Deep Silver delays Shenmue III and Metro Exodus into 2019

Last Updated July 28th, 2021

Deep Silver, the publisher behind highly anticipated threequels Shenmue III and Metro Exodus, has confirmed it will be pushing the release windows for both games back into 2019, citing the desire to apply additional polish as the reasoning behind both delays.

The delayed release windows were confirmed via two separate statements, one for Shenmue III on Deep Silver’s website and another for Metro Exodus on the official Metro website.

The Shenmue III delay announcement was brief, saying only that the game’s release date was being pushed back so that Yu Suzuki and his development team could bring the game further in line with the high standards fans deserve. The Metro Exodus delay announcement, meanwhile, was a little more in-depth, confirming that Exodus will now launch sometime in Q1 2019, and that new gameplay footage for the game will be shown during next month’s E3 conference.

This isn’t the first time Shenmue III has been delayed. The highly anticipated new entry in Yu Suzuki’s venerable Shenmue series was originally slated to be released in December 2017 following a massively successful 2015 Kickstarter campaign. However, in June of 2017 Suzuki and his team announced they were delaying the release until late 2018, and now a second delay has pushed the game further back still into 2019.

As disappointing as the delays are, if they lead to more polished final products as a result, there’s no denying that the wait will be worth it. Of course, Shenmue fans have already been forced to do plenty of waiting since, before the 2015 announcement of Shenmue III, the Shenmue series had lain dormant since 2001.

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