The Division 2: How to beat all major encounters in the Operation Dark Hours raid

Last Updated May 17th, 2019

The Division 2’s first proper raid, Operation Dark Hours, is officially live. The raid tasks a group of eight players with taking down some of the toughest encounters in the entire game, encounters which will test their coordination and communication just as much as their combat skills.

In this guide, we list the four major encounters players face in Operation Dark Hours as well as the unique mechanics that must be mastered to defeat each encounter. Even if you know what you’re doing, though, these encounters are still super difficult, so don’t feel discouraged if your team doesn’t clear them on your first or second attempt. Just be patient, foster good communication, and you should eventually triumph.

Max “Boomer” Bailey

Max “Boomer” Bailey may be the first proper boss in Operation Dark Hours, but don’t assume that his early appearance means he’s an easy encounter. Indeed, it’s better to think of Boomer as an active skill-check for your group since he’ll test both your team’s communication skills and total damage output.

As you enter the food court where Boomer is located, you’ll notice there are two stationary minigun turrets, four shield generators (one at each corner of the room), and four laptops in the center of the room with corresponding letters (A, B, C, and D). When a shield generator is active it creates a large circular blue area. Any enemies standing inside the blue circle (including Boomer) are immune to all damage, and the only way to disable a shield generator is by shooting it with one of the miniguns.

Throughout the fight, Boomer will focus his aggression on a single player (denoted by a flashing red eye icon underneath that player’s health bar on the group UI). That player has to carefully lead Boomer around the arena while the other players disable shield generators and deal with additional enemies. One player also has to shoot Boomer’s large backpack with a minigun to stun him (causing him to kneel).

While Boomer is stunned players can damage him with any weapon or ability. When he gets back up he’ll toss a jammer grenade at the minigun used to stun him, forcing the team to alternate between the two miniguns. Also, while he’s slowly chasing individual players a large panel on his chest will start glowing green. The player he’s chasing has to shoot the panel when it’s glowing, otherwise Boomer will quickly regain any lost health.

ISAC will also occasionally warn players that the shield generators are coming back online. When this happens, certain letters will appear on the central monitors, denoting which laptops players must interact with to prevent the reactivation. If the generators come back online they have to be shot with a minigun again.

The player who is leading Boomer also has to be careful not to go near or try to use one of the miniguns, otherwise Boomer will destroy that minigun. If both miniguns are destroyed the encounter immediately fails and players have to start over from the beginning. Players just need to keep alternating between deactivating shield generators (either with the laptops or miniguns), clearing adds, and stunning/damaging Boomer until he falls.

Ben “Dizzy” Carter, Carl “Ricochet” Dawson, and Oliver “Weasel” Gordon

You’ll start this encounter by fighting Ben “Dizzy” Carter and Carl “Ricochet” Dawson simultaneously in a large airplane hangar. Before the fight starts, your team will need to split into groups of four, with each team fighting a boss on a separate platform.

Each platform has a series of three panels, and for one of the teams a single panel will be glowing green. Communicate which panel is glowing and have both teams separately activate that same panel on their respective side to start the encounter. You’ll want to assign group members with the highest damage resistance to these panels since they’ll need to be reactivated multiple times throughout the encounter.

During the fight, the hangar will flood with two different colors of gas. What you want is the orange gas since it buffs the total amount of damage you deal to Dizzy and Ricochet. Purple gas, on the other hand, will severely choke your total damage output. If purple gas is coming into the hangar, the two players assigned to their respective consoles must once again trigger whichever panel is glowing to switch the gas back to orange. Again, only one team’s panel will glow so the two panel players must communicate.

Make sure that you’re also evenly damaging each of the bosses and that they die at roughly the same time. Once one of the bosses is dead the second phase of the fight will trigger and you ideally want both bosses to be dead for the second phase.

In phase two your teams will be reunited to face Oliver “Weasel” Gordon. You’ll lose access to the gas terminals and instead the gas will periodically cycle between purple and orange. While it’s purple, you should just do your best to avoid enemy sightlines. While it’s orange you should concentrate on eliminating the additional enemies and damaging Weasel. Keep doing this until Weasel is dead to secure victory.

Lucy and Buddy

For this encounter you’ll be facing two massive warhounds named Lucy and Buddy. Lucy has a large minigun strapped to her back while Buddy is a healer who can deploy seeker mines. Similar to the previous Dizzy and Ricochet encounter, you’ll want to split your raid team to focus on each warhound and try to keep the amount of damage dealt between them roughly even. Since Buddy can heal himself, a good strategy is to put five players on him and the other three on Lucy.

If your assigned warhound is pursuing you, just keep moving through cover and blind-fire whenever you have the chance. Otherwise you should focus on damaging them and keeping an eye on the shared ‘Overcharge’ meter that tracks both warhounds’ health and gets progressively smaller.

You don’t want Lucy and Buddy’s health bars to become too disparate since that triggers the Overcharge mechanic. When the Overcharge is charging up, ISAC will send out a warning and two players will need to rush to the center of the arena and activate two laptops. Failing to stop the Overcharge causes Lucy and Buddy to both heal to full health.

Along with monitoring the Overcharge, players also need to watch out for Lucy’s area-of-effect one-shot-kill attack. Lucy will periodically duck down and rev up her minigun, causing it to fire in a full 360-degree rotation. Any player that is out of cover and hit by the 360 attack will be instantly killed, and once both warhounds are below 50 percent health Buddy will deploy seeker mines during the 360 attack.

Other than preventing the Overcharge trigger, this encounter is simply a matter of whittling Lucy and Buddy’s health gauges down and avoiding Lucy’s 360 minigun attack.  

The DDP-52 Razorback

This is the final boss encounter of the Operation Dark Hours raid, and as such it naturally requires the most coordination and communication from your raid team. Before the fight has started, you should divide your raid group into four teams of two and make sure that anyone with the EMP Pulse skill has it equipped.

When the fight begins, each team should head over to one of the four numbered control points at the corners of the arena. One player on each team has to stand inside the capture zone while the other player defends them from incoming enemies. When all four capture zones are fully charged the central Razorback will open up and a large battery tower will extend upwards. Control zone players should remain inside their respective zones until the tower is fully raised.

Once the tower is fully raised you’ll notice it has two glowing red vent panels, one on the front of the tower and the other on the back. Shoot the vent panels until they’re destroyed (one bolt from the Survivalist’s Crossbow can instantly take out a vent panel). When the panels are destroyed two separate players must each toss a standard grenade into the exposed vents. You’ll know a grenade throw was successful if the vent light turns green.

With both grenades detonated, two triangular ”wings” will extend on the front of the Razorback’s battery tower. The Razorback will also start deploying drones which need to be dealt with (this is where EMP Pulses can be super handy). When both wings are destroyed the main battery at the top of the tower will be exposed, allowing players to damage it. This whole process needs to be repeated a minimum of four times to fully destroy the battery.

Players also need to watch out for elite heavy minigunner enemies who will occasionally try to rush one of the four control points. These enemies will attempt to trigger a missile launch by activating a panel at the back of the control point (an alarm will sound while this is happening). If they’re successful, the entire raid is wiped. While the Razorback is above 50 percent health only one heavy minigunner spawns at a time, but when it dips below 50 percent the minigunners will start spawning in pairs.

When the Razorback’s battery is reduced to zero health, the fight isn’t over just yet. Teams need to rush back to their respective control points and look at the back panels (the same panels the heavy minigunners tried to activate). These panels will slowly become vulnerable in a strict order (so control point one first, then two, then three, then finally four). Each panel needs to be quickly destroyed once it’s vulnerable, otherwise a raid wipe is triggered.

If players successfully destroy the panels in order they’ll win the encounter and be able to claim their final raid prize.