Ghost Recon Wildlands’ second expansion will launch on May 30

Last Updated July 26th, 2021

Ubisoft has announced that Fallen Ghosts, the second DLC expansion for Ghost Recon Wildlands, will launch on May 30 for season pass owners.

According to a press release from Ubisoft, those who own Wildlands’ season pass will enjoy a full week of early access before Fallen Ghosts becomes available as a standalone $14.99 purchase for all players on June 6. The expansion will include a new story campaign that will be set after the events of the base campaign. Players will get to create a new level 30 character (the level cap is being raised from 30 to 35) before being dropped into the middle of a brand new jungle region that is made up of three different sub-regions. Using the limited resources they can find, players must also survive encounters with a dangerous new enemy faction: Los Extranjeros.

From a gameplay perspective, Fallen Ghosts will include 15 new story missions, four new cartel bosses to eliminate, nine new character skills to unlock, six new weapons to find (including a crossbow with exploding bolts), and tweaks to the Advanced and Expert difficulty levels which make them even more intense and offer a true challenge for hardcore players to undertake.

For more info on Fallen Ghosts, you can read this new blog post on the Ghost Recon Wildlands website.