The Funniest Gaming Tweets of the Week: Double Sized Edition

Last Updated July 10th, 2021

We were away at CES last week and so it’s time to play Twitter catch-up. Here are the funniest gaming tweets for the week of December 29 2015-January 4, 2016.


A gypsy woman told me this is how I would die.

BAKOON (@BAKOOONN) January 4, 2016


Throwing your PS4 out a window does wonders for your biceps.

CEO Kaz Hirai (@KazHiraiCEO) January, 4 2016


It’s an honor to be included on such a distinguished and well-cultivated list.

Nick Chester (@nickchester) January 4, 2016


And then just add the price of the home remodel you’ll need to have a room to put it all

Ben Kuchera (@BenKuchera) January 4, 2016


Are there dinosaurs in it? Do they eat people? Then we’re playing it!

Susan Arendt (@SusanArendt) January 4, 2016

And here are the top gaming tweets for the week of January 5-11 2016.


Wait…how much was the discount again?…Bastards…

Michael Futter (@Futterish) January 5, 2016


Surprise! I need one of those, like…now.

Patera Quetzal (@PateraQuetzal) January 6, 2016


Until then Valve plans to temporarily patch him out of the office.

Porygon (@PorygonNews) January 8, 2016


Also, if you die on stage they take 7% of your cash to bring you back.

Brian Gaar (@briangaar) January 10, 2016


Bookmarking this for “tweets of the year” 12 months from now.

Hideo_Kijima_ (@Hideo_Kojima_) January 9, 2016

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