GTA 6 footage leaked, Take Two issues takedown strikes

Last Updated September 19th, 2022

The massive GTA6 leaks seem to have been legitimized by publisher Take-Two Interactive who has begun removing the content from the internet. Their aggressive removal strategy suggests the leaked assets are legitimate.

Initially leaked by GTA Forums user tepotuberhacker, the footage has ended up all over the internet. Take-Two has been issuing copyright claims to take down videos of the footage from YouTube and Twitter. While the leaks are being taken down as fast as possible by Take-Two, it’s still possible to find working links online.

With over 90 leaked clips and videos, the content also seems to confirm its legitimacy. Some clips contain adverts for Pißwasser, the GTA universe’s beer brand, and match the previous leaks. The user who leaked the content to the GTA Forums also claims to have the GTA5 and GTA6 source codes and has threatened to publish it in full.

Take-Two Interactive, along with Rockstar Games, is still actively working to control the leaks and released the following statement: