How to get more FIFA 23 FUT Coins

Last Updated December 20th, 2022

Making coins in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is simple, but it might take some time. FIFA 23 might be designed so that players spend real money to get FUT coins to spend in the game, but there are ways around this. Following this guide will let you convert hard-earned match coins into more coins to finance your team.


Using your existing FUT coins to make intelligent investments allows you to earn more if you’re patient enough. Making the right purchases allows you to sell them later for more coins.

The most reliable investment is in Squad Building Challenges (SBC) fodder since they’re cheap early in the game, and you can buy a lot of them. It’s best only to purchase a lot of the most popular cards since they will increase in value. When there’s an increased supply of cards, the price will also decrease, which makes them worth stocking up on.

Another option is to go for Team of the Week cards. The players from Team of the Week 1 are in low supply, which means they will become very expensive or impossible to find. So getting one at a reasonable price is a good investment. All of the Team of the Week cards should increase in price as they become more useful over time for SBCs. Grabbing these cards at discard price or close to that will guarantee a good investment.

How to Invest

Investing in cards is simple. Buy at a low price and sell at a higher price. Waiting on EA to release new content that need high-rated cards to complete is a great time to sell them since the demand suddenly increases. This does require patience. It could be months before you can sell the cards.

Sell Extra Players

Selling your extra players is an easy way to get some more FUT coins. Any players you have no intention of using could be sold for some quick money. We have some tips on how to get the most coins from the sales:

  • Check third-party websites for the average selling price of that player
  • Sell the card on Thursday evenings through to Friday mornings
  • Don’t sell on Sundays

Transfer Market

The transfer market is more than just a place to improve your team. You can buy players being sold for less than their deserved value and then resell them later. When you see the auction is about to end, just place a bid and wait. Never bid more than the players’ worth; always ensure you get a decent profit from the resale.

Don’t buy Gold Packs

Gold packs are not worth investing in. There are plenty of ways to get card packs in FIFA 23, which means gold players are all over the market. As a result, the average selling price of those players goes down, so it’s harder to make a profit selling them.

The only time its worth buying a gold pack is if you’ve previewed it and are certain you can profit.

Silver and bronze packs offer a greater profit margin because there are fewer of these players in the transfer market. These packs are also good for when EA decides to launch League SBCs since that would increase the demand for players and boost the sale prices.

Chemistry Style and Alternative Positions

The players in FIFA 23 each have a Chemistry Style attached to them which increases specific stats, and most have Alternative Positions. Applying these changes does cost consumable items which need coins. Most gamers don’t seem willing to do this, but they still want cards that have already had the consumable applied.

It’s possible to sell players with an equipped Chemistry Style for a considerably higher rate than normal. Purchasing these cards cheaply and reselling them for around 2 – 3k more can be very lucrative. Ideally, you want to find cards with expensive Chemistry Styles such as Hunter or Shadow and a popular position change.

Using your own coins to change a player’s Chemistry Style is not advised, but if you feel there’s a good profit margin, then there’s no harm in it.

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