Overwatch 2: Halloween Terror 2022 Event Guide

Last Updated December 6th, 2022

The first Overwatch 2 Halloween event started on October 25th, and there are still a few days left to earn some rewards, including Battle Pass EXP and new Overwatch skins. The time is running out, but with this guide, you’ll be able to complete the special challenges. It will be ending on November 8.

To access these events, select Challenges on the left side of the Overwatch 2 home screen, then click the Event tab at the top. Different spooky-themed tasks will be listed, along with the progress status of each event task.

Junkensteins’ Revenge: Wrath of the Bride

This is the name of the new mini-event for Halloween. It’s broken down into different short-event tasks with different objectives and rewards. Quite a few of the challenges require you to play this new adventure several times to win on various difficulty levels.

What is it?

Junkensteins’ Revenge: Wrath of the Bride is a new PvE co-op adventure where four players must fight waves of Zomnics, bosses, and the Bride herself. It follows the events of the infamous “Junkenstein’s Revenge” Halloween mode from the original Overwatch, but the plot isn’t very important.

It’s locked to four Overwatch heroes: Junker Queen, Sojourn, Ashe, and Kiriko. The mode is set on a spooky version of the Eichenwalde map, and the Bride’s bosses are also spooky versions of existing heroes. Here are all the bosses and the Bride herself:

  • Banshee: Moira
  • Gargoyles: Winston
  • Summoner: Symmetra
  • Experiment: Bastion
  • Ghost: Sigma
  • Marionette: Echo
  • The Bride: Sombra

The Halloween Terror Tasks

The special tasks are all related to the Wrath of the Bride mode and mostly focused on either winning with certain conditions or being witness to different events while playing. It’s not possible to complete all of these tasks in one play-through, but it is possible to complete multiple in one attempt.

Win Condition Tasks

  • Wrath of the Bride – Win on any difficulty level to earn Reinhardt’s “Our Tale Begins” line
  • Taking The Plunge – Defeat the Hard difficulty to receive a Zomnic Graffiti Spray
  • Here Comes The Bride – Win on Expert difficulty for a 1250 Battle Pass EXP Reward
  • Love Conquers All – Complete the Legendary difficulty for 1250 Battle Pass EXP
  • Fury of The Heroes – Win with a score of 10,000+ to earn a Hasta La Muerte spray
  • Four Brave Heroes – Defeat Wrath of the Bride as four different heroes to get the Nightfall Over Adlersbrunn name card
  • No Spark – Win without the Lord of the Castle taking any damage to earn 1,000 Battle Pass EXP
  • The Wanderers of Old – Win Junkensteins’ Revenge on any difficulty level for 1,000 Battle Pass EXP

The Other Tasks

  • Re-Tired – Defeat 15 Shock-Tires to earn Ashe’s “Zomnics Under the Moon” voice line
  • Council of the Bride – Defeat 35 bosses for Junker Queen’s “Bodies to Bag” voice line
  • The Automaton, Transformed – Beat the Experiment in tank form on Hard difficulty or higher to get 1,000 Battle Pass EXP
  • Knock, Knock… – Disturb the guest in the Tavern by knocking on the furthest right door on the second floor four times, to get Kiriko’s “Scry Some More” voice
  • Ominous Portent – Witness all seven Banshee moments in a single run to get Kiriko’s “Tarot Reading” line
  • Photozomb – Strike a pose with the Bride during her introduction to get Sombra’s “Never Cross the Bride” voice line
  • Witch’s Brew – Defeat the Summoner and Gargoyle outside the gates then crouch to access the room next to moat to “uncover the fate of a terror past”. This will reward you with a new Sojourn voice line.
  • Lantern Lit – Crouch at the lantern for six seconds while the Ghost is active to earn 1,000 Battle Pass EXP
  • The Endless Night Began – Complete Wave 12 in Junkenstein Endless for another 1,000 Battle Pass EXP reward
  • Wedding Planner – Complete 13 Junkenstein challenges to earn a Jack o’Lantern weapon charm

Halloween 2022 Skins

While some of the new cosmetic skins are free, others require a purchase to obtain. There are two free skins for this even though only one of them is new to Overwatch.

Free Skins

Brand New Legendary Reaper Skin – Cursed Captain, log into Overwatch 2 before the end of Season 1 to obtain this.

Winston’s Werewolf Skin returns – Watch at least four hours of Overwatch 2 on Twitch

Paid Skins

Legendary Witch skin for Kiriko – Available in a bundle with other cosmetics for 2,600 Coins

Junker Queen Executioner skin – Available at 1,900

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