Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to Unlock 6 Star Raids

Last Updated January 17th, 2023

The most challenging raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet at launch are the 6-star raids which feature Level 90 Pokemon for players to try and defeat. So far, these are the highest-level enemies in any Pokemon game, and accessing them is equally difficult. You’ll need to do a lot to get access to them, but it gives you a chance to get some high-level Pokemon.

Complete all Gym Rematches

After completing the gyms and becoming the Champion of the Pokemon League, you need to have a rematch at every gym. Defeating each gym leader again can be done in any order, and there are no time limit requirements for this. Most of the leaders will use Pokemon within the 65 – 73 level.

Academy Ace Tournament

After the gym rematches, you’ll be contacted to return to the Academy and then invited to participate in the Academy Ace Tournament. You must defeat four random high-level trainers to win this special tournament. Completing this is essential to unlocking the next step on the path to 6-star raids.

Win the 5 Star Raids

Once you’ve won the Academy Ace Tournament, you will be contacted by Jacq. He explains that powerful raids are appearing worldwide and asks you to investigate them. These are 5-star raids, not the coveted 6-star raids, but these can also be tricky if you’re unprepared.

To complete this task, you must host the raids. Joining a 5-star raid online will not count! You will need to go into the world to find 5-star raids for yourself, then use matchmaking to get other players into your raid. While technically possible to solo these raids, it’s very difficult to do so and is not advised.

After defeating enough 5-star raids, Jacq will contact you again. He will say that special raids have appeared across the map, which uses dangerous black raid dens. These are the 6-star raids you’re looking for.

The 6-star raids appear on the map as a glowing black icon where raids are usually found in the game. In the overworld, these Tera Raid Crystals are black instead of the usual lighter color.

What Pokemon are in 6 Star Raids?

Only a small number of Pokemon are available in the 6-star raids, but they will all be Level 90 and seem to have a set list of Moves. The full list of Pokemon and their move set is available on Serebii, which is obviously a spoiler if you want to discover the 6-star raid Pokemon yourself. From the list, we can also see there are some exclusives included for each game version as well.

The Pokemon you fight will be Level 90, but when captured, it will become Level 75. This is still the highest-level Pokemon you can currently get from a Terra Raid. Pokemon from these raids will have a minimum of a 5-IV and special items such as Ability Patch. Defeating them will also give you plenty of useful item drops though what you get depends on the Pokemon.

Can I Solo 6 Star Raids?

It may be possible to defeat the 6-star raids while playing alone, but it’s much more difficult as these are very challenging raids. To stand a chance, you will need a very high-level Pokemon and will want to have a type counter to the raid boss.

While it is technically possible to beat a 6-star raid while playing alone, it’s best to attempt these in multiplayer mode. You are more likely to be successful when fighting beside other real players who also have high-level Pokemon suited for the raid.

Do 7 Star Raids Exist?

At the time of writing, the highest level consistently available raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the 6-star raids. Once you’ve unlocked access to them, you can keep playing them. However, The Pokemon Company has already announced special 7-star raids will be coming.

The first 7-star raid for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is “The Unrivaled Charizard” battle raid, which is a limited event. It takes place between December 1st to December 4th, then again from December 15th to December 18th for anyone who missed the first event. Accessing this and future 7-star raids will require you to have access to the 6-star raids.

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