Days Gone: Unlimited fast travel and how to take advantage

Last Updated May 3rd, 2019

Unlike in most games, fast traveling in Days Gone is as much about resource management as it is planning your route across the map.

Although you’re free to magically press a button to teleport short distances, you’re limited by the size of your gas tank and the raw gasoline it takes to fast travel from point A to point B. That said, Days Gone gives you the tools to hop across the map in no time if you take the time to learn the ropes.

So, let’s talk about how to fast travel in Days Gone and all the tips, tricks, and methods we use to get across the map freaker free.

Rules of the Road

Fast travel in Days Gone is technically available as soon as you get your hands on your bike, but early on it’s so limited that it’s almost non-existent. This is partly due to the size of your base gas tank, but also due to the various infestations in the area that can block your ability to fast travel to a nearby location.

If you want to fast travel effectively, your priority should be clearing infestations, purchasing gas tank upgrades, and clearing locations like ambush camps and Nero checkpoints to unlock them as fast travel points.

The size of your fuel tank determines the max distance you can fast travel, and the total cost in fuel to fast travel to a location can be seen on the map. If you have enough gas to reach the location, you can press square from this screen to initiate travel and skip all the freakers along the way. You can’t fast travel if enemies are nearby or if you’re too far away from your bike, so be sure to clear the area before you try.

Once you initiate fast travel you’ll lose the gas it takes to get to the location and time will progress based on the speed of your engine and the distance you need to travel. Choose your destinations carefully so that you don’t end up wasting precious drops of fuel or scrap.

Unlimited fast travel

That said, there are a lot of tricks you can use to fast travel across the map even if you’re stuck with a relatively small gas tank.

Gas cans always spawn at Nero checkpoints and most ambush camps have either their own gas cans or easy access to a nearby gas station where you can fill up. As a result, unlimited fast travel is a matter of learning to do short hops from one location with a gas source to another so that you can chain together several fast travels to cross the map.

You can fast travel to a location, fill up your tank with any nearby gas, fast travel to another location, and then rinse and repeat as necessary to cross the map in minutes.

The trick is to get familiar with the locations of ideal pit stops with plentiful gas across the map. Look for Nero checkpoints with easy to access gas cans or locations that are particularly close to gas stations where you can top off your tank before initiating another fast travel.

Plan your route accordingly and you’ll be able to cut off hours of time driving back and forth from camp to camp as Days Gone drags you half way across Oregon.

Clearing the Road

Of course, you won’t be able to fast travel to a location at all unless you’ve managed to clear out the freaker nests along the way. So, it’s important to either take the time to clear out nests deliberately, or to focus on clearing nests as you come across them.

The easiest way to clear a nest is to focus on getting in and out of the area around the nest as fast as possible. We recommend rolling up on your bike, hopping off to toss a molotov at the nest, then hopping back on your mean machine to ride off into the sunset.

The freakers that emerge from the burning nest will probably try to chase you, but if you pour on the gas you should lose them once you get on the open road.

If you need the extra bounties, it’s worth it to take the time to kill off the freakers the good old-fashioned way, but otherwise it’s best to focus on just clearing the nests themselves. With a little time and a lot of fire, you should eventually clear the infestation and free up the road for all your fast travel needs.