Overwatch Winston Custom PC

Last Updated January 16th, 2022

Damn, this is one serious PC mod. From our sister site Unlocked comes this Overwatch Winston i7 PC commissioned by Intel for CES 2016. If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen it before, well, the PC had a bit of a rough ride to the show and wasn’t in working condition. I guess UPS isn’t watercooling’s best friend. So technically it wasn’t displayed on the CES floor. 

But I was able to track down this PC hiding in a dark room and take some snaps. PC Junkie Mods are the guys behind this build. See Winston’s blue gun? In the game it’s tesla cannon. Here, it’s the water reservoir pumping the blue goo through the rest of the loops. Nuts. 

Also included in this build, other than hundreds of hours of labor, custom sculpting and paint work:

Seriously nice work. Can’t wait to see more from this custom PC and the Junkies. And to play Overwatch. Anyone know when the heck it’s going to be released? Come on Blizzard, I need a new addiction.

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