Apex Legends: Advanced strategies for Wraith and Lifeline

As we noted in our Apex Legends beginner’s guide, Wraith and Lifeline are two of the game’s most newbie-friendly legends. However, players who take the time to master Wraith’s and Lifeline’s unique abilities and playstyles will discover that they’re both just as viable in more advanced play as well.

For this guide, we’ll be focusing specifically on Wraith and Lifeline, and how you can use both legends to their full potential. Obviously no amount of reading is going to replace the actual work of playing and familiarizing yourself with these legends, but it should at least put you on the right track.


Wraith’s offense-focused skill-set means she operates best as a tactical skirmisher and a quick-hitting damage-dealer. Her passive ability, Voices from the Void, triggers an audio cue which alerts the player of incoming danger. Since the audio cue is a whispered voice, you should consider playing with headphones, or at least turning subtitles, on so you know exactly when it’s triggered.

If Voices from the Void is triggered, make sure to alert your teammates as well either via voice chat or the ping system. The whispered voices can also clue you into the specific type of danger you’re in, such as if a grenade is incoming or you’re being targeted by a sniper. You can also hear nearby enemy footsteps if their presence triggers Voices from the Void, so make sure you’re alert at all times.

As for Wraith’s tactical skill, Into the Void, it too has a lot of utility. While the skill is active, you’re almost completely invisible and nothing can damage you. However, you also can’t pick up items or see other players.If you’re hoping to use Into the Void to ambush an enemy or reach a downed teammate, make sure you note exactly where they are first since you won’t be able to keep track of them while you’re in the void. And speaking of tracking, you’ll notice shadow outlines while in the void. Those outlines denote the spot you’ll be in once you exit the void, allowing you to plan your route to a degree.

When used properly, Wraith’s ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift, is one of the most powerful (and useful) ultimates in the game. Smart players can utilize Dimensional Rift to enact the following advanced strategies:

  • Setting down one portal before scouting a nearby area and quickly triggering the second portal to escape if an enemy team tries to ambush you.
  • Using portals to help downed teammates get to safety (teammates can use your portals even when they’re in a downed state).
  • Setting a portal when you’re about to engage with an enemy, slipping away with Into the Void, and then using your second portal to launch a surprise attack or make a clean getaway.

It’s also important to remember that traveling between two portals isn’t a one-way trip, and you can actually use your portals to launch hit-and-run attacks. For example, if you have a Gibraltar or a Caustic on your team, you can use Into the Void to get close to the enemy team, drop a portal, and then drop your second portal near your teammates. Then, your teammates can teleport close to the enemy, drop their own ultimates, and quickly teleport back to safety.One final tip worth mentioning is that Wraith actually gets a small speed boost when she deploys her first Dimensional Rift portal. This can be handy if you need to outpace the collapsing hazard ring or escape from enemies who are bearing down on you. You can then also activate your second portal to quickly turn the tables on any enemies who are chasing you since you’ll likely teleport behind them.


The medic legend Lifeline is pretty much the exact opposite of Wraith when it comes to her ideal playstyle. All of Lifeline’s abilities revolve around directly supporting her teammates, usually by healing them. As such, it’s usually best to hang back a bit and let your teammates engage enemies first. Lifeline can certainly hold her own in combat, but she shouldn’t be the one kicking in the door.

Lifeline’s passive ability, Combat Medic, is the main reason why she should be kept alive at all costs. When she’s reviving a downed teammate, Combat Medic automatically spawns a bullet-deflecting shield which protects both Lifeline and her downed teammate. The shield doesn’t provide full 360-degree coverage, though, so make sure you’re facing the general direction of your enemies before you start the revive process. Combat Medic also allows Lifeline to heal herself and revive her teammates faster than any other legend character.Thanks to her D.O.C. Drone tactical ability, Lifeline is also the only legend who can directly heal other players. When deployed, the D.O.C. Drone emits a healing are-of-effect aura so make sure you’re standing close to it.

Also, the amount of healing the drone provides is finite and equally spread across all players who are using it. This means that a full drone charge will heal three players for less overall health than it would for one or two players. Lastly, be careful about when and where you deploy a D.O.C. Drone, since it can heal enemy players as well if they move within its deployment field.

Lifeline’s Care Package ultimate ability can provide essential boons when they’re needed most, but it’s also a risky venture. The Care Package is full of support items such as shield batteries, healing kits, and even weapon attachments (but never weapons). However, when you call in a Care Package, it also makes a rather loud and noticeable entrance.Enemy teams can spot incoming Care Packages and use that information to zero in on your position. Worse, if they force you to flee, they can then take the package’s items for themselves. When deploying a Care Package, the best strategy is to do it somewhere remote, quickly grab whatever you need, and then book it out of there as fast as you can.

Of course, clever players can also utilize the Care Package for more…creative tactics. It’s a bit tough to successfully pull off, but if you’re feeling bold, you can try the following tricks:

  • If you know there’s an enemy team nearby, you can call in a Care Package and then intentionally move away from it, essentially using it as bait. When the enemy team attempts to secure the goods, hit them with an ambush.
  • In a pinch, the Care Package’s bulky frame can be used as cover. This can be useful if you’re trying to route an enemy team out of a tight choke point or distract them while a teammate goes around for a flanking counterattack.
  • A Care Package can kill an enemy player if it lands on them. If you’re in the middle of a close-quarters skirmish and there’s lot of smoke and bullets flying around, a hail mary Care Package might just save the day. Naturally such a tactic is best saved as a last-ditch effort, but it is technically viable if your timing is on point.

Considering how beneficial it can be, it’s probably not surprising to learn that Lifeline’s Care Package also has one of the longest cooldowns of any Apex Legends ultimate ability. Therefore, if your team finds any ultimate accelerant items, it’s usually best to let Lifeline have them. The risk of calling in multiple Care Packages diminishes somewhat as more and more enemy teams are taken off the board, and being fully kitted out can make all the difference when you’re pushing for the final victory.