Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Best Way to Progress

Last Updated December 20th, 2022

The open world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet lets players adventure out into the world and go anywhere they want. There’s a slight problem with this since there’s no level scaling. All gyms, Titan Pokemon, and Team Star leaders have a set level.

Do I need to Progress through the games in a certain order?

While it is possible to do them out of order, it does mean your Pokemon might be very under-levelled, which makes it more difficult than it needs to be. Some areas of the map are also blocked off until you’ve completed different encounters, which can help direct you to places you’re supposed to be at that point in the game. The “correct” order of progression isn’t immediately clear while playing the game.

You’ll be running all over the map in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It’s possible to progress in any order you want, but it might be much more difficult or easier than intended. If you want to progress through the game according to the set levels, then there’s only one route.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Progression Order

If you want a smooth levelling experience with the new Pokemon games, then only one progression order gives you that. Following this as closely as possible will give you the best experience possible while progressing through the game.

  1. Cortondo Gym (Bug, Level 14-15)
  2. Stony Cliff Titan (Rock, Level 16)
  3. Artazon Gym (Grass, Level 16-18)
  4. Open Sky Titan (Flying, Level 19)
  5. Team Star Dark Crew (Level 20-21)
  6. Levincia Gym (Electric, Level 23-24)
  7. Team Star Fire Crew (Level 26-27)
  8. Lurking Steel Titan (Steel, Level 28)
  9. Cascarrafa Gym (Water, Level 29-30)
  10. Team Star Poison Crew (Level 32-33)
  11. Medali Gym (Normal, Level 35-36)
  12. Montenevera Gym (Ghost, Level 41-42)
  13. Quaking Earth Titan (Ground, Level 44)
  14. Alfornada Gym (Psychic, Level 44-45)
  15. Glaseado Gym (Ice, Level 47-48)
  16. Team Star Fairy Crew (Level 50-51)
  17. False Dragon Titan (Dragon, Level 55)
  18. Team Star Fighting Crew (Level 55-56)

After doing this, you can do the last parts of the game in any order. You’ll want to be at least Level 60, but the order doesn’t matter very much.

  • The Elite Four and Champion
  • Arven’s Battle
  • Cassiopeia’s Battle

Once you’ve completed the game, there are also 6 Star Raids to unlock, which takes a little extra work. These raids allow you to catch some very powerful Pokemon so it is worth unlocking them.

What if I’m Underleveled? 

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is set up so players can explore the map freely without the game directing anyone to certain places. This means you will end up in areas with Wild Pokemon that are at least 10 Levels higher than you. You can still catch them, but you might not be able to use them yet in battles since you don’t have enough Gym Badges to control them.

There’s no harm in being under-levelled if you enjoy the high difficulty level. You will need to heal your Pokemon much more frequently when doing this and will find it much harder to catch Wild Pokemon when they have a much higher level than you.

You can also just leave the area and go exploring elsewhere. There’s no harm walking into an area and leaving it because the Pokemon there are at a much higher level than yours. These games allow you to move around and explore the world in whatever order you want. Leaving and returning to an area later should be expected.

Is it bad to be Overleveled?

The free movement in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet makes it easy to end up in the ‘wrong’ area or progress through the game in a different order than the set levels intend. It’s very likely you will be over-leveled for some areas and big battles. That’s okay!

Being over-leveled allows you to complete certain areas much faster. If you want to experience that part of the game as intended, you could also swap your Party out for some lower-level Pokemon closer to the set levels. This is a great way to boost some of your other Pokemon, which might be useful for content later in the game.

It’s not essential to follow the correct progression order, but it does improve the game experience for your second run at the game. Going in blind is a great way to start any new Pokemon game, especially for Scarlet & Violet. Knowing the correct progression order is essential for later playthroughs. Especially for challenge runs like the Nuzlocke Challenge!

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