DOOM Eternal: How to unlock all 15 cheat codes

Last Updated August 16th, 2021

In many ways, DOOM Eternal functions as a clever combination of old-school throwbacks and more modern gaming mechanics, allowing players to revel in some good old nostalgia without feeling too overly burdened by it. Along with more traditional shooting and traversal mechanics, DOOM Eternal also contains a feature that will assuredly bring a smile to anyone who was gaming back in the ‘90s: cheat codes. By finding unique floppy disc collectibles spread across DOOM Eternal’s single-player campaign levels, players can unlock some truly bonkers benefits and modifiers.

Here’s how to unlock all 15 of DOOM Eternal’s cheat codes so you can inject even more chaotic mayhem into your playthroughs.

Regarding Cheat Codes and Progression

Unlike in most other games, enabling cheat codes in DOOM Eternal doesn’t hamper your character progression in the slightest. You can still complete challenges, earn profile XP, and pick up collectibles with cheat codes enabled, making it easier to track down any collectibles you missed the first time around or finish off any tough challenges you might otherwise not even bother with.

The one thing you cannot do with cheat codes enabled is participate in Slayer Gate encounters. If you want to attempt a level’s unique Slayer Gate and unlock its corresponding Empyrean Key, you’ll need to disable all cheat codes before entering the level.

All Runes

As its name infers, this cheat code instantly unlocks all nine of the upgrades you’d normally unlock by finding Runes. To find this cheat code, you’ll need to progress through the single-player campaign a bit until you unlock the full breadth of your Fortress of Doom hub and have at least two Sentinel Batteries.

Once those requirements are met, exit from the Fortress of Doom’s main room, head through the doorway on your left and then go down the stairs. Go through the large door and then turn right to find a passageway leading to an outdoor area. Straight ahead of you is a chamber that you can access by using the two Sentinel Batteries (unlocking a new Slayer skin in the process). On the left side of the chamber is a hole you can go through. Drop down from the hole onto a ledge below to find the All Runes cheat code.

Fully Upgraded Suit

Again, what this cheat code does is all in its name: i.e. it instantly activates all of the upgrades you’d normally unlock by finding Praetor Suit Points. This cheat code is also found in the Fortress of Doom, but you won’t be able to get it until you make a lot of headway in the single-player campaign.

After completing the Arc Complex level and re-powering the Fortress of Doom with Crucible energy, head out from the fortress’s main room into an adjoining room with small stained glass windows up on either side near the ceiling. If you shoot the small glowing red target in the center window on your right, you’ll trigger a red jump pad you can use to reach the Fully Upgraded Suit cheat code.

Infinite Extra Lives

If an infinite amount of extra lives would help take some of the pressure off of your high-difficulty DOOM Eternal playthroughs, this cheat code is for you. You’ll find the code in the opening Hell on Earth level of the single-player campaign.

After proceeding through the ruined subway station and leaping across a chasm to reach a broken down subway train, you’ll head into an underground tunnel with a doorway on the right. Head through the doorway and fight the demons and large tentacles you encounter until you can take another right. Climb up on the large cube to reach an upper floor with a breakable vent. Break the vent and advance along the walkway to find the cheat code.  


This oddly-named cheat code triggers permanent Sentinel Armor for as long as it’s active, and you’ll find it in the Cultist Base level. Shortly after finding the Super Shotgun, you’ll enter a large room full of rows of massive boxes you can raise by meleeing their chains. Each box contains resources and enemy demons, and once all the boxes have been raised and all the demons have been killed, you can use a monkey bar to jump and dash over to the cheat code on top of the center pillar.

Note: Apologies for the lack of a telltale question mark icon in the above image, the code was accidently retrieved before a screenshot could be taken.  

Silver Bullet Mode

With this cheat code active, all staggered enemies die from a single additional hit from a projectile, explosion, Flame Belch, or dash. You’ll find the Silver Bullet Mode cheat code in the Doom Hunter Base level. Proceed through the level as normal until you reach a section where you have to traverse up a large central pillar using a series of climbing walls.

As part of this environmental puzzle, you’ll need to reach a green skull switch to open a door and reach the central pillar’s uppermost climbing walls. Once the switch has been activated, you can use the walls to climb to the top of the pillar and find the cheat code.

Infinite Ammo

Yet another cheat code whose effect is all in its name: granting infinite ammunition for all of your weapons. This cheat code is found in the Super Gore Nest level, more specifically in the large area with the central altar where you have to place three colored Gore Keys.

While you’re facing the altar, look slightly down and to the left to spot a section of wall you can jump down and dash through. Past the breakable wall is a fleshy hallway with the cheat code waiting for you at the end.


This code immediately unlocks all of DOOM Eternal’s weapons and equipment pieces and also enables full mastery for all weapons. You’ll find the IDKFA cheat code in the Arc Complex mission, near the main convention center lobby.

While you’re standing in the lobby, turn to your right to spot a broken window you can head through. Use the monkey bar to swing across to the next building, defeat the demons you encounter, and then drop down in the hole in the floor to locate the cheat code.  

Power Up Mode – Onslaught

Yep, you guessed it, this cheat code grants a permanent version of the Onslaught power up. The cheat code is located in the Mars Core level, right after the cutscene where the Slayer launches himself using the Ion Catapult. Once the cutscene is over, proceed into the tentacle-filled room and keep going through the doorway on your right. You’ll spot a hole in the floor in the far corner of next room and, just to the right of that hole, the cheat code.

Power Up Mode – Overdrive

This is yet another infinite power up cheat code, in this case for the Overdrive power up. In the Taras Nabad level you’ll eventually reach a point where you fight a group of demons in a large room with bone walls. At the far end of the room is a large secret-denoting question mark icon behind a gate with a red target on it. When you reach this gate, turn right and head through a doorway to find a set of stairs on your left.

When you reach the top of the stairs you’ll enter a room with a breakable wall at the far left corner. Melee the wall, drop down into the room below, and proceed past the Gore Gate to find the cheat code.

Note: Again, apologies for the lack of a question mark icon in the image, this code was also hastily grabbed before a screenshot could be taken.

Famine Mode

Unlike most of DOOM Eternal’s other cheat codes, the Famine Mode code actually ups the difficulty by making it so that demons don’t drop health or armor when they die. Once you reach the Nekravol level, proceed as normal until you reach a large room with a central spinning spiked pillar. You’ll trigger a switch which activates two large gnasher trap blocks that move up and down.

Past the blocks you’ll come into a room with a large fiery window with three skulls above it. Unfortunately, a Marauder will also be waiting for you. Once the Marauder has been dealt with, drop down into the small vertical shaft to the right of the large fiery window to find the code.   

Party Mode

The Party Mode cheat code is purely cosmetic, causing demons to burst into confetti whenever you gib them or kill them with a headshot. After reaching the Nekravol Part Two level, advance through the level as normal until you reach the first proper arena fight with a group of demons. When the fight is over, look for a passageway to your left which leads to a large vertical shaft you can drop down into. Just to your left is a ledge you can jump over to. From the ledge you can look over and spot a breakable section of wall, behind which is the Party Mode cheat code.

Instant Stagger Mode

With this cheat code enabled, hitting a standard enemy with an attack or dashing into them instantly staggers them (this code sadly has no effect on unique boss enemies). You’ll find this code near the end of the Nekravol Part Two level, once you reach the point where you have to drop the large Argent well and enter the Argent Stream.

With the resident demons dead and the green circular floor platform activated, jump onto the ledge behind the green circle and look for a vertical shaft you can drop down. If you quickly turn and dash while falling down the shaft you can reach a small ledge and find the cheat code.

Power Up Mode – Berserk

As with the other two power up cheat codes, this one grants a permanent power up, in this case the Berserk power up. To locate the cheat code, proceed through the Urdak level as normal until you realign the purple teleporter ring. After aligning the ring and exiting the control room, head over to the left to find a breakable wall up on a ledge. Jump and dash through the breakable wall and you’ll enter a small room with a ledge holding the code.  

QuakeCon Mode

Similar to the Party Mode cheat code, this code is more of a fun cosmetic tweak. With Quakecon Mode active, an invisible audience will cheer and applaud as you slay demons and perform other actions. To unlock the QuakeCon Mode cheat, you’ll need to gather enough Praetor Suit Points to manually unlock every single suit upgrade.

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