The Funniest Gaming Tweets of the Week: Contra Guys Edition

Last Updated July 8th, 2021

Twitter is a 24/7 source of comedy. It covers an enormous range of subjects, but video games have always been one of the medium’s favorite topics. In this inaugural edition of what will become a weekly feature, we take a look at the five funniest video game-related tweets from March 31st through April 6th, 2014.


I’ll play Titanfall with you Kumail. I hope you don’t mind campers.


I’m sleepless in Seattle because I’m worried a bio-terrorist is going to accidentally kill me during his fight with the government.


Brian Gaar is a fantastic follow on Twitter if you like jokes about video games.


Yeah? Well my uncle also works at Nintendo and he told me that Mario and Peach are very much in love. So there!


The blonde dude is totally taller. It’s not even close.


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