Destiny 2 cheat seller sues Bungie for hacking and DCMA violations

Last Updated September 21st, 2022

Last year, Bungie filed a lawsuit against the cheat-selling website for selling Destiny 2 hacks. Now has filed a lawsuit against Bungie for allegedly hacking them, stealing computer data, and circumventing the DCMA.

The legal battle has taken an interesting turn with AimJunkies countersuing accusing Bungie of hacking and DCMA violations. The countersuit against Bungie covers various hacking allegations and even states that Bungie violated DCMA by circumventing the cheat’s protection measures.

Interestingly, the hacking allegations come from James May, a cheat developer, who previously agreed to the Destiny 2 Limited Software License Agreement (LSLA) in 2019. This agreement does not allow Bungie to access player computers for anti-cheat purposes. However, the current LSLA does and the countersuit claims Bungie illegally accessed May’s computer since he did not agree to the new LSLA.

The new lawsuit also claims that a Bungie employee obtained a license to the Destiny 2 cheat and agreed to its Terms of Service. The employee then allegedly decompiled and reverse-engineered it, violating the Terms of Service.

It’s unknown if these claims will hold up in court but it’s clear Bungie’s fight to stop AimJunkies from distributing hacks is far from over.