5 characters I hope appear in Mortal Kombat X

With the roster of Mortal Kombat X being fed to us piecemeal leading up to its release on April 14, it’s tough waiting to see if a favorite character will make the cut. Netherrealm studios has promised 24 characters and it seems that a good chunk of the roster will be completely new, which leaves us with very slim chances for many of the series’ 60+ veteran characters to return. Here are a few that I would like to see return from throughout Mortal Kombat history.

1. Li Mei

mortal kombat Li Mei j One of the more modestly-dressed women ofMortal Kombat.


My personal favorite from the Deadly Alliance-Deception-Armageddon period, I think Li Mei deserves another chance at being a staple Mortal Kombat character. It’s not as if she’s new to the MK reboot world either, as she was shackled up in the background of Shao Kahn’s Arena. With MKX being a retelling of the second trilogy of MK titles, this would be the perfect time to reintroduce her. Fighting in a small tournament for her village’s freedom from Quan Chi and Shang Tsung’s Deadly Alliance in Outworld, winning and then having her soul trapped in an ancient warrior’s body after finding out the tournament was a ruse — the point is, there are plenty of potential launch points in Li Mei’s tale to add to the overall story.

Since Li Mei is from the set of titles that gave each character three fighting styles, it’s pretty tempting to say “Just make those her variations in MKX” and call it a day. However, I would use the fact that Li Mei was trapped in another body at one time to add something unique. In this hypothetical third style Li Mei would pretty much let the time her soul spent in the other body take her over and have increased strength, but slower speed.  Gameplay wise, she was pretty easy to pick up and play, so I would leave her special moves intact and, in a nod to the fighting style switch from the trilogy she’s from, allow a simpler version of that in one of her variations.

2. Darrius

mortal kombat Darrius j Darrius, seen here doing his best impression of Zack from Dead or Alive.


Debuting in Mortal Kombat Deception, Darrius is a revolutionary who seeks to cause chaos and revolt in the Orderrealm.  I feel his concept should be one of the few things salvaged from the many realms that Deception introduced. The Orderrealm felt like a place that was tacked on to pad out the story mode in Deception; taking that realm out and placing Darrius as a neutral character in the main story simply causing chaos amongst the realms would be ideal for bringing him back.

The fatalities Darrius had in Deception utilized his speed and strength to a comical degree, so maybe Darrius can be an outlet for Netherrealm to make some light-hearted fatalities that are still gruesome like all the other ones in MKX.

3. Ashrah

mortal kombat Ashrah j Dressed for salvation.


A female demon on the path to salvation, Ashrah’s story can fit in perfectly with whatever direction MKX‘s story goes. A interesting dynamic in her story is her Kriss, actually a weapon named the Datusha that compels its wielder to slaughter vampires. This weapon and her past as a member of Quan Chi’s cult, Brotherhood of the Shadow, could serve as the basis for her appearance in the game and ideally her fighting styles.

I would imagine her fighting variations being focused on the three eras of the character shown in her storyline: one for her time in Brotherhood of the Shadow, a second one reflecting her time under the Kriss’ will as she earns her salvation, and one called Ascension that represents a neutral Ashrah free from good and evil, combining moves from the other two but making them weaker as a compromise. As for who she’s slaughtering for her salvation, if vampires don’t appear in MKX, I believe D’Vorah’s race and their seemingly neutral nature would be a good target for Ashrah.

4. Khameleon/Chameleon

Khameleon mortal kombat armageddon versus jOne of the many looks of Khameleon.


For those who haven’t played the original titles, Khameleon and Chameleon were clone characters introduced in Mortal Kombat Trilogy who would constantly mimic the male and female ninja characters (Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Kitana, Milena, etc) over the course of a match. The character looked like one of the ninja characters, and their costume color would randomly change over the course of a match to reflect which ninja was being mimicked at the moment.

Chameleon MKT

When the two characters were brought back for Mortal Kombat Armageddon, they were given unique movesets that took skills from the class of characters they were imitating; with this change, it was no longer necessary to be a master of all the ninja characters in order to succeed with Khameleon.

Bringing these characters to the MKX roster would be more of a gameplay addition than a substantial story addition. With Kitana’s mournful moveset replacing the need for Jade on the roster, why not use these two characters as a compromise to cover any other ninja characters that don’t make the cut? Maybe we could even see Khameleon mimic ninja characters from MK lore who haven’t had many playable appearances, such as Tremor.

5. Shujinko

Shujinko mortal kombat j The old man is definitely due for an image reboot.


Shujinko is the gullible protagonist of Deception, who thought he was the Elder Gods’ “Chosen One” and was actually collecting the artifacts that allowed Onaga (The Dragon King) to resurrect. It would be interesting to have Shujinko behind the scenes of the main storyline once again completing his goal but slowly unraveling the progress the other good characters have made.

His moveset reflected his ability to copy other fighters’ moves as he trained with them over the course of that title’s drawn-out story mode, but unlike Khameleon he’s not restricted only to copying ninja moves. Being trained by Bo’ Rai Cho, the same guy who trained Liu Kang and Kung Lao, I would expected Shujinko’s moves and variations to have the same distinct feel that those two have when they are playable.

These 5 are characters I would like to see in Mortal Kombat X. I mostly went for the pre-MK9trilogy era, so I may have missed some of your favorites. What are some characters fromMK‘s past that you would like to see in April? Let us know in the comments below.