NVIDIA Announces Tegra K1

Last Updated August 26th, 2021

Numerous media companies, both familiar and obscure, line the halls of the International CES conference every year focused on announcing and showcasing their latest inventions in the world of technologies. Many of these companies hope to win the hearts and imaginations of reporters and bloggers in order to obtain a favorable feature and initiate consumer interest in their products. While many of these companies already have an impressive portfolio of products and software, few initiate more fan buzz than NVIDIA. The graphics company seems to always be at the fore front of technology and now they are again raising the bar.

At the International CES showcase, NVIDIA introduced their next technological breakthrough. The graphics powerhouse introduced the Tegra K1. The Tegra K1 is the fifth generation of NVIDIA’s successful line of mobile processors. It is also the first mobile SoC to support next generation graphics. This processor achieves this amazing feat by releasing 192 of the Kepler graphics cores into their amazingly powerful Ge-Force graphics cards as well as their Tesla supercomputer accelerators. For those that may not speak tech jargon that means it is going to be really fast and very powerful.

NVIDIA views the Tegra KI as the heat of GeForce and the soul of Tesla.

“It’s simply inappropriate to call it Tegra 5, it’s simply not linear,” Jen-Hsun told a crowd of journalists, industry analysts, and enthusiasts crammed into a ballroom at The Strip’s Cosmopolitan Hotel. “We’ve brought the heart of GeForce and the soul of Tesla to mobile computing.”

He went on to mention that the company has been dropping hints for a while now about the eventual release of the Tegra K1. He admitted to being the one behind the mysterious crop circle that popped up in a barley field near Salinas, California. Disguised as a message from aliens from outer space, the dramatic stunt was actually a hint at the Tegra K1’s 192 Kepler Cores.

“When I learned about it, I learned it on CNN,” Jen-Hsun stated. He went on to state that, “People thought aliens had done it.”

NVIDIA showcased Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games running on the Tegra K1 mobile processor. This will become a breakthrough for designers allowing them to finally bring the applications they want to mobile platforms while retaining the intended graphical detail. The goal is to eventually erase the line between desktop and mobile devices and the company is well on its way to achieving that feat.

Jen-Hsun also announced the new Tegra K1 Visual Computing Module that will allow automobile designers the ability to place the power of a supercomputer into cars. With graphics this powerful NVIDIA has truly once again raised the bar as the current graphic powerhouse in computers. Those who want to get their eyes on the new technology in action can do so through Friday at NVIDIA’s CES booth.

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