M.2 SSDs compatible with PlayStation 5

Last Updated August 11th, 2021

Sony recently released instructions on how to add an additional SSD to PlayStation 5. The console comes equipped with a 1TB SSD, however, due to the PlayStation operating system and other mystery files, you only have about 700GB of free space. And with games takes up to 40 to 80GB space each, you’ll probably be using up that space relatively quickly.

Luckily PlayStation 5 comes with expandable storage allowing owners to add an additional SSD. At the moment, the ability to add an additional SSD is only available to beta testers, however, an upcoming software update will make it available to everyone.

In the meantime, you can start saving up for that additional SSD, and keep in mind, PlayStation 5 requires a specific M.2 SSD for compatibility. You can read about the requirements here. One of the biggest requirements is the SSD needing a heatsink. Some SSDs come with heatsink, for others, you may need to buy them separately.

We’ve compiled a list of SSDs that are compatible with PlayStation 5 along with some matching heatsinks. Enjoy and be careful!


Seagate Firecuda 530

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus

Samsung 980 PRO

WD Black SN850 (TBC)

AORUS Gen4 7000s SSD


Corsair MP600 NVMe SSD (TBC)


Advancing Gene NVMe Heatsinks

EZDIY-FAB M.2 SSD heatsink

MHQJRH M.2 2280 SSD heatsink

IcePC M.2 2280 SSD Heatsink

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