The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes – Golden Path Guide: How to Obtain the Best Ending

Last Updated October 25th, 2021

Unlike many other games in the Dark Pictures Anthology whose endings relied on just a few choices, House of Ashes is littered with different choice points that can cause one of your characters to die. The many different visions you find via stone tablets will give you hints as to what choices to make in order to survive, but it’s easy to miss them. Here is a full list of every choice needed to ensure everyone survives and you get the Golden Path Achievement.

Note: Certain decisions can change your ending slightly, but will not affect the survival of the main character and thus will not lock you out of the achievement.

  1. At the beginning of the game, Eric is asked whether or not he should bring air support to the conflict. Choose to bring air support, as it will help with the final confrontation with the monsters.
  2. A Shepherd will run away during an interrogation early in the game. You will be presented with a quick-time event that will allow you to shoot him. Do not do it, even though this is masked as a tutorial.
  3. Shortly after entering the temple, you will be faced with a quick time event to attempt to keep Merwin, another dying marine, silent. Purposefully fail this event. If you succeed, you will accidentally choke Merwin to death. As a result, Merwin will help you out later.
  4. In the temple, there will be a scene where Eric is holding onto Rachel with a rope. Choose to cut the rope. Rachel will fall but survive. If you choose not to cut the rope, Rachel will fall and bring Eric with her, impaling him on a rock.
  5. During Salim’s first encounter with the monster, you need to successfully complete the quick time event without any misses. This will cause Salim to discover the vampire’s weaknesses to sunlight and being staked through the heart.
  6. This one is easy to miss. In the chapter “The Slayer” you will be faced with two paths after examining a puddle of blood. One path is lit up and the other is dark. Go down the dark path first and you will find a discarded med-pack belonging to your friend Joey. This is required to save Salim later in the game.
  7. When Nick meets up with Salim, choose supportive dialogue options. This will result in Nick believing Salim about the monsters.
  8. You will also have to successfully complete the quick-time event to sneak past the monster and ambush it. Failing can cause a character death.
  9. When Jason and Nick are exploring the pit that you saw at the beginning of the game, check the skeletons around the room. You should find the skeleton of a woman with a stake driven through her. Choose to keep the stake.
  10. When Rachel swings across a ravine and is presented with the choice to help Clarice or abandon her, choose to abandon her. Helping her will keep her near the party, allowing her to attack after she turns into a vampire.
  11. You will later be given a choice to either fire upon a horde of monsters or choose to retreat. Choose to fire and shoot down as many monsters as you can.
  12. When you are given a choice between a Crucifix and a Rifle after a character makes his reappearance, choose the Crucifix.
  13. Later, while playing as Salim, you will get a quick time event that will prompt you with shooting different monsters. Shoot the monster attacking Rachel first in order to save her life.
  14. While escaping the temple, you can help the party survive by either having Rachel stay behind and use the machine gun to buy them time or by remembering what portion of the temple you mined earlier in the game.
  15. While escaping you will be given a choice to either save Eric or leave him behind. Choose to save him
  16. If Rachel is given a choice to knife a white phosphorous round, choose not to do. Just wait with your knife drawn.
  17. Later on, Jason will have an opportunity to go back and rescue Salim or leave him behind. Choose to go back for Salim (a high relationship between the two is necessary). Then survive the quick-time event.
  18. Finally, during the last escape sequence and the final stand, every character will have their own quick time event sequence and you must complete them all in order to allow them to survive.

Complicated eh? Don’t worry, the game is actually forgiving and you can miss some of these and still obtain the best ending. However, if any character dies you’ll have to rewind.

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