Nioh 2: Your questions, answered

In a little over a week Nioh 2 will finally arrive, giving fans of the sequel’s 2017 predecessor more of what they crave: fantastically punishing Dark Souls-esque combat set against a backdrop of Ancient Japanese myth and folklore. For the sequel, developer Team Ninja is refining and expanding many of the original Nioh’s core gameplay systems including co-op multiplayer, character customization, exploration, and, of course, combat.

If you’re at all curious as to exactly how such systems will be enhanced, or if you just want to know basic details like Nioh 2’s release date and available platforms, this article should have you covered.

When will Nioh 2 launch?

Nioh 2 is scheduled to launch on Friday, March 13 for the PlayStation 4 console. The launch follows a periodic series of alphas and betas which Team Ninja hosted over the last few months. Certain in-game items earned from participating in these betas will transfer over to the full game.

Is Nioh 2 coming to other platforms?

As of this writing Nioh 2 hasn’t technically been confirmed for any platforms other than PS4, but there’s good reason to assume it will eventually be ported over to PC. The original Nioh was also a PS4 exclusive when it initially launched in February of 2017, but Team Ninja later released a PC port in November of that same year.

There’s no reason to think Nioh 2 won’t have a similar rollout schedule, so for now PC fans will just need to be patient. Plus, given how popular Nioh was, there is a chance that Team Ninja is planning to launch Nioh 2’s theoretical PC port even earlier, perhaps during the Summer, 2020 stretch.

What are Nioh 2’s pre-order bonuses?

If you feel like plunking down some cash for Nioh 2 ahead of its March 13 release, you’ll earn a few bonus cosmetic goodies for your trouble. All Nioh 2 pre-orders will come with the following items regardless of which retailer you pre-order through:

  • ‘Demon Horde’ in-game armor set
  • ‘Sudama Netsuke’ in-game cosmetic charm
  • Exclusive Nioh 2 PS4 theme
  • Exclusive Nioh 2 PSN avatar set

In addition to the standard $60 version of Nioh 2, there are also two different $80 editions available: the Digital Deluxe Edition and the Special Edition. Both editions include a copy of the sequel’s season pass, and the physical Special Edition also comes with an exclusive art book and SteelBook case. 

What’s included in Nioh 2’s DLC?

Similar to its predecessor, Nioh 2 will have three DLC packs in total, all of which are included in the above mentioned season pass. These DLC packs will reportedly contain new mini-campaigns set before the events of the main game’s story, and players who brave these additional campaigns will earn new rewards such as skills, abilities, and weapons. And speaking of weapons, two brand new weapon types will debut as part of the DLC rollout, though Team Ninja hasn’t yet revealed what those new weapon types are.

What are Nioh 2’s confirmed weapon types?

While we don’t yet know what Nioh 2’s new DLC weapon types will be, we do know which new and returning weapon types players can find in the main game. Below are all the weapon types that can be found in Nioh 2’s main story campaign:

  • Single Sword
  • Dual Swords
  • Odachi (two-handed sword)
  • Tonfas
  • Two-Handed Axe
  • Spear
  • Kusarigama
  • Dual Hatchets
  • Switchglaive
  • Bow
  • Rifle

To existing Nioh fans, everything on the above list other than the Dual Hatchets and Switchglaive should look familiar. Dual Hatchets are pretty self-explanatory, allowing players to carve up their enemies with a pair of quick-hitting one-handed axes. The Switchglaive, meanwhile, is a bladed weapon that’s sort of like a one-handed scythe.

What is Nioh 2’s story about?

Nioh 2 will function as a prequel to the events of Nioh, being set in the year 1555 (Nioh was set in the year 1600). Much like its predecessor, Nioh 2 will utilize a historical fiction model, blending elements of real-life Ancient Japanese history with more fantastical components like magic and demonic spirits called Yokai.

Speaking of Yokai, their origins will factor heavily into the story behind Nioh 2’s playable protagonist. Unlike the original Nioh which starred an Irish sailor-turned-Samurai named William, Nioh 2 will allow players to create their own custom character from scratch. The player’s custom character is actually half-Yokai, and thus they can tap into their ‘Yokai form’ to utilize unique powers and attacks during combat.

Players will also be able to extract Soul Cores from defeated Yokai opponents, expanding their repertoire of Yokai skills and broadening the sequel’s already massive skill tree.

How is Nioh 2’s co-op multiplayer being improved?

Much as they could in the original Nioh, players can group up and tackle certain scenarios and boss encounters with a friend by their side. However, while Nioh only supported two-player co-op, Nioh 2 will allow for co-op parties of up to three players.

Oh, and if you don’t have any friends to play with in real-time, fret not. Nioh 2 will also have new ‘Benevolent Graves’ which basically act as the polar opposite of Nioh’s PvP-focused Bloody Graves. Benevolent Graves function in a similar manner as the White Soapstone item from the Dark Souls series, allowing players to summon a friendly AI version of another player who will aid them in combat.

Will Nioh protagonist William return?

William sadly won’t be part of Nioh 2’s story, which isn’t surprising since the sequel’s narrative is set several years before he was even born. However, during Nioh 2’s first beta weekend back in November of last year, Team Ninja unveiled a special surprise for William fans. Those who still had a save file for the original Nioh on their PS4 could unlock a special ‘disguise’ which allowed them to essentially transform their custom character into William.

The William disguise item was of course purely cosmetic, but it was still a welcome bonus for fans of the stoic Irish sailor. While we can’t confirm as much, our assumption is that the William disguise will also be available in Nioh 2’s full version, as long as a player meets its unlock criteria of course.