Sony announces “Project Morpheus” VR headset for PlayStation 4

Last Updated July 29th, 2021

During a GDC panel Sony president Shuhei Yoshida announced that the company plans to bring virtual reality gaming to the PlayStation 4 console with a new VR headset dubbed “Project Morpheus.”

According to Yoshida, Morpheus will bring both gaming and non-gaming VR-based software to the PlayStation 4. With Morpheus, Sony intends to further push the boundaries of what game consoles are capable of. “The industry has grown by creating technological advancements for video game players,” Yoshida said.  “Advancements that people maybe weren’t expecting or thought was possible.” PlayStation, he said, is focused on “pushing the boundary of play,” and “it’s this focus that drives how we innovate and create the experiences we deliver to gamers.”

Project Morpheus is still in prototype form but Sony is working hard to ensure the final product has the latest in VR capabilities including 1080p resolution, a 90 degree-plus field of view, and full visual and audio tracking which will include accurate representation of limbs and ambient sound. No release window has been set yet but according to Anton Mikhailov, a senior software engineer at Sony, the company wants to get Project Morpheus into the public’s hands as soon as possible.

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