final clue but it’s possible that could change based on a lot of variables.

Either way, sneak up on your target and use your preferred carbine to do the dirty deed.

Legendary Bullgator

Location: Just south of Lagras after completing the Country Pursuit mission (Chapter 4)

The Legendary Bullgator can’t be hunted until Chapter 4 after you encounter it in the Country Pursuit mission. After that mission it falls into your usual Legendary Hunt affair.

You can find the Bullgator after the mission just off the road south of Lagras and northwest of Saint Denis. Follow the clues as per usual and use the biggest meanest rifle or repeater to turn the Legendary Bullgator to swiss cheese, just keep in mind that the Bullgator is a really tough cookie, so go in fully prepared with overcharged health and deadeye cores if at all possible.

Legendary Boar

Location: North of Saint Denis on the bank of the Kamalla River in Bluewater Marsh

The Legendary Boar can be found a short ride north of Saint Denis at the northern border of Bluewater Marsh along the Kamalla River.

You’ll find the first clue east of a series of large tree trunks and following the other two clues will take you in a rough circle east around the northern edge of the marsh. Once you find the Legendary Boar three headshots with a rifle will put it down, so you can snag its pelt as your prize.

Legendary Moose

Location: North of Annesburg in the far northeastern portion of the map

To start the hunt for the Legendary Moose make your way towards the northeastern border of the map. You’re looking for one of two small islands at the northernmost tip of Kamassa River below a large waterfall.

You should find your first clue in the form of a Tree Rub on the southernmost of the two islands which will lead into a short romp across the river and the nearby train tracks. Be careful as you move through the underbrush because this is also black bear country, and the last thing you want is to get mauled by a bear

When you find the third clue, the Legendary Moose will spawn on the ridge to the southwest. At this point you’re free to open up with your weapon of choice, but we suggest mounting up first so that you’ll have plenty of the mobility you’ll need to bring this legendary animal down. Once you open fire the Legendary Moose will immediately bolt and you’ll need to chase it while you steadily whittle it down with your best rifle or carbine.

Three or four good shots with a rifle will drop the moose for good, which means you just need to go about skinning this monster of an animal.

Late Game Hunts

These hunts are in heavy duty spoiler territory for anyone that hasn’t completed the main game so proceed from here on out with caution if you’re hunting the Legendary Animals relatively early in your adventure. Keep in mind that these animals aren’t available to hunt at all until you get to a certain point in your journey, so until then consider these your end game hunts.

Legendary Tatanka Bison

Location: Southwest of Thieves Landing along the road west of Manteca Falls

The Legendary Tatanka Bison can be found just southwest of Thieves Landing along the road that runs west of Manteca Falls.  Bring your best rifle to this fight, but don’t be too worried. The Tatanka Bison has a load of health but goes down quickly to some well-placed headshots, just be sure to hop on your horse if it manages to get a bit away from you and you’ll be fine.

Legendary Pronghorn

Location: East of Rio Del Lobo Rock, west of Fort Mercer

The Legendary pronghorn can be found east of Tumbleweed in between Rio Del Lobo Rock and Fort Mercer, but this hunt isn’t really all that out of the ordinary. Just follow the clues and let out the inner hunter you’ve been cultivating since we started this journey.

Legendary Cougar

Location: West of Tumbleweed

The Legendary Cougar is potentially the easiest legendary animal in the game to find since it’s barely even outside of the city limits of Tumbleweed. That said, head west out of town to find the first clue, but bring both a good shotgun and your favorite rifle to this fight because you’re going to want some options. The Legendary Cougar actually goes down pretty easy, but it also moves incredibly fast and charges the second it notices you. So, a good close-range weapon and fortified deadeye and health cores are a good call to keep from getting killed by one of the Legendary Cougar’s attacks.

Legendary Giaguaro Panther (Master Hunter Level 9)

Location: West of Braithwaite Manor

The final Legendary Animal on our list is the Giaguaro Panther, which you can find just west of Braithwaite Manor. For the most part this fight is the exact same as the Legendary Cougar in terms of difficulty and tracking, so grab your favorite weapons (shotgun included) and eat something to heavily fortify your health cores before engaging with the Panther proper.

The good news is the Giaguaro Panther goes down quick, but bad news is that you can’t hunt the Giaguaro Panther at all until you hit rank nine in the Master Hunter challenges. This is plenty difficult on its own and kind of makes up for the fact that this final hunt is a bit lackluster.

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