Overwatch’s ranked competitive mode should return in June

Last Updated July 5th, 2021

Now that Overwatch is officially out in the wild,  players are already wondering when the game’s ranked competitive mode, which was temporarily removed back during the game’s closed beta, will be added back in. While Blizzard doesn’t have a definite answer yet, it is hoping ranked play will be ready sooner rather than later.

In a recent Q&A video on the official Overwatch Facebook page, game director Jeff Kaplan addressed a question regarding how exactly the ranked competitive mode is being changed and when it should be ready. Kaplan responded by saying that getting the competitive mode back into Overwatch is a very high priority, especially now that the full game has launched. The only major change which Blizzard is considering so far is the length of each competitive season in Overwatch. Kaplan says that players didn’t like the idea of one-month long seasons, so when ranked competitive play comes back, each season will be three months long.

The return of ranked competitive play will be one of the major features of Overwatch’s first post-launch content update. Kaplan couldn’t commit to a specific date for release, but he did say that, if all goes well, the update should launch sometime in late June. In the meantime, Overwatch is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, so interested fans can get busy honing their skills while they wait for ranked competitive play to return.

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