EA Access will lose a single game in October

Last Updated July 27th, 2021

Usually, news about Electronic Arts’ EA Access subscription service tends to be about new games that are being added to the service’s free game vault (a collection of digital titles which subscribers can download and play indefinitely as long as they remain subscribed). However, on this occasion, the news has to do with a game that will soon be removed from the service for good.

The game in question is FIFA 14, and considering what else is happening to the game in the next couple months, its removal from EA Access actually isn’t that surprising. Come October 18, FIFA 14’s online services will be shut down and EA will officially discontinue support for the game. With all that in mind, there’s little sense in keeping FIFA 14 as an EA Access title since much of its functionality will be stripped once October rolls around.

In a recent statement, EA made it clear that FIFA 14’s removal from EA Access is tied specifically to its upcoming online discontinuation, and that the company won’t be making a habit of taking games off of the service:

FIFA 14 is being removed from the Vault due to a unique circumstance specific to the title. It does not indicate a change in our priorities for the EA Access and Origin Access Vaults, which continues to be on providing a varied selection of great games for our players, with new titles added regularly.”

EA Access members who already have FIFA 14 downloaded will be able to keep playing it offline after October 18, but they won’t be able to re-download it from the EA Access vault.

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