The Legend of Zelda is getting a Clue board game adaptation

Last Updated May 2nd, 2017

Yes, you read the above headline correctly. Clue, the classic whodunit board game about discovering who is a murderer via the process of elimination, is getting an adaptation that’s set in the world of Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series.

Now, before you ask, no, the Legend of Zelda Clue adaptation isn’t about figuring out who killed someone else. Instead, the base game’s more macabre setup has been adapted so that instead the goal is to figure out which part of the Hyrule game map the evil Ganondorf is hiding in, which character is destined to defeat him, and what item they must use to do so. Playable character tokens include characters like Link, Zelda, Impa, and more, while the potential item tokens needed to defeat Ganondorf include iconic staples like the Hookshot, Master Sword, Bombchu, Boomerang, and more. The game also includes a custom Boss Encounters feature with 16 different encounter cards.

The Legend of Zelda Clue board game adaptation won’t be released until June 30, but interested fans can pre-order it now for $44.99 via Merchoid. The game will support a minimum of three and a maximum of six players.