Days Gone: How to find and clear every Ambush Camp Bunker

Last Updated July 17th, 2019

Days Gone is chock full of powerful items and gear that you’ll need to find if you want to become the horde killing machine Deacon was always meant to be.

Believe it or not, Ambush Camps are a huge part of that progression, both because of their value as a rest, resupply, and fast travel point, and because clearing each ambush camp completes progress in the Ambush Camp Hunter Storyline.

The Ambush Camp Hunter storyline is linked to getting a unique bike accent, an achievement, and to unlocking nearly every worthwhile crafting recipe in the game. From proximity mines to explosive crossbow bolts and powerful craftable melee weapons, you’ll need to clear ambush camps if you want the plans to craft these items.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter what camps you target because each recipe is based on the overall completion of the Ambush Camp Hunter objective. This means that you’ll receive crafting recipes as rewards for completing every few camps, based off of a percentage of the total ambush camps in the game. So don’t worry about missing a key item or recipe, because as long as you examine the map in each Ambush Camp Bunker, you’ll get progress towards your next reward.

So, let’s talk about how to find and clear every Ambush Camp Bunker in Days Gone.


Cascade Radio Tower Ambush Camp

Location: North, northwest of Copeland’s Camp

The Cascade Radio Tower Ambush Camp is part of the mission “No Starving Patriots” and serves as a general introduction to Ambush Camps in general. Follow the mission prompts to find the Ambush Camp northwest of Copeland’s Camp near the northern border between Belknap and the Cascades.

When you arrive, you’ll be tasked with clearing the area of enemies before you can complete your objectives. Keep low and use stealth as long as possible and most of the enemies should go down quick. If things heat up, use your pistol to take enemies out with quick, precise headshots from the cover of the electrical pylons in the center of the camp.

Once you’ve finished up the objectives and dealt with the young woman, you’ll find the bunker on the west side of the camp in a small brick hut. Slide down the ladder and loot the living quarters to find a map of the area and to unlock the first recipe in your progress tab.

Horse Creek Ambush Camp

Location: Southeast of O’Leary Mountain Safehouse

Our next stop is the Horse Creek Ambush Camp, which can be found just southeast of O’Leary Mountain Safehouse and the old lumbermill.

How you approach is up to you, but we recommend sneaking in from the north side of camp by circling around to the red bridge to the north. Cross the bridge and hang a right to find a body-littered hidden entrance to the ambush camp. Be aware that as you sneak through this entrance that one of the freakers will attack you and force you to defend with a quick time event.

Once the zombie is dealt with, you’ll find yourself behind enemy lines with plenty of opportunities for stealth kills as you work your way through the enemies in the camp. We recommend using a few residue bolts on any snipers in the area before you proceed to cause a bit of chaos and to get the ambushers shooting at each other rather than you.

Once you clear all the enemies, the bunker itself is located under the radio tower in the center of the camp. Slide down the ladder and examine the map within to claim your recipe.

Jefferson Rail Tunnel Ambush Camp

Location: North of O’Leary Mountain Safehouse

The Jefferson Rail Tunnel Ambush Camp can be found a long ride directly north from O’Leary Mountain Safehouse. Your target is straight north, but you’ll need to ride almost to the northern border of the map before you’ll be able to spot the camp tucked away on a rocky hillside.

The good news is that this ambush camp is your typical group of marauders and aside from the occasional armored enemy it’s straightforward to clear. If you’ve got plenty of ammo and a decent aim you can pretty much kick this party off as loud as you want, but if you’re worried take the time to stealthily take down as many enemies as you can before proceeding.

When you’ve cleared out the enemies in the area, you’ll find the bunker door on the northern edge of the camp high up on the hill.


Black Crater Ambush Camp

Location: Southeast of the Hot Springs settlement

The Black Crater Ambush Camp can be found southeast of the Hot Springs in a tight group of cliffs on the far western edge of the map.

The best way to approach this camp is from the north, where you can climb a small platform with a sniper. Take him out silently and use his rifle to clear out a few enemies before switching up to a weapon with a lot more ammo to start picking off anyone that rushes you.

Use height to your advantage here and stick to the cover on the platform. You should be able to rain bullets down on anyone that bothers to argue with you and a good Molotov or residue bolt will do a lot to flush out anyone else. Once things quiet down, you’ll need to push up the hill to clear out any stragglers but at this point the camp should be pretty empty.

At the top of the trails you’ll find the entrance to the underground bunker and the usual map that can be examined for a bit of intel and progress towards a new crafting recipe.

Belknap Caves Ambush Camp

Location: Northeast of the Southern Belknap Gas Station

The next Ambush Camp on our list is located on the border between Belknap and the Cascades just northeast of the southern Belknap gas station. You’ll find the Belknap Caves Ambush Camp built on top of a cliffside with a few short bridges connecting the various campsites together.

The good news is that this campsite is surrounded by a few large groups of freakers, so if you make a bit of noise with some grenades or explosives our infected friends will make short work of the enemies in the area.

We recommend approaching from the southeast and following the ridge up to a stretch of destructible fence. Toss a pipe bomb at the fence to blast it to pieces and then use either a distractor or a few other explosives to make some noise and get the party started.

At this point you can either take on the ambushers as they try to rush across the bridge or wait for a group of freakers to answer your invitation. When the camp is clear, loot the bodies and make your way to the top of the ridge to the north to find the entrance to the bunker tucked in between two massive rocks. 

Bear Creek Ambush Camp

Location: Northeast of Hot Springs

The Bear Creek Ambush Camp can be found a short ride northeast of the Hot Springs encampment, along one of the small rivers flowing west out of the local lake.

You’ll find the camp hidden away in a small group of rocks just across the river, but it’s a pretty straightforward kill and clear affair. We recommend a shotgun of some kind because of the relatively close quarters nature of the cover to cover combat in the area, but a good rifle or a quiet knife will still do plenty of damage to the raiders in this camp.

Once the enemies in the camp are dead and looted, make your way to the northwest edge of the camp to find the entrance to the bunker tucked in between a few rocks and stumps.

Lost Lakes

Berley Lake Ambush Camp

Location: Southwest of Lost Lakes

The Berley Lake Ambush Camp can be found southwest of the Lost Lakes Encampment. You’re looking for the area where the relatively sparse marshland around Lost Lakes turns into a forested area around Berley Lake proper. 

The advantage here is that the dense brush in the area gives you lots of opportunities to sneak around the camp and pick off several targets using your knife and other silenced gear. That said, keep your eyes peeled for the two snipers in the area and be sure to nail them with a carefully placed headshot or a Residue Bolt to cause some chaos.

If you’re lucky, the snipers will clear out the bulk of the enemies and you’ll be free to swing in to mop up the rest with a few well-placed headshots and your preferred melee weapon.

You’ll find the bunker behind some boulders about fifty meters south of the school bus in the center of camp. Head down the ladder to find your usual map and crafting recipe hidden away inside.

Deerborn Ambush Camp

Location: East of Lost Lakes and south of Iron Mike’s Farm

You’ll find the Deerborn Ambush Camp in the hills directly east of Lost Lakes and south of Iron Mike’s Farm.

It’s best to take your time and approach this ambush camp from the northeast to take advantage of a small ridge that runs along this edge of the camp. With a little luck, this should give you a good angle of most of the enemies in the camp including the snipers overlooking the main road.

As usual, subterfuge and stealth are a good way to kick things off. So we recommend tagging any heavy enemies with a Residue Bolt from the ridge to turn the ambushers on each other while you sneak the occasional stealthy headshot in the chaos.

Once you’ve taken out all the enemies you can head for the bunker, which is located on the north side of the camp up on the hill. Inside you’ll find a map of the area along with some more progress towards a fresh crafting recipe.

Iron Butte

Wagon Road Ambush Camp

Location:  Northwest of main ripper base in Iron Butte

Once you gain access to Iron Butte, you’ll find the Wagon Road Ambush Camp on the northern edge of the region northeast of the main ripper base in the center of the region.

Once you arrive, buckle up for a bit of stealthy knife work. This camp is primarily vertical, with plenty of rippers that like to take advantage of the high ground to make your life miserable. As a result, it’s best to keep things quiet as long as you can by sneaking up the ridge on the west side of camp.

Use bushes and do your best to push up to the high ground when given the option. Then isolate and kill as many rippers as you can with stealth before going loud to clean up anyone else in the area. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up at the top of the camp by the time things get messy and you’ll be able to clean up the remaining enemies from top to bottom.

You’ll find the bunker in a small cave located on the highest plateau of the camp. It’s a bit dark and gory, but once you’ve cleared out the enemies there’s nothing to be afraid of. So slip down into the bunker and examine the map on the desk to claim your rewards.

Redwood RV Park Ambush Camp

Location: South of Main Ripper Base

The Redwood RV Park Ambush Camp can be found tucked away on the southern edge of Iron Butte and just southeast of the main ripper base in the center of the region.

Because this is Iron Butte, expect to be dealing with a pile of rippers for this campsite. That said, the relatively close quarters of the RV park make it ideal for sneaking around and picking off enemies one by one, or you can grab a good shotgun or SMG to rip things up in close quarters.

Before you go loud, we recommend targeting the snipers posted at the north and south ends of the camp. Residue bolts are ideal, but if you just tag them with a quick headshot from a silenced weapon you can cause a little chaos without revealing your position.

Once the Redwood RV Park is clear, you’ll find the entrance to the bunker on the northeastern edge of camp behind a pair of blue port-a-potties. Drop down the ladder to claim your reward, a pile of intel on the local area and some progress towards a fresh crafting recipe.

Crater Lake

Spruce Lake Ambush Camp

Location: Southeast of Wizard Island

The Spruce Lake Ambush Camp can be found southeast of Wizard Island just past the foothills and into the small forest around Crater Lake. What’s interesting about the Spruce Lake Ambush Camp is that it shares the same real estate as the Spruce Lake Nero Checkpoint, so you can kill two birds with one stone by tackling the enemies in the area.

Once you arrive, we recommend posting up on the ridge to the north of the ambush camp. This ridge is perfect for picking off almost everyone in the camp with a good sniper rifle, or if you’re handy with your crossbow you can silently rain Residue Bolts on the various snipers and heavies in the area to turn the enemy troops on each other.

Once you’ve taken down as many enemies as you can from outside the camp, push up and around the fence to the east and you’ll stumble on a small destructible barricade near some military tents. Blow up the barricade and you should be in another prime ambush area to rain down explosives or gunfire on the remaining enemies in the area.

Once the camp is clear, search the military tents to find the entrance to the bunker, which can be looted for the usual reward of intel and crafting recipe progress.

Cascade Lakes Ambush Camp

Location: East of Diamond Lake Camp in the snowy region

This camp is a pretty straightforward affair and can be found directly east from the Diamond Lake camp or otherwise northeast from Wizard Island. You’ll know you’re getting close when you hit the snowline a little way up the mountain.

At this point, it’s a good call to stash your bike and head in on foot. This camp isn’t difficult, but it is spread out over a good-sized area and it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you don’t stick to cover. Other than that, choose your favorite boomstick (or silenced weapon) and go to work clearing the camp from one end to the other.

Keep your ears peeled for any freakers that might be attracted by the gunfire and occasionally take a second to hide, heal, and let the freakers go to town on the ambushers for you. Move methodically through the camp while keeping a close eye on your health and you should clear the area in short order.

Once things calm down, make your way to the crashed train on the north side of camp and you’ll find the entrance to the bunker near an open boxcar and some supply crates.

Slide down the ladder and you’re free to claim your reward in the form of a local map and some progress towards a new crafting recipe.

Highway 97

Aspen Butte Ambush Camp

Location: Directly east of Wizard Island across the mountain range

The Aspen Butte Ambush Camp can be found directly east from Wizard Island. That said, you’ll need to work your way through a small mountain range separating Crater Lake and Highway 97. You have three options on the table, which essentially boil down to north, east, and south.

For the easiest approach, we recommend following a few small trails up north around the mountain range before hooking down south to approach the ambush camp from the outside.

That said, you can also take a much more dangerous route directly east “through” the mountains. To do so you’ll need to make your way through the small walled town directly east of Wizard Island that’s hugging the mountain range. Sneak through the area and follow a path heading further east out of town to find a hidden mountain cave.

Make your way through the cave in a generally eastward direction and the cave will open up right behind the Aspen Ambush Camp. This is the ideal method to sneak into camp for a careful stealthy approach.

That said, tackling this ambush camp is mostly about finding an angle on the snipers coving the main path to the bunker. You’ll find one in a watch tower directly to the left of the northern entrance, and another in a second watch tower about a hundred yards up the hill.

We found it best to hug the wall around the camp to sneak into the bushes near the first sniper. From there, you’re free to either take him out with a silenced weapon or a Residue Bolt to turn him against his allies. One way or another, it’s worth snagging his rifle once he’s dead and using it to tag the other sniper up on the hill.

From here, this ambush camp devolves into the usual sneaky shooting gallery, and as long as you make good use of cover, you should be able to get the drop on most of the enemies charging down the hill at you.

When the enemies are taken care of, you’ll find the bunker hidden inside a brick building at the top of the hill near the radio tower. Be aware that a varying number of heavy enemies will come up out of the bunker as you move up the hill, so save a grenade or two for them specifically.

Once the smoke clears, pop open the bunker hatch and slide down the ladder to claim your reward.

Bare Bay Ambush Camp

Location: South of Chemult Community College Campus

The Bare Bay Ambush Camp is south of the Chemult Community College campus on the southeastern edge of the map. To find this camp you can either take a long ride southeast out of Wizard Island or make your way south down Highway 97 from the CCC campus proper.

When you arrive, you’ll find a heavily secured camp with a series of destructible walls across a long, marshy perimeter. This ambush camp is flat, with very little cover which makes it easy to be overwhelmed by raw numbers. We recommend coming heavily armed with an automatic shotgun and a heavy LMG to make things easy.

At this point it’s best to post up in some bushes and use a grenade to blow up one of the destructible barriers along the wall, then use a distractor to lure a bunch of enemies out of the camp. Once you have a good crowd, toss a few explosives or open up with your preferred full auto weapon to take out as many enemies as you can in one go.

If things get too crazy, remember that you can beat a hasty retreat and circle around to another entrance of the camp. If you managed to create enough of a fuss on the first wave, you should have pulled most of the guards from the other entrances. This should allow you to sneak inside and begin a methodical stealth attack on enemies as they return to their posts.

Either way, once you clear out the bad guys, you’ll find the entrance to the bunker near the southeastern edge of the camp. Pop the top on the bunker and slide down the ladder to get the usual map update and the final bit of progress you need for the Ambush Camp Hunter storyline. This should reward you with a unique skin for your bike along with a pile of experience.