How to win Star Wars Battlefront II’s Ewok Hunt Mode

Last Updated July 5th, 2021

Earlier this week, Star Wars Battlefront II got a new update called Night on Endor that adds in, among other things, new cosmetic items for players to collect and a new limited-time game mode called Ewok Hunt. I discussed my overall impressions of the update in an earlier article, but if you’ve taken a shine to the new Ewok Hunt experience, this guide should help you get the most out of the mode’s unique setup.

Granted, there’s a good chance that Ewok Hunt will become a permanent addition, but if you want to master the mode as soon as possible, the below tips and strategies will hopefully give you the edge you need.

Playing As Stormtroopers

Each Ewok Hunt match is made up of a maximum of 20 players, and during the start of the match two of those players are chosen at random to begin as Ewoks. This means that you’ll likely be playing as a Stormtrooper a lot more than as an Ewok, though it’s good to be prepared for whichever side of the conflict you’re on.

Right off the bat, you should know that Stormtroopers are restricted to a first-person viewpoint, something which can be a bit jarring if you’re used to playing in third-person, and by default the only gadget they have access to is a flashlight that has to be recharged every few seconds.

You’ll usually start each match in an isolated corner of the map, though you can often find a few of your Stormtrooper buddies nearby (keep an eye out for their flashlight beams and their telltale white armor). When your flashlight is off, it will be very hard to see in the dark, though there are a few landmarks you can use to orient yourself including the smoldering remains of a downed AT-AT walker in the center of the map.

There’s also a smattering of lit torches that illuminate the upper walkways and the multiple entrances to a network of cave tunnels on the map’s edge. A common strategy for the Stormtroopers is to hunker down in those tunnels since they’re pretty well-lit and they force the Ewoks into narrow kill zones.

While you’re out in the dark woods, try to resist the temptation to quickly book it to the tunnels as fast as possible. Instead, keep a wary eye out for any hanging rock traps (large netted sacks filled with rocks) since running through the tripwire below each trap will trigger it, causing the rocks to fall on you and drain a large portion of your health, potentially killing you if you’ve already taken damage from another source.

Proceeding cautiously can also help you better find one of the large trooper crates that are scattered around the map. You’ll know you’re near a crate because you’ll hear a soft humming sound and the crate will make a distinct noise when it opens (the crates open automatically when a Stormtrooper player approaches them). Inside each crate is a DLT-19 rapid-fire blaster, incendiary grenades, and an upgrade to your flashlight which removes the need to recharge it, allowing you to permanently shine its beam.

Along with letting you spot approaching Ewoks, the unlimited flashlight can also come in handy whenever one of your fellow troopers is afflicted with the damage-over-time effect of the Ewoks’ wisties projectiles. Shining your light on an afflicted teammate will make the wisties dissipate more quickly, potentially saving their life.

If you survive long enough for the escape shuttle to arrive, try to approach the landing spot in a group as it will make it harder for the Ewoks to pick you off during the transition (this is assuming, of course, there are enough troopers still alive to form a large group).

When the shuttle lands and lowers its ramp, being near the ramp will cause you to automatically board the shuttle and escape. If even one trooper escapes, the entire Stormtrooper team wins, but you’ll also earn yourself a nice bonus cache of credits if you manage to personally board the shuttle.  

Playing As Ewoks

The Ewok team admittedly has a much tougher time winning matches since it only takes one trooper escaping for them to lose, but it is possible as long as they work together. To start, you should familiarize yourself with the three different abilities all Ewoks have. Your ‘Hunter’s Instinct’ ability allows you to see visual notifications of where the Stormtrooper players are while it’s active, and it also highlights ground-based Ewok huts in a soft blue glow.

Approaching the entrance to one of these huts will automatically teleport you up to the wooden bridges and catwalks above, a handy course of action if you want to assail the Stormtroopers from an angle they aren’t expecting.

Your wisties projectile will likely be your most-used ability (which makes its long cooldown a bit of an annoyance, but oh well) since a well-placed wistie can really soften up the troopers, especially if you can hit a group of them due to their ability to spread quickly from one trooper to another.

When a trooper is afflicted by wisties, their health will slowly drain, their vision will blur, and they’ll be unable to attack, so if you can catch an isolated trooper with a wistie, there’s no better time to strike. Just note that the wisties will wear off quickly if the trooper moves away from where the projectile hit or if another trooper shines their flashlight on their afflicted friend.

Blowing your horn will briefly buff both your damage resistance and the damage of your melee spear strikes, but even when under the effects of the horn trying to bum rush a trooper who can see you coming is a death sentence, especially if they have a DLT-19. Instead, you should always try to ambush troopers from unexpected angles, preferably with a few Ewok friends backing you up.

If you’re fighting a trooper one-on-one, you’ll likely still die even if you ambush them from behind since it only takes a few blaster bolts or melee strikes to put you down, but the more damage you can do to a single trooper the better because it will also lower the amount of health they can regenerate.

It can be tough to take out the troopers if they hole themselves up in the cave tunnels, but it’s not impossible. The tunnels have multiple entrances, including a few from above, and while they do force the Ewoks to fight in narrow corridors, they also force the troopers to bunch up, making them prime targets for your wisties.

If you can reach the escape shuttle deployment area ahead of the troopers, so much the better since the trooper players will often bunch up around the deployment marker as the shuttle approaches, again offering the perfect opportunity to cause some wistie chaos and potentially score a few last-minute kills.

No matter which side you’re on, Ewok Hunt can be an exhilarating and even terrifying experience, especially during those close games where the trooper numbers dwindle down into the single digits. As a trooper, you’ll learn to fear the Ewoks’ hoots and shouts, and the sound of several horns being blown in quick succession will fill you with a sense of dread you probably never thought you’d feel while playing a Star Wars game.

Meanwhile, as the Ewoks, you’ll learn to appreciate the value of hit-and-run ambush tactics and the undeniable strength you have in numbers. Again, winning as the Ewoks is no easy feat, but that just means you’ll relish the victories all the more when they do come.