Diablo 4 gameplay leaked

Last Updated September 19th, 2022

While GTA 6 has suffered a massive leak, it now looks like Diablo 4 has also been leaked. The leak may have come from the Family and Friends Tests for the game, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Initially discovered by a Reddit user, the Diablo IV leaked gameplay footage seems to be from someone who didn’t play the game. A discussion in the shortest video suggests the person who recorded the gameplay was watching someone else play the game, potentially through Discord.

The leaked content includes “Private Test Build” watermarks and an ID number for the person playing. Blizzard will most likely be able to identify the person streaming to others and those who may have recorded the gameplay. However, the discussion also seems to suggest the viewers don’t know the person streaming the game and that they “just hopped in” the server.

According to the cloud storage platform the videos are saved to, the files will be deleted on November 17.