The Funniest Gaming Tweets of 2014

Last Updated August 17th, 2021

Each and every week in 2014 I diligently scoured Twitter for the very best gaming-related tweets. Except for the weeks when I was too busy, I mean. Or when I just didn’t feel like doing it. And also didn’t exist for the first quarter of the year, so I wasn’t really doing it then either.

But aside from those minor exceptions, I have been an omniscient Uatu the Watcher focusing specifically on the intersection of funny Twitter people and topics vaguely related to gaming.

It’s a sad, lonely life.

Anyways, here are the ten funniest gaming tweets of the past year, more or less.


The Madden GIF Generator was one of the gaming comedy highlights of the year. Polygon gathered some of the best of the best if you want to relive the fun.




Vaulting over graves and paying respects at funerals were just two of the wonderful new gaming mechanics introduced in 2014.

#7’s Rudy wasn’t the only one who had fun with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood this year.


Defeating your grandma is the first step towards becoming a true champion.


“I have a particular set of skills, including jumping, breaking blocks, collecting coins, sometimes throwing fireballs…”


Unfortunately @RealShigeruM isn’t the REAL Shigeru Miyamoto, but this tweet is still gold.


Yes, it’s quite odd that Kim Kardashian showed up twice on this list.


I personally prefer games which are a bit more believable.


Not only did Dr. Gaar have the single funniest gaming tweet of the year, he was also far and away the overall champion in terms of gaming-related jokes on Twitter, and appeared in our Tweets of the Week feature way more often that anyone else.

Here are a few more of his top gaming tweets from the past year:






Congrats to Brian Gaar on being the 2014 Prime Minster of Video Game Comedy on Twitter!

If you see a tweet that you think deserves a spot in next week’s Funniest Gaming Tweets of the Week, let us know by sending it to

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