Give Nosgoth a try during the free weekend event

Last Updated August 6th, 2014

Nosgoth, the over-the-shoulder sort-of-MOBA-like combat game set in the human vs. vampire world of the Legacy of Kain series, will open the gates of its closed beta for a limited time this weekend, inviting new players to give the game a try. The free weekend event will take place from August 7th to the 10th, and all players who participate will earn double XP and a special in-game badge.

If after giving the game a try you decide you’d like to keep playing, you’ll want to grab one of the game’s “Founders Packs,” which provide beta access as well as other perks. The Founders Packs will be 25% off during the free weekend event.

Nosgoth is a fast-paced, action packed MOBA-style game in which one team of vampires takes on a team of humans. The sides are asymmetrical in terms of power and abilities, and a single match is split between rounds in which the teams swap factions midway through. The various vampire classes include abilities such as wall-climbing, long-range pounce attacks, disguise capabilities, and flight. As you might expect, vampires are focused on close-range combat. The humans, on the other hand, are all outfitted with ranged weapons and do best when they use their area damage and disabling powers to keep the vampires at a distance.

nosgoth vampire killing

I’ve personally played several matches of Nosgoth, and I found it to be a fun, if a bit hectic, experience. One of the main points in its favor is that the limited number of abilities per-class, and the relatively simple control scheme means the game is much more accessible to new players than most MOBAs. The upcoming free weekend will likely see an influx of new players into the game’s player pool, so that should be the perfect time for you to give the game a try if you haven’t yet.

Nosgoth is scheduled to enter open beta some time this winter. For more information on the free weekend, visit the game’s website.

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